CICA Annual General Meeting—Minutes

August 27, 2000


The meeting began at 3:05 p.m. at the pavilion with approximately 70 people in attendance.



            The president opened the meeting with a moment of silence to remember those members of Chesapeake Isle who are no longer with us this year.  He then thanked the current and outgoing board members for their hard work and dedication during the past year.  Special thanks were given to newer association members who have been particularly active.  Thanks were also offered to all committee chairs & committee members.

            The president also reminded all those present to get a ballot and vote for the new board members.


SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The minutes of the last annual meeting, dated August 22, 2000, were approved as written.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The treasurer spoke of two projects taking up the largest portion of the special projects budget:  the first was the basketball court, which was paid for during FY 99-2000.  The second was the preliminary expenses for the beach jetty project.

      The treasurer also noted that money transferred in and out of the savings to checking and vice versa is labeled as such, and is no longer simply counted as “income” or “expenses”.

      The treasurer also gave a preliminary review of the 2000-2001 budget, which will be discussed again later under new business.

The treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  We had an even bigger boom in new home building this year, with approvals for 10 new constructions, 2 additions, and one deck.  There was also a new home on an adjacent property.  (Barry Miller)


Beach:  I take this opportunity to report that a lot of nice activity has taken place in our Beach Area this year.  Our annual 4th  of July Celebration, parties at the Pavilion, volleyball tournaments, basketball, playground, sunbathing and swimming to name a few.

A hard working crew of people showed up for Spring Cleanup and a sincere thank you to each of them.  Hopefully they will show up for our Fall Cleanup.

One major project that is still scheduled for completion is the construction of the Shuffleboard Court.  As soon as the Contractor can fit it into his busy schedule it will be completed.

One major project that was completed was the replacement of the broken see-saw with a really well built one.  We thank Barry Garvey from our community for building and installing it.

Listed are additional improvements accomplished in the beach area this year:

-         -         Boards, chains and hardware replaced on swim platforms.

-         -         Fill dirt applied, graded and seeded in low areas near the beach

-         -         Sand applied around volleyball court and playground equipment.

-         -         Shut off valve replaced in outside spigot to pavilion.

-         -         Handle on commode replaced in men's bathhouse.

-         -         Second basketball pole installed at basketball court.

-         -         Repainted and replaced chains on barrels that outline the swim area.

-         -         Regraded area with fill dirt around basketball court to take care of drop off edge.

-         -         Built a cage around security light at pavilion

-         -         Fastened trim boards at roof edge on pavilion

-         -         Replaced missing brick and repainted joints in fireplace..

Many routine tasks were accomplished this year with special thanks to Fred Berkehiser and Ken Knapp for helping me clean the beach front every week.  Also Ward Keever helped on occasion.  Thanks to Dani Kramer for keeping the bathrooms clean.  Last but not least John Bates who was a big all around help to me.

I thank all the individuals from the community that have helped out in the beach area this year.

(Jim Abel)


Beach Jetty:  At the 1999 Annual Meeting, the membership attending gave the CICA Board an overwhelming positive vote to continue its study of the various suggestions for overcoming the erosion of the CICA Beach.  Following that mandate it was decided to seek the professional services of Mr. Dick Luttrell, a consultant recommended to us who had designed successful jetties on the 'bay'.

       Dick suggested we erect a 'test jetty' on the Beach to help determine the amount of sand movement across our beachfront.  Two 35 foot logs were located and implanted in the water where jetties might be placed.  This was accomplished in late December ('99) and they remained there until their removal in early May ('00).

       During that period of time, observations indicated there was a build-up of sand and pebbles on the south side of the 'jetties'.  Although this build-up was somewhat inconsistent, obviously affected by weather and tidal conditions, there was sufficient positive change to prove that a permanent stone groin (jetty) could be effective in containing and improving the beach.

In early February, Dick Luttrell was commissioned to develop a plan for a stone groin to accomplish our objectives and to meet State of Maryland and Corps. of Engineers requirements for such structures.  At his suggestion, he developed a plan calling for two 100 foot groins approximately 150 feet apart.  His design was agreed to and he developed and submitted the necessary paperwork to secure the required State and Federal permits. Approval and an official permit enabling the construction, was received on June 24 ('00).

The plan and construction requirements were submitted to three capable contractors who had been recommended to us, requesting their bids on the project.  These bids were received and opened by the Committee on August 4 (100).  A low bid of $15,200, for one, and $25,200, for two jetties was received from the Kingfisher Environmental Co.

