Annual General Meeting—Minutes

August 26, 2001


The meeting began at 3:10 p.m. at the pavilion


Approximately 92 members were in attendance.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  There was a moment of silence to honor those Chesapeake Isle residents who have passed away during the past year.

The president offered thanks to those board members whose terms are expiring:  Rob Green, Dick Ullman, Jim Weber, and Verne Orndorff.  Rob and Verne are running for re-election.  He also thanked committee chairs for all the work they and their committees have done.  Thanks were also given to all who have helped during cleanups and other work projects.  Thanks to the whole community for support (both financial and encouragement) on the jetty project


SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The minutes of the August 27, 2000 meeting were read and accepted as written.



Review of last years budget:  Various items were discussed, as well as review of those items that were over or under their income/expenses predicted in last year’s budget. Two items (Special Projects and Interest Expenses) had been added to last year’s budget, as the expenses had been generated after the budget was submitted and approved at the 2000 Annual Meeting.  Special Projects only included the Jetty Project, and Interest Expenses involved the interest paid to those who lent money to CICA in order to continue with the jetty project.   Decrease in wages paid was due to decreased mowing, which was due to last year’s tractor problems, as well as a year with a light snowfall.  Increase in Secretarial budget was due to extra mailing & balloting for jetty, and printing of CICA decals.  Mowing decrease in income is due to decreased vacant lots to mow, as new houses are put up on empty lots.   Several committees exceeded their expected income.  Donations from 49 families were made for the jetty project, and 13 families made loans at varying interest rates.  We have begun to make interest payments on the loans, and will soon start to pay down the principle. 


The treasurer’s report for the 2000-2001 Budget year was approved as written.


Proposed CICA Budget for 2001-2002 was presented.  Any major changes from last years proposed budget to this year’s proposed budget were discussed.  An opportunity to ask questions about the proposed budget was offered.    The proposed budget will be voted on during the New Business portion of the meeting.


A comment was made that the income lost due to decreased lot mowing will have to be made up.  One way to do this may be a future dues increase (not this year).  Another way that will be tried this year is “Seasonal Driveway Plowing”.  Both of these items will be discussed later, during the New Business portion of the meeting.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review:  This past year we had the biggest building boom ever, with 10 houses built, as well as one deck, one addition, and one porch getting approved by the committee. (Barry Miller)


Beach:  The 2000-2001 year in our Beach and Pavilion area has been one of a good deal of change and improvement.  The year started off well with a productive Fall Cleanup.  Spring Cleanup this year was fairly well attended, but we can always use more help at both of these functions.

The particular improvements in the Beach & Pavilion areas that have been accomplished this past year are:

All of these improvements add up to make the beach and pavilion areas more attractive and more useful to the community

The pavilion has been busy this year hosting a number of parties.  We also have seen an increase in the use of our beach and water area.

The year did not pass without some vandalism.  On Thursday, April 12th, both of the doors to our pavilion were kicked in and a small amount of damage occurred inside; no items appear to have been stolen.  Any information relating to this or any acts of vandalism should be reported to the police immediately.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have come out for the Fall and Spring Cleanup days, and particular thanks to the Friday Morning Cleanup Gang (Ken Knapp, Fred Berkeihiser, and Ward Keever).  Special thanks was given to Robin Perry for keeping our bathhouses clean and supplied, and to John Bates for his help and guidance.

Our beach and pavilion areas continue to be a focal point for much of the social and recreational life of our community.  All residents are encouraged to contribute their ideas and spare time to help in these and other areas of our community

We are also pursing ways that we can be more knowledgeable about when area beaches are closed due to health risks.  Because we are a private beach, we are not tested by the county, but need to know when the surrounding area beaches have been closed.  Contacts are being pursued with the county and state park. (Jim Abel)


CICA Logo Clothing:  Two new CICA items are available…navy blue sweatshirts & polo shirts.  The amount spent on new inventory during the past year was $510.75, and the amount received in sales was $483. (Dotty Fritz)


Email & Website: The Chesapeake Isle Website was moved to a new service for hosting.  We have paid for the domain name of  for 5 years.  Anyone can have the email alias, without changing your e-mail account.  Simply send a request to , stating what user name you would like, and the address you would like to forward it to (your current email address).  Anyone wishing to receive a directory via email can send a request to  Also, you can request to get your newsletters and other CICA information via email, just by sending a note to the email address of     Thanks to Andrea Gilde for site maintenance. We are seeking any suggestions to spruce up the site…technical difficulties are not a problem.  Pictures of any Chesapeake Isle activities are welcome, we can scan them and get them on the website.   (John Reber)


Erosion:  In the past 6 or 8 years we have had two serious blowouts of the beach, because of heavy rains, our own storm water runoff, and the overflow from the adjacent marsh.  To fill in these blowouts we have had to utilize the existing earth berms.


