CICA Board of Director's Meeting—Minutes

September 12, 2000


The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT: Barbara Barr, Dave Byler, Andrea Gilde, Rob Green, Ken Knapp, Mike Szep, Sr., Dick Ullman, Jim Weber, Art Wood.


ABSENT: Tom Cobley, Harry Hite, Frank Strimel


Committee Members & Guests Present: John Bates, Glenn Culler, Bill Dryden, Marty Smith



            Correspondence Report: The following correspondence was received:

·        A letter was received from Peter Goodwin, discussing the jetty project.  He has concerns about the design of the jetty as well as whether the jetty will accumulate sand.


SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The minutes of the August 8, 2000 meeting were accepted as written.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly report was approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  No report given (Barry Miller)


Beach:  Clean up day is 9/30 – we usually have a hayride after cleanup.  It is planned again for this year.  (Jim Abel)


Email & Website:  Nothing to report (John Reber)


Erosion:  Nothing to report  (John Bates)


Grass Mowing:  We received a payment from a delinquent payer as part of a settlement when the lot was sold.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  One boat, the “IMP”, went AWOL on Labor Day.  It was retrieved before it damaged itself or anyone else.  The mooring was found and the boat is back.  The boat broke loose due to tackle failure.  The small boat that washed up on the swimming beach belongs to the State Park & they will pick it up from the harbor area. 


Two broken supports on the old dock have been repaired.  While repairing this problem it was found that one cross member had never been bolted to the piling.  The repair will be made shortly with a long-sharp bit.  The sign that was removed form the newer dock will be replaced in the spring.  Volunteers are needed to patrol the harbor area during the Halloween week.  (Bill Dryden)


Historical:  No report given (Audrey Buck)


Legal:  Nothing to report (Dave Byler)


Maintenance:  Nothing to report (John Bates)


Membership:  Currently 237 paid members.  (Les Fritz)


Newsletter:  Copy is due on 10/13.  Newsletter will go out around 10/20.  (Andrea Gilde)


Roads:  We received 5 free loads of fine grade millings.  We are also getting 10 more at the delivery cost only ($60 each).  John Bates is trying to get more from the repaving project on Rt. 40.  We are unable to get a roller lent to us, and to rent one will cost over $100/day.  We know of a small roller available for sale from a construction company for $800.  (Tabled to new business).  (Glenn Culler)


Social:  The Halloween Party & Trick-or-Treating will be held on Saturday 10/28.  Chris Ann Szep is chairing the party.


The 00-01 Schedule of Events was submitted & will be in the next newsletter.  (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  No significant incidents were reported.  A new schedule for October & November will be distributed soon.  One new volunteer was recruited. 


It was reported at the meeting that an attempted boat break-in had happened during the last weekend in August.  The boat was moored at the time.  (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  The tractor is still & the shop & we are unable to get a satisfactory answer about when it will be ready.  Glenn believes it is almost done.  If we can’t get an answer in the next day or two, the dealer will be contacted.  (Marty Smith)



      Beach Jetty – It is expected that financing options will be ready to be discussed at the next meeting.  At this time, we know that First National Bank of North East is willing to loan us the money , if necessary.  Other options to be discussed are

§         A dues increase

§         Donations from community members

§         Issue bonds to community members in exchange for loans

§         Transfer some from savings

§         Community fundraisers

After some discussion, it was noted that a funding plan is needed for the community-at-large to review when the issue goes out for the vote.  Jim Weber proposed the following:

§         The board vote on whether to allocate $5000 from the treasury, if necessary.

§         The board vote on whether to secure a loan of $20,000, if necessary

§         The amount of the loan will be reduced as much as possible by fundraising, donations, & bonds (if these are agreed upon by the committee).

§         We start soliciting donations right away, with any funds received to be held in a savings account.  If the community decides not to proceed with the project, the funds will be returned.

§         A list of Frequently Asked Questions will be added to the information.


Jim Weber moved that a maximum of $5000 be allocated from the treasury to be used for the jetty.  Ken Knapp seconded.  All approved.


Mike Szep, Sr. moved that a loan be secured, for a maximum of $20,000, to be used for the jetty.  Barbara Barr seconded.  All approved.



      Board Member Resignation – Frank Strimel is resigning due to schedule conflicts with work.  It was suggested that we fill the remainder of his term (one year) by asking the next-highest vote-getter from the recent election, which would be Verne Orndorff.  If he does not accept, the John Reber will be asked.


      Jim Weber moved that we ask Verne Orndorff to fill the unexpired term of Frank Strimel.  Dave Byler seconded.  All approved.


      Tractor Policy – Upon reviewing the guidebook for a new printing, it was discovered that the CICA tractor policy is 10 years old.  Since then, we have a new tractor and a new tractor committee chairman.  It was suggested that all board members review the tractor policy and discuss any changes at the next meeting.  Copies were distributed. 


      Roller – If the roller is found by Glenn Culler & Marty Smith to be in good shape, it would be an asset to our community roads.  We would be able to immediately roll any new millings smooth and make repairs more easily.  The cost of renting a roller for a few days would exceed the price of $800 of purchasing. 


      Dave Byler moved that we allocate $800 for the roller, as a special project.  Ken Knapp seconded.  All approved.


CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on October 10, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


Having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m..


Respectfully submitted,




Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:      Committee Chairpersons

            Elk Neck State Park Rangers