     At the August 6 meeting of the CICA Board of Directors, the Committee presented these bids and recommended we go ahead with the construction of two 100 foot stone groins (jetties) using the low bidder indicated above.  The Board unanimously approved this proposal.

Following the presentation at the 2000 Annual Meeting a written proposal, including a recommended funding method would be prepared to be mailed to lot owners for their approval of the project.  Once this approval is received and funding is guaranteed, the jetty project will proceed.

     Thanks are also due to the other committee and community members who provided their input and suggestions to the Committee.  They were John Bates, Ken Knapp, Art Wood, Jim Able, Les Fritz, Rosie Knapp, Peter Goodwin, Jim Weber, Mike and Mimi Szep. (Tom Cobley)


CICA “Logo” Clothing: As of June 30, 2000 we have sold $585.00 worth of clothing, nearly 200 more than last year.  Sales of logo items have been steady over the course of the year.  Lined jackets with the 3-color logo are being clearanced out a price of $20.  Sales of the collared blue & white shirts with Chesapeake Isle embroidered on them have been selling well.  (Dotty Fritz)



I'd like to thank Andrea Gilde for her time and effort in maintaining/updating the web site and the emailing of the newsletter.  Accomplishments:


1.    The web site is up and running, please check it out at It currently contains newsletters, board reports, schedules of events and general information dealing within Chesapeake Isle.

2.    Individuals that have signed on to the electronic emailing list, now receive the monthly newsletters in their email.

3 .   We started a "Life at Chesapeake Isle" section, which contains a couple of photos from one of the Harbor Socials.

We are soliciting more material.  If you have any photos depicting life at Chesapeake Isle, please submit them for inclusion on the web

Future Plans:

1.    We will be putting up links to community information, including links to the town of North East, the Cecil County School District and to the county, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and to State of Maryland.

2.    Due to the continually changing nature of the residential makeup of Chesapeake Isle we will be sending out updated versions of the phone directories to CI members that are subscribed to the electronic mailing list, or those who request an E-mail version by sending an E-mail to

3 .   I'm looking into the creation of ChesapeakeIsle email addresses that would follow the person from ISP to ISP, or job to job.

Example: would currently be sent to my work E-mail.  If I would take a position with another company or wish to have email addressed to go to my current ISP, I could have the email follow me without senders having to be notified of the change.

4.    We would like to propose a simple hanging sign at the entrance advertising the URL for people that are interested in what Chesapeake Isle is all about. (John Reber)


Erosion:  Our erosion problem on the Jacob’s Nose cliff between the Harbor & Swimming Area was addressed using vegetatation mats.  The wet weather this summer has combined with the cooperation of fishermen keeping off the path and encouraged the growth of new plants on this area.  (John Bates)


4th of July – On July 4, 2000, two hundred 'plus' residents, relatives, and friends came together at the CICA Beach and Pavilion for a warm and fun-filled Fourth of July Celebration From all indications, it was the “best ever”.

Included in the days events were all the usual activities, as planned by the following Celebration Committee members:

Barbara & Neil Barr                        (silent auction, 50150, pie eating contest)

Anne & John Bates                          (pavilion reservations, crafters, tug o’war, set-up & take-down

Ginny & Tom Cobley                       (refreshment stand, advertisement, general coordination

Erika & Dick Ullman                        (silent auction, peanut raffle )

Elaine & Jim Weber                         (silent auction, set-up & take down)

Joe & Jennifer Greenfield                 (horseshoes, adult games)

Andrea Gilde/Chris Ann Szep          (children's activities)

Larry Kramer                                  (volleyball)


As would be expected, the Committee exerted a lot of effort and time, prior to the fourth, contacting other residents to assist with the activities, with local businesses to provide items for the 'silent auction ' and gathering the needed food items, drinks, prizes, etc.  We were also fortunate in having Bill Knarr, local disc jockey and former resident, to serve as our music man' and give us access to his fine audio system for announcements, etc.

Prior to the starting parade of the decorated bicycles, the food tent was erected and the Pavilion and picnic areas were decorated with colorful red, white and blue trimmings.  Within the Pavilion four residents set out their crafts and artistry, the ‘silent auction’ committee displayed their vast collection of items to be auctioned off, and the music, registration and announcement tables were set-up.  Adjacent to the Pavilion was the ‘food tent’ where the delicious Blue Plate Special was served.  Several of the Isles' outstanding cooks sweated over the, hot grill preparing the meat entree, which was served with chips, a drink, and topped off with a brownie (prepared by some of our famous CICA bakers).  Children's games, face painting (by Ullman's beautiful Granddaughters ), peanut raffle, tug-o-war, and the pie-eating contest were popular with the younger set, while the older ones enjoyed the friendly competition in the volleyball, horseshoe, 50/50 contests.  All, of course, enjoyed eating the Blue Plate Specials.

