CICA Board of Director's Meeting—Minutes

April 13, 1999


The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. at the Fritz’s


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT: Neil Barr, Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Les Fritz, Andrea Gilde, Rob Green, Donna Hinkle, Marty Smith, Frank Strimel, Phil Tkacik, Dick Ullman, Jim Weber.




Committee Members & Guests Present: John Bates, Bill Dryden, Barry Miller, Mike Szep


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Thank you to the Harbor Committee & all those who helped to get the new section of floating dock built and attached.

      Board members are reminded that we need candidates for next year’s president and treasurer.

            Correspondence Report: The following correspondence was received:

·        Paul & Susan Worrell sent a letter requesting the name of the Architectural Review chairperson.  They were given Barry Miller’s name.

·        John Colton sent a letter inquiring if community members could advertise a lot for sale in the newsletter.  He was informed that they could.

·        Cecil County sent a letter regarding mosquito spraying for the 1999 season.

·        The Elk Neck State Park Volunteer building program we were informed about and asked to participate in has been postponed until next year.

·        Dani Kramer and Robin Perry have requested to “Beautify the Beach”

·        A resident sent a letter regarding an unsightly mess on a neighbors property.  They want to know what CICA can do about it if it is not resolved soon.


SECRETARY’S REPORT: The minutes of the 3/16/99 meeting were approved with the following corrections:

·        The date of the Easter Egg Hunt was corrected to read 4/3/99

·        Town watch patrols COMMENCED, not commended.

·        No letter was to be sent to the property owner with the unfinished shed.  It was decided to give the property owner another month to complete the project and if it remains uncompleted, then send a letter.

·        Dick Ullman and Andrea Gilde will stay on as Vice President and Secretary, respectively, only if re-elected to those positions by the board.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly report was approved as submitted.

      Discussion was raised as to whether we should put some of CICA’s money in a money market account.  The minimum balance of a particular account that we inquired about is $10,000.  Currently much of our money is tied up in CD’s and we could not even consider doing this until those mature.  The interest rate of the money market is only slightly better than the CD’s.  We have approximately $16,000 in the checking account, but if that money is tied up it won’t be available to us for special projects and emergencies.  Since there are many big money items currently under discussion, the Treasurer feels that it would not be in our best interest to start the money market account.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  No new plans submitted.  A garage currently underway should be completed in about 1 month.  2 new properties are completed and 2 are underway.  The resident with the unfinished shed will get another letter reminding him that all projects need to have the exterior finished within six months.  (Barry Miller)


Beach:  Tom Cobley will discuss the beach erosion suggestions under old business.  Phil Tkacik will discuss the beach walkway and the basketball court under old business.  Larry would like some suggestions as to how to spend the money that we didn’t spend for new playground equipment last year.(Larry Kramer)


Erosion:  Issues to be discussed regarding beach sand erosion under old business.  2 new trees were planted in the harbor area and seem to be doing fine.  Andrea is giving up the chair of the Erosion committee.  (Andrea Gilde)


Fourth of July:  A planning meeting has been set for 5/19, 7:30 pm, at the Cobley’s.


Grass Mowing:  44 have paid, 5 will mow their own and 21 still have not paid.  A letter will be sent to those unpaid and a notice will be posted in the newsletter.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  Thank you to all those who helped with the new floating dock, and the mooring inspection, pick up, and drop.  Participation was good.  Also, thank you to Dottie Fritz and Karen Dryden for coffee & refreshments. A final and revised budget for the floating dock section was submitted, at about $175 over original budget.  The new dock section seems to have stabilized the floating dock on the other side.  Currently there are 68 moorings in the water with 3 more to go.  There will probably be a few more as the season progresses.  Pamphlets were distributed regarding boating safety.


Dick Ullman received a letter from the owner of lot A-12.  He is missing a 150-200 lb Navy anchor and wondered if perhaps it was moved during grass mowing.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of this anchor?  (Bill Dryden)


Historical:  Nothing to report (Rob Green for Audrey Buck)


Legal:  Nothing to report (Dave Byler)


Maintenance:  The new electric line at the pavilion will go in on Saturday.  The dirt piles at the beach have all been leveled.  The toilets need some repair before the water goes on.  (John Bates)


Membership:  As of 4/13, we have 172 paid memberships, and there seems to be good participation.  Dave Byler reported that a neighbor of his, who is not a member, plans to pay when we try the chipped asphalt as road fill instead of crusher run.  (Les Fritz)


Nominating:  Nothing to report, but things are in progress.  (Jim Weber)


Newsletter:  Copy is due today, 4/13.  A 48 hour extension was given to those who plan to post things as a result of tonight’s meeting.  The newsletter should be distributed in about 2 weeks.(Andrea Gilde)


Roads:  The chipped asphalt is on order, but has not yet been delivered.  Phil’s contact for the asphalt has not heard from Dennis Reynolds, who is supposed to be getting the material to dump, so Mike will contact him directly.  There are potholes to be filled and the rest of the budget will be spent on crushed stone for the roads.


