CICA Board of Director’s Meeting - Minutes

February 9, 1999


The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. at the Ullmans’s


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT:    Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Les Fritz, Andrea Gilde, Donna Hinkle, Frank Strimel, Jim Weber, Phil Tkacik, Marty Smith, Rob Green, Dick Ullman.


Absent: Neil Barr


Committee Members and Guests Present: John Bates, Mike Szep


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: We are two weeks away from the halfway point of the 1998-1999 board year.  We have 2 more major projects upcoming.


There were two minor incidents of vandalism in January.  One of them involved some mailbox damage and the other involved kids throwing rocks at a residents window.  The kids were caught and a parents was notified.


There was a meeting held regarding the actions of the school bus driver.  More about this in new business.


Correspondence: A congratulatory letter was received regarding the newsletter from Jack Tepe and a letter was received regarding a resident who has been a CICA member in the past and is having trouble coming up with the dues payment.


SECRETARY'S REPORT: The minutes of the January 5th board meeting were approved as written.


TREASURER'S REPORT: The monthly report was approved as submitted.

                Neil has made some changes regarding the presentation of the Treasurer’s Report to improve readability.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: (Contributor’s name shown in parentheses following report).


Architectural Review - Construction has begun on the Murphy property on Pine Lane.  The silk fence needs to be installed.  Monsul’s house is under contract and they are waiting for the committee to approve a renovation plan before completing the sale.  The contractor doing the renovation on the Fritz’s house seems to have disappeared halfway through the job.  (Rob Green)


Beach - Phil Tkacik and Frank Strimel suggested that with the number of children in our community growing, it might be a good idea to install a basketball court at the beach area.  There was some discussion as to placement options there and in another area of the community.  Phil will get some concrete numbers and report at the next meeting.  (Phil Tkacik)


Erosion - Nothing to report


Grass Mowing - 1999 Invoices will go out at the end of this month.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor - There is still 1 Hobie cat & 1 sunfish left at the harbor.  There will be a meeting later this month to determine what needs to be done for the spring boating season, as well as to determine the plans for an additional piece on the dock to allow for more short term boat tie ups.  Some stone is needed in the unpaved area.  The tree stump by the Fritz’s tennis court needs to be moved.  Allen Embon is supposed to do it.  One “No Parking” sign by the far dock is missing and needs to be replaced.  (Jim Weber)


Historical - No report given.


Legal - Nothing to report. (Dave Byler)


Maintenance - The new electric lines will go in around the middle of April.  Volunteers are needed to rake out the dirt over the new pipes, so it is not so mounded up. (John Bates)


                Membership - Since our January meeting, the Membership committee sent out the Winter Newsletter, the new Dec.  1998 CICA directory and the 1999 Dues letter with invoice and boating form.  Costs involved were as follows:

                                                                                Directory                           $576.46

                                                                                Newsletter                           280.02

                                                                                Dues Letters                       126.78

                                                                                Total                                   $983.26


Of this total, Duplicating & Envelopes cost $831.31 and Postage cost $169.95.


Approximately 48% of everything was delivered to mailing tubes or hand delivered and the remaining 52% had to be delivered through the mail.  Copies of the new directory went to the Rangers and the Fire House.


Income is now flowing in.  48 memberships have been received to date and over 1 ½ dozen boating forms.  The first paid membership lists will go up on our bulleting boards right after March 1st, so board members have about 2 ½ weeks to pay and set a “good example” on the very first list. (Les Fritz)


Newsletter - Distributed and mailed.



Roads/Snow -During the month of January, the following work was completed:

C              Graded areas on Beach Road, Bennett, Darrel, Rolling, and Racing

C              Truckload of crusher run applied to muddy areas on Beach road and Bennett Avenue

C              Authorized Vehicles Only — Private Road — Keep Out sign installed at south end of Mason Lane.