Along with the Committee members, 40 other residents assisted with the various activities, 25 local businesses and 14 residents made contributions to the ‘silent auction’ and to the ‘flea market’.


A profit of $1,055.35 was turned over to the CICA Treasurer after the expenses of $507.68 were deducted from the income of $1660.98 for the day.


Financial Statement



Silent Auction


Refreshment Stand




Peanut Raffle


Flea Market


Pie Sale








Food, drinks, etc.




Disc jockey






Profit to CICA



Grass Mowing:  Statistics for the 99-2000 Fiscal Year:  71 billed, 56 paid, 9 mow their own, and 6 remain unpaid.  They will receive further billing, with financial penalties.    (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  The Harbor is still full of water.  The Harbor Group planted 77 moorings this year, which is about normal.

     This has not been quite a problem free year: two boats took a short vacation from their moorings to the nice beach south in the cove (lucky).  One boat sunk after being struck by a powerboat at high speed late at night (not lucky). This type of accident is unfortunate and irresponsible, but totally beyond our control.

     Vandalism at the harbor has been mild thus far with one dink leaving the shore area by the Conversation pit and floating up in the cove area.  Our new “No Fishing/Loading and Unloading” sign has recently been removed.  I must assume that it is now in the water or a trophy in someone's bedroom. (Cost to CICA $60.) With more and more young people in the Harbor Area, and usually unsupervised, I hope that we do not have a repeat of the vandalism we experienced last Halloween.  I will be looking for a small group to patrol the Harbor during this Halloween Season.

     Courtesy should always be practiced in the Harbor Area.  The docks are for Loading and Unloading only, especially on weekends. (This does not mean a two-hour tie up for a lunch break) The five mile per hour speed limit covers the entire Harbor and not just the first three rows...

Left Arrow: We need a good turn out on these dates. 

     Those interested in joining the CICA CRUISE this fall should contact Bill Dryden.  Thanks for all the help from the residents of CICA in maintaining the Harbor.  It takes a lot of hands and hours and I would encourage the newer residents to join the aging group.  WE NEED YOU.

         DATES TO REMEMBER:        

                                                   Fall Clean Up         September 30th;

                                                   Mooring Pull           November 4th.

Sunfish & Hobie Cats need to be removed from the Harbor          12-1

(Bill Dryden)


Historical:  Here it is August 2000.  A year has gone by and because of a couple of situations the History Committee has not met.  In the year 2000, will complete what Started in 1999.

     At the spring dinner we had the president’s report ready for you to pick up and add to your history book.  Les Fritz, our president was very helpful in getting his report to us so we could have it in time for the dinner.  For our last dinner we thought it would be nice to recognize people who were mentioned in the newspaper.  A poster was made with articles from the Whig, and The News Journal about people living in Chesapeake Isle. Hope you all saw it and had time to read the articles.  We called it-“CICA, Who's In The News”.  We would like very much to do this again for the next spring dinner-, so if you have an article about someone please share it with us.  Please, give me a call and keep on making news.

     Our history books were down to a count of five so we decided that we should print at least another 75.  The Board approved our request for funds to purchase additional covers and to have the necessary printing done.  This expense amounted to the grand total of $17.01. During our next meeting we will put the books together and have them ready .for the for the spring dinner.

     This year we still plan to have Hazel Howery speak to us about what she remembers of Chesapeake Isle when she and her husband lived here in a trailer.  At that time the Isle was just beginning to be developed and Mr: Howery was a bulldoze operator who helped clear the land. I hope that she will give us some interesting information, which will help us prepare a report on the early development of Chesapeake Isle.  We will eventually put this information in the CICA History Book.

     Jan Hyche has been on our committee for a few years, but unfortunately she and her husband are moving from CICA.  We are all sorry to see Jan go,  for she has been very helpful on the Committee because of her interest in history.  We want to thank- her and we will miss her lovely smile.