It will cost about $8,500 to pave the area of road at Darrel, Cliffview, and Rolling.  Mike feels the hill can be maintained with stone and the money is better spent elsewhere. 


Neil got an estimate for finished the paving at the harbor area circle.  $2,500 for asphalt and $5,400 for concrete.  The contractor feels that asphalt would work fine.  Tabled to Old Business.  (Mike Szep)


Social:  The Easter Egg Hunt was a success with about 50 kids attending.  Thank you to Mitzi Fritz and Mary Tkacik for coordinating the event.  The next event is the spring dinner on 4/26.  So far we have 60 responses, which is more than usual.  Spring clean up is on 5/15 and the Ladies Brunch is 6/4.  Les will provide Sue with a list of new community members so they can be invited to the brunch.  (Les Fritz for Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  Watch patrols have continued on Friday & Saturday nights

·        We have one new volunteer couple, and more are needed

·        Signs have been received and installed

·        Mobile radio units are in working order, but the base station isn’t working.  A walkie talkie is being used as a backup for the base.

·        No incidents have occurred during patrol times, but 3 incidents have been reported during other times:

1.       A confrontation occurred at the beach area between a resident and a trespasser.  Jim and Les responded to a telephone complaint.  The trespasser turned out to be a former resident who had a history of problems with community residents.  He appeared to be intoxicated, was ordered to leave, and did so after an ugly scene.

2.      The following evening, someone threw eggs at the Orndorff’s house and car.  We expect this incident may have been linked to the previous one.

3.      Someone broke into Mike Szep’s vehicle while it was parked in his driveway.  Miscellaneous items were stolen.  (Jim Weber)

There was a discussion regarding whether to lock the beach at night to prevent trespassing and vandalism.  A problem exists as to who will unlock it in the morning.  Also, some people use the beach in the very early morning hours, especially if they fish or work nights.  A suggestion was made to distribute keys.  Another problem is that some will ignore the chain and drive on the grass around the barrier, causing more damage.  Also, many people may unlock the beach but not lock it again.  Finally, locking may make some members angry, causing them to stop being members.  Is it worth the risk?  It was decided not to lock at this time.

Another suggestion to discourage trespassers who are former residents and those who purchase used vehicles from CICA members involved changing the design of the sticker so we can tell who is a current member, at least for a short time.

We need to challenge those who we believe are trespassing, so that we have set a precedent for doing so.  If we don’t challenge anyone, we may lose our right to restrict anyone from using our facilities.  Les also pointed out that someone is not legally trespassing until they have been asked to leave the premises by a law officer and refuse to do so.


Tractor:  Maintenance has been performed as follows:

·        The mower deck has been repaired and is ready for service

·        New blades, belts, and 1 drive spindle have been installed

·        New chains have been welded on to replace the old and worn out ones

·        The deck has been straightened and welded.

·        Drive gears have been cleaned and relubed

·        Mower hitch has been repaired and brought back to the original size

·        Tractor draw bar has been built up to original size. 


The tractor takes a lot of abuse on the stone roads.  A list of uses, weak points, immediate, and future repairs is attached.  The tractor is 15 years old, which is about what we expected to get out of it when it was purchased.  Also, the community has begun to rely heavily on Frank Strimel’s personal tractor for performing the tasks that need 4WD.  Further discussion under new business.(Marty Smith)




1.      Beach erosion – Tom Cobley is awaiting further information regarding the price of building a jetty and other options such as using concrete blocks.  A jetty might work to bring sand back to the beach, but it will be expensive and there is no guarantee.  John Bates pointed out that when we dig the trenches to drain the marsh, the trenched fill with sand and it might be a good idea to try trenching an area of the beach to make a sandy walkway out to the water.  There was also a sketch submitted by Phil Tkacik for a bridge-type walkway over the rocks, with a ladder, steps or floating platform into the water.  John Bates informed us that we have an existing portable pier that could be used, but he thinks it may be too old.  Dave Byler pointed out that something like a bridge/pier that rises and floats with the tide may present a danger for people swimming, particularly children.  It has been pointed out that the beach is unsightly due to all the rocks, less enjoyable for all, and may be lowering property values.  There are two issues involved:  one is the need for a safe and comfortable beach and way to access the water, and the other is to improve the appearance and use of the beach.  They can be accomplished together, or using individual methods.  It was decided to try trenching the beach, and await more specific information on costs for various suggestions next month.

