CICA Board of Director's Meeting—Minutes

June 5, 2000


The meeting began at 7:35 p.m. at the pavilion


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Les Fritz, Andrea Gilde, Rob Green, Mike Szep, Sr., Dick Ullman, Art Wood.


ABSENT: Barbara Barr, Ken Knapp, Frank Strimel, Jim Weber


Committee Members & Guests Present: Jim Abel, John Bates, Barry Miller


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  All committee chairs should submit an Annual Report to the secretary in time for the Annual Meeting

            Correspondence Report: The following correspondence was received:

·        Tom Cobley received a bill for $50 from the MD State Public Wetlands agency.  This should be the last step in obtaining the permit & license for the jetty project.


      The minutes of the 5/10 meeting were accepted with the following change:  Bill Dryden should be added to the “Guests”.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly report was approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  There is a house being built on the Lerro property.  Since that property is not technically part of Chesapeake Isle, they do not need to submit plans to the architectural review committee, but they are required to meet all our standards in order for us to continue to maintain their right of way to the property.  John Bates has stopped there and confirmed that the construction appears to meet all our requirements. 

The Barr’s are planning an addition but have not yet submitted plans.  (Barry Miller)


Beach:  99% of tasks were completed on clean up day.  There is new sand on the volleyball court, fill dirt on grassy area has been added & seeded.  There is an ongoing problem with dead fish, and this may be a problem all month long.  We have found no cheaper way of coating the basketball courts, nor have we found an answer to whether the recommended coating will hold up to other sports such as rollerblading.  Further investigation will occur this month.  (Jim Abel)


Email & Website:   The roads maintenance agreement has been posted to the website.  (Andrea Gilde for Ray Perry)


Erosion:  The seeding net applied to Jacob’s Nose area has sprouted.  (John Bates for Frank Strimel)


Grass Mowing:  8 or 10 still have to pay.  They are the usual “slow payers”.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  There was a “boat rescue” performed, after someone had forgotten to tie up their boat.  The grass seeding by the footbridge is complete (Art Wood for Bill Dryden)


Historical:  No report given  (Audrey Buck)


Legal:  Nothing to report (Dave Byler)


Maintenance:  A chain was placed by the maintenance shed, stating that no more brush will be accepted.  (John Bates)


Membership:  207 paid members, about 2 behind this date last year.  2nd notices will go out to those who have been members in the past, but are currently unpaid.  76 bathhouse keys have gone out.  (Les Fritz)


Newsletter:  Copy is due 7/11, the newsletter will go out about 7/18 (Andrea Gilde)


Nominating:  Andrea Gilde, Tom Cobley, & Dave Byler have agreed to run for a second term.  John Reber, Verne Orndorff and Harry Hite have also agreed to run.


Roads:  Mike Lewis of  SHA cleaned the pipe at the end of Racine Road.  He also gave some input on our roads situation. 

l        Cold patch will work well for us as a pothole fixer.

l        It is $40 a ton, we will try to get about 5 tons delivered

l        We need a hard surface to store it on

l        Since they are repairing Rt. 40, we will probably get a few free loads of millings.

l        We are going to try to do the millings completely on one road (20 feet wide) to see how it holds up.  (Mike Szep)


Social:  No report given (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  2 cars broken into (reported to sheriff’s office), plus the driver & passengers of a white Bronco (is it OJ?)  were reported acting strangely twice (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  Mower deck has been repaired.(Marty Smith)



2000-2001 Budget Proposal:  At first there was a large request for tractor equipment, due to a possible need for a new mower deck.  However, Marty Smith believes that the repairs he has done will allow the existing deck to last at least one more year, delaying the $3500 expense.


The budget was accepted as amended, and will be submitted at the Annual meeting on Aug. 27.


Beach Jetty:  With the permit seeming imminent, it is time for us to start seeking contractor bids.  Hopefully we will have a detailed update at the annual meeting.


Grass Mowing:  Letters were sent to those who really needed to cut their grass.




4th of July:  Plans are progressing well, and the celebration will be held on Tues, July 4th.   Some help is still needed, contact Tom Cobley if you can help.


Cold Patch:  We are going to try to get a small load to see how it works.


Electric Deregulation:  Once the electric deregulation goes into effect, we may be able to get a special “group rate” from some of the companies.  Art Wood will check into this.


Tractor Driver Wages:  John Bates suggested that we change the rate for both grass mowing and snow plowing to $8.50 per hour.  There has not been a rate increase for mowers for 3 years.  We used to pay the plow drivers a bit more when driving the old tractor without a cab, but with the new tractor this differential is unnecessary.  Rob Green moved that we change this rate, Tom Cobley seconded, all approved.  The change will go into effect for the new fiscal year starting on 7/1. 




CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 11th at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:        Committee Chairpersons

            Elk Neck State Park Rangers