     Again, anyone wishing to update his or her history book please call me.  I have extra reports and will bring you up to date through the year 1999. (Audrey Buck)



Legal:  Our only legal action this year was due to a request for a formal road maintenance agreement from a mortgage company concerning the sale of a property in Chesapeake Isle.  It had been the practice of CICA to furnish a letter to property buyers, assuring the maintenance of our roads.  The company in this case wanted a formally registered agreement.  Mimi Szep, along with attorney James Sherrard of Elkton, wrote a formal road maintenance agreement, which was then duly filed at the Cecil County Courthouse.  (Dave Byler) 


Maintenance:  Although the Board of Directors did not designate any major projects for maintenance at the outset of the year as they had last year, the committee got off to an excellent start last September following the effects of Hurricane Floyd on our community. A host of volunteers, several very intensive work days and the new community tractor combined to cut up and remove between 150 and 200 downed trees on our community roads and lands.  A problem of how to remove all the tree trunks, limbs, branches and roots was solved after contacting the county commissioners and the people at the county landfill.  They provided us with several dumpsters in the weeks following the hurricane, and hauled the brush away.  This eliminated our need to have brush fires on the beach.  The dumpsters also accommodated our increased tree trimming, needed to accommodate the height of the new community tractor.  The maintenance committee placed and removed the logs at the bathing beach to test sand collection and erosion, as well as opening up the overflow “blow out” of the bathing beach dune.  Later in the year, we added earth to a large low spot in the beach/picnic area, which has been prone to flooding in the past.  We graded and seeded it as well.  The maintenance committee also assisted with a swale revitalization, with the Jacob’s Nose Erosion Control Project and with the regular spring & fall cleanup days.   (John Bates)


Membership:  For the past two years our paid memberships had remained the same.... 222 each year.

     This year's increase in dues by $15.00 to $65.00 per year caused some small concern on the board as to how many members we might lose for a while because of the increase.  That had happened in past years when annual dues increases went into effect.


I am pleased to announce that our paid memberships as of this date are 233 .... eleven ahead of the two previous years total ... with a few months still to go.  Several new home owners and property owners, have still not been visited.  I even feel that it's possible we could equal our former membership record of 240 set back in the $35.00 a year era.  From the tone of notes and messages I have received with dues payments this year, I would have to say that the members are generally appreciative of the progress and improvements we have made during the past year or two.

Requests for bath house keys hit 80 this year... up from 72 last season and 67 the year before that.

     Turning from the financial aspects of the Membership Committee to the make-up of our community, the growth and vitality is just as apparent.  There are 225 homes in Chesapeake Isle today, which includes four still under construction.  At this time last year, we stood at 216 with two of them still in the building stage.  This growth represents one of the biggest increases we've ever seen in a one-year building period.

     We have 179 homes in the Isle that are now all year round residences and 46 that are used as week-end and vacation homes by some of our neighbors.  This breaks out to 74% full-timers and 26% part-timers.  There may be a margin of error of one or two in these figures.  The five homes of our Mason Lane adjacent neighborhood have a break-down of two full-time residences and three part time vacation retreats.

     A recent examination of undeveloped lots by your membership chairman indicates that we probably still have the potential for 65 to 75 more homes in Chesapeake Isle beyond our present number.  This would mean that in all likelihood we have now reached about 75% of the eventual finished size of our community.

     We sent out four newsletters this year... some for the first time by e-mail.  I would like to thank the members of my committee..... Barbara Barr, Dotty Fritz, Andrea Gilde, Anna Green, Peggy Graef, Melissa Polonsky, Joan Sharp, and Mike and Becky Stecher for all their help in folding, addressing, collating and delivering the quarterly newsletters.


Pavilion -  No report given. (Barbara Brueckner)


Roads:  Mike Szep announced that Glenn Culler will be taking over as Chairman of the Roads Committee.  Mike provided us with a history of the Chesapeake Isle roads.


Forty years ago, about 3.5 miles of gravel roads were bulldozed out of the land that once was Beaver Dam Farm.  The three developers who owned the roads of Rolling Hills or Chesapeake Isle did little to the roads.  They were regarded and oiled once in the early 70’s. 

     In 1979, the Civic Association acquired ownership of the community land and roads from J.P. Cabot Equity Corp. of Valley Stream, N.Y.  the roads had lost their crown, were potholed year round, and muddy and mushy after the spring thaw.   Hillsides were wash boards with ruts and washouts.  Minor repairs were made and some stone was applied between 1979 and 1988.

     In the 1988-89 term, Malcolm McVickar, who had retired from the PA Highway Department, became the first CICA Roads Chariman.  Phil Dara was co-chair.  Together, they put together the plan to regrade the roads to restore the crown.  Sadly, Malcolm took ill before he could complete the work.  His untimely death was a great loss to the community.

