Chesapeake Isle still relies heavily on the volunteer work of many community members. These efforts help make the Isle the wonderful community that it is, and it also helps keep everyone's costs down. There are a variety of committees, and your help is always welcome on any of them! If you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees, please send an email to so that we can get you in touch with the Committee Chairperson. As always, thanks for volunteering your time and talents!

Committee Description
Architectural Review Reviews and approves all building plans in the community.
Auditing Provides annual audit of Treasurer's books to insure proper accounting procedures.
Beach Responsible for all aspects of the community beach area, i.e. safety, maintenance, cleanliness.
Budget/Finance Prepares annual budget for presentation to CICA Board of Directors.
Bulletin Board Review and post to the bulletin boards at the pavilion and harbor, pertinent community communications.
Clothing Orders, maintains supply of, and sells Chesapeake Isle clothing.
Community Events Schedules and provides a full calendar of events for Chesapeake Isle Civic Association members.
Erosion Continues efforts to halt erosion of community lands through community efforts and seeks state, County and Federal assistance where applicable. Maintains community lands and monitors community practices as far as ecology and beauty.
Harbor Responsible for all aspects of the community harbor area, i.e. safety of moorings, docks, maintenance, cleanliness.
Historical Researches, collects, and documents the history of the community.
Legal Reviews and renders legal opinion on matters referred by the Board with assistance where necessary from legal counsel.
Library Maintains a free library for community use.
Maintenance Monitors and carries out needed repairs to community property and equipment; assists other committees with repair and equipment needs.
Membership and Community Maintenance Fee Collection Encourages new membership, maintains membership list, manages the collection of annual maintenance fees, and handles mailings for the community.
Mowing Bills, collects fees, and monitors contracted mowing in season.
Newsletters Organizes and distributes the quarterly newsletters.
Nominating Seeks and accepts nominations for Board of Directors candidates for annual meeting.
Road Drainage Planning and Improvement Works on the community's long-term drainage infrastructure as it affects the roads and develops a plan for road improvement.
Road Maintenance Assesses maintenance needs of roads in Chesapeake Isle and carries out needed repairs.
Pavilion Schedules and monitors the use of the pavilion, collects donations.
Technology Maintains Chesapeake Isle website.
Town Watch A Neighborhood Watch organization and information network.
Tractor Maintains the community tractor and lawn mower.