CICA Board of Director's Meeting—Minutes

September 28, 1999


The meeting began at 7:35 p.m. at the pavilion


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT: Barbara Barr, Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Les Fritz, Andrea Gilde, Rob Green, Ken Knapp, Frank Strimel, Mike Szep, Sr., Jim Weber, Art Wood.


ABSENT: Dick Ullman


Committee Members & Guests Present:  John Bates, Glenn & Joyce Culler, Larry Kramer, Ray Perry



            Correspondence Report: There was no correspondence received or sent out.


SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The minutes of the July 6, 1999 meeting should be amended as follows:  The reference to Neil Barr on page one, referring to the basketball court section of the President’s report should be changed to Dave Byler.  The reference to Dave Byler on page 2, also referring to the basketball/shuffleboard court, should be changed to Neil Barr.  Otherwise, the minutes were accepted as written.


      The deadline for copy for the October newsletter is this Friday, October 1.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly report was approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  Plans for 5 new homes have been approved.  2 have begun construction.  (Les Fritz for Barry Miller)


Beach:  A list of jobs for cleanup day was distributed.  The damage incurred from the hurricane was not as bad as with some previous storms.  There is some damage to the state park beach that connects to our beach, and we will work with the park to repair it.  The marsh is very low, and still appears to be draining.


The biggest problem faced on cleanup day is how to remove all the brush that is on the beach & all throughout the community.  People with pickups & chainsaws are needed to clear brush & ferry it to the dump.  Other options for cleaning are to be discussed under the maintenance report & new business.  (Larry Kramer)


Email & Website:  We have had one meeting to discuss the plans to expand on the current website created by John Reber.  Currently, there is general information as well as newsletters & meeting minutes.  Personal information (such as the name and address changes in the newsletters) will not be included.  Ray Perry is teaching the committee how to use the Front Page program and is exploring the possibilities of faster community internet connections in the future.  (Ray Perry)


Erosion:  Nothing to report (Frank Strimel)


Grass Mowing:  All but one outstanding bill has been collected. (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  No report given (Bill Dryden)


Historical:  Two pictures that were given to John Bates by a former, now deceased resident, are now hanging in the pavilion.  (John Bates for Audrey Buck)


Legal:  Nothing to report (Dave Byler)


Maintenance:  Many roads were cleared following the hurricane.  Grass seed has been planted on the beach embankment.  The repair of the beach due to the hurricane is underway.  Focusing on brush removal for cleanup day, possibly involving running pickups full of brush to the dump, centralizing brush for removal to a county dumpster or chipper, or, unlikely, a burn pile.  (John Bates)


Membership:  223 paid memberships, about equal to last year.  (Les Fritz)


Newsletter:  Copy due, Friday, October 1, 1999.  Newsletter to go out about 10/22/99.  (Andrea Gilde)


Roads:  We are unable to get more millings at this time, so stone is being ordered to perform emergency repairs on areas damaged by the hurricane.  We need to get the loose pieces of millings packed down ASAP.  Sand & salt will be left in barrels on the community hills during the winter.


Questions were raised regarding the maintenance agreement to plow & maintain the exempted portion of Mason Lane.  It is believed that the property owners there are required to pay CICA dues to have the maintenance performed and that is not happening in all cases.  We need to read the original agreement and proceed from there.  (Mike Szep)


Social:  No report given (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  Regular patrols are happening, with no major incidents to report.  7 new volunteers have been added to the list.  Jim is checking into expanding the Operation ID program.  (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  A blade was replaced on the new mower deck.  The first dealer maintenance was performed.  (John Bates for Marty Smith)


OLD BUSINESS – No information was available on gypsy moth damage, but the rangers don’t usually look for damage until early fall, so there may be more to report next month.


By-Law Amendment – at the Annual Meeting we discussed the procedure involving the voting process. When a vote goes out to the community-at-large, it is explained on that ballot that those who don’t return their ballot will be counted as either a yes or no vote, depending on the situation.  There is some question as to whether this procedure needs to be clarified in the bylaws.  An ad-hoc committee was formed, consisting of Dave Byler, Andrea Gilde, Mike Szep, Sr., & Art Wood. They will report back at the next meeting.


Beach Jetty – Tom Cobley reported on committee activities.  John Bates submitted a sketch for a type of Filled Jetty that could be used as a walkway if the sand doesn’t collect.  There are many ideas for restoring the sandy beach that might work either alone or in combination.  There have not been enough facts presented as to costs, possibility for success, possible negative effects, for the board to make a preliminary decision.  Tom Cobley & Mike Szep, Sr. will meet with committee members to work out the details.  They will come up with a comprehensive plan & we can decide whether to proceed after hearing their information.



Library Shelves – Tom Cobley requested a $30 reimbursement for materials to make a new shelf for the children’s books.  Mike Szep, Sr. moved for such a reimbursement, Dave Byler seconded.  All approved.


Private Tractor Use – Dave Byler moved that we pay Frank Strimel for 20 additional hours at a rate of $15 per hour for use of his tractor to spread millings on the roads.  Art Wood seconded, all approved.


CICA Survey 1999 – Les submitted a preliminary survey to go out in the next newsletter.  The survey will ask property owners about their priorities & involvement level.  Input was encouraged.  Les, Barbara Barr & any other interested parties will meet to finalize the survey.


Fall Cleanup – After discussion of various ways to remove all the brush left over from Hurricane Floyd, it was decided to haul as much as possible to the dump.  Frank Strimel will try to get a burn permit as well.  Volunteers are needed with pickups & chainsaws.  Ken Knapp will work the phones to round up as much people & equipment as possible.


Check Authorization – Rob Green increased to $600 the amount that a CICA check can be authorized with only one signature.  This was done to allow for the monthly tractor payments, which exceed $500.  Any check over $600 will require the signatures of two board officers.


CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on October 26th at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:  Committee Chairpersons

        Elk Neck State Park Rangers