C              Filled potholes on Bennett, Darrel, Arden and Racine

C              Inspected all roadways and culvert pipes

C              Reaffirmed desire to have a truckload of chipped blacktop applied to the center section of Darrel to Dennis Reynolds.

Phil Tkacik has an acquaintance who can get the chipped blacktop for us and we are going to try two truckloads on Bennett & Darrel, as well as more crusher run on Bennett, the hill on Rolling at the northeast intersection with Rollins, as well as the Harbor parking area.  In April/May we need to apply stone to all the remaining community roads.  We need to make up several new Private Road — No trespassing signs.  A resident requested a NO OUTLET sign on Basin Drive.              A letter was received requesting that sand or salt be left by the bus shelter on Rolling Ave to assist drivers during icy condition.  John Bates noted that unless it is in a 30 gallon drum, the sand will also freeze.


We are going to get an estimate on paving the area where Darrel-Rolling-Cliffview intersect.  Also, the culvert on Rolling, by the boat ramp road will need replacement in the not-to-distant future.  (Mike Szep)


Social Committee - There are now enough homes available for the Progressive Dinner.  All that is needed now are participants.  (Donna Hinkle)


Town Watch – 1.  Calling of all previous members (as per the old schedules) is 98% complete.  Some people on the list are still away for the winter.

2.  A new schedule as been developed and distributed.  This schedule will commence patrols on the weekend of Feb 19-20, 1999.  At present, patrols are scheduled only for Friday and Saturday nights due to the limited number of active volunteers.

3.  The CB equipment is in working order.  Working at this time are two mobile radio box setups, one walkie-talkie and one base station.  Alternative methods of communication remain under consideration.

4.  New, magnetic reflective signs for patrol cars have been purchased.

5.  Signs for display along our roadways, indicating we are an active Neighborhood Watch Comm. have been ordered from the National Sheriff’s Assoc. and will be installed upon receipt.

6.  There remains a need for additional active volunteers.  Several people have dropped from the previous list because they don’t wish to continue or they have moved.  If we try to limit duty to  once every six weeks we can cover only Friday & Saturday with one two hour shift consisting of two patrol vehicles and a base station monitor.  I have received no calls in response to the president’s article in the newsletter which requested volunteers and only one additional volunteer has been added to the list so far.  (Jim Weber)

Tractor - 1.  The main mower deck is in need of some major repairs.  The deck itself needs some new chains and some welding done to the frame.  The hitch is worn out and needs to be replaced.  One drive spindle is broken and needs to be replaced.  It’s also in need of new belts and blades.

2.  For the back up mower deck, new stabilizers are going to be fabricated to eliminate the scalping problem we had last year.

3.  On the tractor we need to repair the draw bar for the mower deck.

4.  All parts have been ordered, and all repairs should be completed in time for the mowing season.  (Marty Smith)




C      Photos of the old culvert pipes were passed around to show what bad shape they were in before the replacement.

C      Tom Cobley inquired if any action or planning had been taken regarding the building of jetties or anything else to encourage sand build up at the swimming beach.

        C      The idea of the concrete jersey barriers was reintroduced

        C      A committee was formed to investigate the matter, chaired by Tom Cobley.

C      Nominations were made for the CICA Man/Woman of the Year.



C      The availability of vaccines for Lyme’s Disease was discussed and an informational flyer will be passed around.

C      The Elk Neck State Park rangers are hiring seasonal workers.

C      The rangers need volunteers for a playground project the weekend of 5/15.  That is also the weekend for our Spring Cleanup.

C      The deer population is growing too large.  John Bates will discuss the problem with the rangers.

C      The school bus drivers for #69 & #91 have been observed by a resident as driving unsafely.  The resident videotaped the driver several times and held a meeting with other concerned CICA residents.  It was noted that this has been a problem for a long time, particularly on bus #69.  The resident will be advised to bring the problem to the school transportation office.


CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be March 16th at the Weber’s.  There being no more business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Andrea Gilde, Secretary


cc:   Committee Chairpersons