     The new roads chairman was Mike Szep, who volunteered for the job in June 1990.  The first tasks were to regrade the roads to restore the crown and remove washboards and ruts from the hills.  Equally important was the job of clearing overgrowth from intersections, turns, and anywhere it encroached on road right of ways.

     A long term plan to stabilize the road-beds with crusher run and stone was begun the next year.  About 300 tons were applied annually for the next 8 years.  The roads become firm, retained a crown, and were easier to maintain with the community tractor.  Drainage culverts around the community have been repaired or replaced.  Recently, the entire drain from Cliffview Dr. to the Elk River was completely replaced.  Gratings were installed on open holes.  In some cases, boxes had to be constructed or repaired first.  Street and other signs installed in the 80’s were repaired or replaced.  Builders and homeowners were contacted where driveways created drainage problems.  A letter writing effort and petition drive resulted in the early paving of Turkey Point Road from Harts Church to Turkey Point.  It had been tar and chip and was badly deteriorated.  Major improvements were undertaken on the boat ramp road and two dangerous hills on Caldwell and Bennett.  These are all blacktopped today.  Real improvements, which will pay for themselves over the next 20 years where there were real problems.

     Last year, a new phase was begun.  Two loads of “millings” were tested successfully on Darrel and Bennett.  Based on the success of those tests, $11,000 of “millings” was spread on the roads in North Chesapeake Isle.  Frank Strimel worked at length last summer to spread and grade these millings. K the results are promising, reducing dust, remaining intact over the winter, and providing a solid road surface.  But they are bumpy and in many places need more material both for thickness and width.  With the leadership of John Bates and Glenn Culler, we have shown that we can repair potholes with either cold-patch or double milled “millings”.  The board voted this year to demonstrate that we can fix the deficiencies before moving to new areas.  What is learned by upgrading what we have is important.  When the roads in the south end of Chesapeake Isle are upgraded, they will be first class.  The new 2000-2001 budget of $4500 took effect 7/1/00 and is untouched at this time.

     Many people, more than can be mentioned here, have pitched in over the last 10 years to make the gains that have been made.  I want to thank them all, whether it was one hour of thought or 10 years of tractor maintenance.  In this community, it all adds up!  (Mike Szep)


Much thanks to Mike Szep, long-time Roads chairman!  And good luck to our new roads chair, Glenn Culler.


Social:  This year's events included a Fall clean-up and hayrides and a Spring clean-up with covered dish socials that followed all the hard work.

      We also held a Halloween party and Easter egg hunt for the children and grandchildren of CICA members.

      The Christmas holidays included a Wine & Cheese social hosted by Anne & John Bates of Gull Circle.  There was Christmas Caroling at the pavilion, and Tom Cobley played Santa again this year.

      We held our Progressive Dinner in March of this year.  It was another successful event, which we will repeat in 2001.

      Our Annual Dinner was held in April at the Bayou Restaurant, in Havre de Grace.  Man and Woman of the Year Honors were given to Karen Dryden and Barry Miller for their many years of service to the community.

      We welcomed 6 new neighbors to our 16th Annual Ladies Brunch in June. We sent a total of 22 invitations this year, a record for us.  Our community is growing and thriving and we hope to see many new faces at our events in the coming year.

      This season we planned for 4 Harbor Socials.  These get-togethers have continued to be popular with attendance ranging between 32-40. August’s social was rainy, and we still had 21 people come.  Thanks to Karen Bill Dryden for opening their home for those who showed up.  In the case of inclement weather for future Harbor Socials, they will be moved to the pavilion. (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch - We currently have 38 volunteer families or individuals participating in the Town Watch Program.  This group has put in over 600 man-hours of patrolling during the past year.  Assignments averaged about once every two months for most volunteers.  I would like to express my appreciation to each of the volunteers for their efforts during thepast year.

The Town Watch communication equipment purchased in 1999 has performed very well during

the year and constitutes a major improvement compared to the bulky and unreliable equipment which it replaced.

We have experienced several security problems in Chesapeake Isle during the past year.  They fall into the following general categories:

1.  One dinghy stolen another damaged in the Harbor

       2.  Several break-ins and thefts of property from unattended vehicles parked on resident's driveways.

3.  Stone throwing, sign damage or removal and various- other acts of vandalism.

       4.  Illegal use of fireworks in Chesapeake Isle.

       5.  Deer poaching in several areas.

We urge all residents to report any security problems to Town Watch at 287-8018.

