Internet Options

Chesapeake Isle has various options for internet service:


Comcast began servicing Chesapeake Isle in 2013. This option offers high-speed broadband capabilities. XFINITY(R) Internet service gives you fast in-home Wi-Fi for all rooms and all devices. You can have the capability to chat, surf, stream HD movies and TV shows and game online — all at the fastest speeds.


DirecWay Satellite has been available for a number of years and several people within the community have been using this option. For general email and web browsing this is a viable option. There are limitations with this option for people interested in gaming and business VPN usage. For interactive gaming on the network, there is a problem with lag time, approximately 2 seconds, due the signal having to be sent to a satellite and then back down to earth bidirectionally. This lag can be detrimental to on line gamers. This lag time also interferes with VPN connections which many companies use for security purposes for users working from home. Another limitation is that this option is slower upload/download times then the other 2 options.

Bay Broadband

Bay Broadband is a wireless internet company that services certain areas of the community.