2.      Basketball/Tennis Court: 2 estimates were received, with one being significantly higher.  There are 2 potential places for the court, one on the left-hand side of the beach road, the other adjacent to the volleyball court.  The lower estimate for a 50x100 court was $3500, or $1500 if we do some of the work ourselves.  A 50x50 (half-court) option was also discussed.  Phil will come back next month with firmer numbers for consideration.

3.      Harbor Circle Paving: An estimate of $2500 for completion of the circle at the harbor was submitted.  The larger width of the paving area would eliminate the problems feared in earlier discussions.  It would also improve the appearance of the area and eliminate the mud problems. 
Neil Barr moved that we approve the expense.  Dick Ullman 2nd.  The vote was 2 in favor, 6 opposed, and 4 abstentions.  The motion was denied.



1.      Beautify the Beach – Dani Kramer, Robin Perry, and some other young residents want to form a committee to improve the appearance of the beach area.  They want to plant perennial flowers, brighten the pavilion, and paint and decorate the bathrooms, under the supervision of the beach chairperson.  They will spend a small amount of money, to be funded out of the beach budget.  There was a motion, a second, and all approved.

2.      New Tractor – John Bates and Marty Smith are investigating the possibility of a new 4WD tractor for the community.  The tractor is currently used for a variety of purposes, including mowing, road grading, snow plowing, pick-up & delivering moorings, loading & unloading moorings on floats, launching & retrieving floats and mooring puller, pushing materials on roads, beach & brush pile, and the fall hay ride.

WEAK POINTS of CURRENT TRACTOR – poor traction, chains needed for snow, which eliminates other uses while chains are on.  It has a limited capacity for moving floats.  We can’t use it to deliver materials for pothole repair or other maintenance.  It is 15 years old.  Repairs needed immediately will cost $900-$1300, with Marty donating his time.  Repairs needed in the next year or so will cost $2500-4000.



The new tractor under consideration has been priced at 2 locations.  The price is about $40,000.  One will give us a $12,000 trade in for the old tractor, for an exchange cost of $28,000.  The other would give us about $8,000 for an exchange cost of about $34,000.  The new tractor would have wider tires to allow for better traction on sand, dirt, snow, etc., a built in roll bar, a permanent cab, a lower center of gravity.  It will be expected to last about 20 years.  The following things should be considered:

·              A new 4WD tractor would help all projects discussed earlier (scraping and raking the stones off the beach, trenching, some of the work of the basketball court.

·              We need and are already using a 4WD tractor for many tasks, thanks to the generosity of Frank Strimel.  However, we cannot expect him to continue to allow us to use it indefinitely.

·              Our maintenance costs for the tractor for the past 3 years have been artificially low, thanks to Marty’s donation of time.  In the past, we would have had to pay labor and transportation costs for many of the tasks that he is able to do.  Savings to the tractor maintenance budget could be applied to the cost of the new tractor.

·              Trading in the old tractor now will save us the cost of the needed repairs (as high as $6,000).

·              The longer we wait to trade in, the lower the trade in value will be

·              Various options for financing the tractor are being explored.

When polled informally, the board spoke no opposition to purchasing the new tractor.  An article will be posted in the newsletter, asking the general membership to voice their opinion to the board.


3.      County Mosquito Spraying: do we want to continue this program at a cost of $50 per session (same as last year).  $650 was spent in 1998.  A motion to continue the program was made by Dave Byler, 2nd by Andrea Gilde.  All approved.

4.      Erosion Committee: Frank Strimel volunteered to be the new chairperson.

5.      Dues Increase: It was suggested that at the upcoming finance committee meeting an increase in dues should be discussed.  Dues have not been increased for about 8 years.  As more houses are being built, mowing fees will decrease and that income needs to be made up.  Our fees are very low as compared to other private communities.

Issues to consider:  any dues increase will anger some members who will stop paying dues altogether.  A large dues ($25 more per year) increase may be too much for some to pay.  A small dues increase ($5 more per year) would mean having to raise dues more frequently.

The subject will be mentioned in the summer newsletter and brought to a vote at the Annual Meeting.

6.      New Town Watch Equipment.  A motion was made by Phil Tkacik to spend up to $1000 to purchase new hand-held UHF radios for the program.  Tom Cobley 2nd.  All approved.


CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 6, 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:  Committee Chairpersons

        Elk Neck State Park Rangers