Volunteers are still needed.  Remember we are seeking only one evening about every other month.  It sure helps the community and is a good way to get to know your community and its residents.  (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  The new tractor has been a great asset to the community.  It has given our drivers a comfort and safety factor far beyond what our old tractor afforded us, with the emphasis on safety.  The 4 wheel drive feature has allowed us to mow hills, maintain & clean up the beach, & plow snow without having to put on tire chains.  This feature is important because when the chains are on the tractor it can not be used for anything except plowing snow.  The tractor has been used on almost every project this year and has exceeded our expectations.  Although it is more comfortable than the old tractor, there is still a lot for work and time involved in road maintenance, snow plowing, grass mowing, and beach maintenance, as well as brush removal.  I would like to thank Jim Able , Mike Szep, Sr., Glenn Culler, Frank Strimel, and last but definitely not least, John Bates for all their work on these projects.

            However, mechanical things break down.  Several weeks ago, the clutch failed.  With the help of Frank Strimel & his tractor, & Glenn Culler & his trailer, it was towed to S.G. Lewis, the dealer that sold us the tractor.  After breaking the tractor down, they found the throw-out bearing on the clutch failed, destroying the release fingers.  These are the parts that engage & disengage the clutch.  Installing the new parts is about a 60-70 hour job and is being submitted as a warranty claim.  We should have the tractor back by the beginning of next week.  (Marty Smith)


CANDIDATE PRESENTATIONS:  Ballots were distributed for incoming board member candidates.  The candidates each introduced themselves.  Candidates include:  Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Andrea Gilde, Harry Hite, Verne Orndorff, & John Reber



l        l        Nominating Committee – they were dismissed with thanks for their good work

l        l        Brush Burning on the Beach – has been discontinued for several months.  We can usually get a dumpster from the county when necessary.  Safety and environmental concerns were cited as reasons for discontinuing.  Small recreational fires are still permitted.

l        l        Beach Jetty – several questions were raised:

l        l        Has anyone observed sand being gathered between the 2 jetties at the state park?  Their situation is different as they also have the stone revetment along the shore

l        l        Why not try 1 jetty first?  Our consultant feels that 2 would be better to control the erosion.  However, it is possible to try 1 first

l        l        Is there sand in the river to be gathered?  The rip-rap around Turkey \Point has eliminated that as a source of sand.  The test logs that were on the beach this winter has shown that there is still some sand to be gathered.  The jetties may not catch much sand, but if they can keep what we have from wearing away, we can dump sand on the beach and not worry about it washing away in 2-3 days.

l        l        Would we have to borrow the whole $25,200 necessary?  Probably not.  There are several financing/fundraising options being investigated.

l        l        Why did we choose the lowest bid? All three contractors were judged qualified by our consultant.  The lowest bidder was asked to review his bid and has stuck to the price offered.  They were all given the same set of plans and specifications.


An informal poll was taken of those present.  No one voiced any opposition to the plans for the jetty.  Some members did not raise their hands in support, but remain undecided.


l        l        Allen Embon was wished a happy 51st birthday.




2000-2001 Proposed Budget

l        l        Why was the Roads budget was $10,000 last year and $4,500 this year.  Will that be enough to cover the costs for repairing the road surface?  The usual amount allocated to the roads was increased last year due to the millings project.  Both the outgoing and incoming roads chairs feel that the necessary maintenance can be done using the $4,500 figure.

l        l        A suggestion was made that maybe the millings won’t be available for very long, and maybe we should get all we can while we can get them.  Our new roads chair is confident that they will be available.  We want to get a better grade of millings as we don’t want the problem with large chunks like we had last year.

l        l        If we proceed with the jetty project, will that take money away from repairing the road surface?  Can CICA do both projects this year?  The board feels that both projects are feasible at this time.  Some money may have to be borrowed to finance the jetty project. 


A motion was made and seconded to approve the 2000-2001 budget as written.  All approved.


Elections:  The election results were announced at this time.  Newly elected or re-elected members of the CICA Board of Directors are:  Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Andrea Gilde, & Harry Hite.  Congratulations to those elected and thanks to all those who participated.


Having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15.


Election of Officers: Immediately after the meeting the board members met and elected officers as follows:  Pres. – Art Wood, V.P. – Dick Ullman, Treas. – Rob Green, Secy. – Andrea Gilde


CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.



Respectfully submitted,



Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:      Committee Chairpersons

            Elk Neck State Park Rangers