After the installation of the two stone jetties, and based on the recommendation of our contractor, the board decided that a new berm would have to be installed to protect both the beach and the jetties.


In early May between 60 and 80 truckloads of clean earth and sand became available from the construction of local homes.  This material was delivered free to the beach and along the top of the cliff.  Unfortunately, the State & County permitting authorities discovered what we had done and ordered us to stop work until a plan could be developed to be approved by these bodies.


The problem at the cliff area has been resolved with a plan to provide seeding and control mats, along with some plantings.  What you see now is temporary until the final work can be completed during the fall planting season.


The plan dealing with main portion of the beach berm has been verbally accepted by both the State & County, based on a final planting layout.  Future grading, seeding and plantings will have to be completed.


The main concern of both governing bodies is the final 100 feet of the berm, which is located within the 25-foot buffer zone for the non-tidal wetlands (the marsh).  A plan has been submitted to both bodies and verbally accepted pending a field inspection this coming week.  The solution will probably involve clearing a portion of our land behind the swings and basketball court to extend the existing non-tidal wetlands (marsh), as a trade-off for the land we disturbed. (Ken Knapp)  


Grass Mowing:  5 mowing customers are still unpaid…one is a new owner, with the bill just being sent.  The other 4 delinquent accounts are all non-CICA members.  Mr. Coco is being sued as he has not paid for 2 years.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  We have had a fairly quiet season in the harbor thus far.  No boats left without their crew, although one cruiser thought about sinking after a lightning strike, but it did not make it.  78 moorings were planted, which may be a new record.  The new canoe and kayak rack erected on the beach on clean-up day seems to be doing well.  If there is an interest in a smaller one to accommodate dinghys, it will be considered for next year. 

There are new signs on both docks to remind us that these are for loading and unloading only, which does not include overnight docking or two hours to allow time to go home for lunch.

Please remember to attach the safety chains on your boat trailer.  One did not yesterday and the trailer popped off the hitch while backing down the ramp.  The boat and trailer continued down and off the side of the ramp, destroying the dock ladder.  There was a fair amount of damage to the outboard motor, but no one was injured…this time.

Thanks to all the committee who kept the harbor running, especially Jim Weber who agreed to be the acting Harbor Master.  Please remember November 3, which is mooring pull and delivery day.  Enjoy the balance of the season and look forward to the 2002 season.   (Bill Dryden)


Historical:  The History Committee had a bit of a holiday this year, with no meeting to date.  Plans are in place for later in the year to sift through files that have been presented to the committee.  Printing of the History Book was completed, with the only expense we will have for the year being the printing of the President’s Report for 2000-2001.  The committee is still active in collecting news of the people who are making it, and watching what is happening in Chesapeake Isle.  There are still dogs running loose to bark and snarl at walkers and hikers, and trees being cut that are protected by law.  People drive too fast through our community.  But all in all there is a lot of positive activity going on…

The Social Committee is doing a super job, and the beach is active with family gatherings, games, and swimming.  A lot of work has been done on the beach for the enjoyment of all who live here.  Credit is due to the volunteers who make everything possible.  Many new homes have been built, bringing new people, and creative ideas.

Chesapeake Isle is still a good place to live…As Mike Sullivan tells us in his poem, “Chesapeake Isle is our Favorite”, and Ken Smith calls it “That Little Slice of Heaven”.  We all have our own reasons for living here and making it a special place to live.

Lets see you all at the next Spring Dinner where you can meet friends and have dinner together; also you can get your President’s Report and catch up on what has happened over the past year.  If you have any new or interesting stories, please let the History committee know.  (Audrey Buck)


Legal:  We are pursuing legal action against the Coco family, who has not paid mowing fees in 2 years.  A letter has been sent from a lawyer and we are awaiting further action.  (Dave Byler)


Maintenance: The year has been busy supporting the various committees, working on beach projects, & activities in the harbor area.  The shuffleboard has turned out to be a great asset and has been enjoyed by all.  We are currently working on replacement of the culvert on Cliffview Dr. that has failed, and there is still additional work on the beach area to complete this fall.  Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past year.  Just a reminder, new volunteers are always welcome, particularly those who are young and strong. (John Bates)


Membership:  To date, there are 238 paid member families in the civic association.  This is five more than I reported at the annual meeting a year ago.  We added 11 more memberships last year after the annual meeting to end the year 2000 at 244 paid members.  I am very hopeful that we can equal or surpass that number by the end of December.

The improvements to our swim beach renewed interest in this area and the result was in increase in the number of bathhouse keys in use from 80 last year to 104 this season.  We also have out in circulation about a dozen and a half keys to the new shuffleboard equipment cabinet.  This new activity has also led to increased interest and usage of our beach/pavilion area.

There will be 235 homes in Chesapeake Isle when all of the current building is completed.  There are 5 new homes and one replacement home under construction at the present time.

At last year’s annual meeting, we reported 225 homes in our community with 4 of them still under construction so we have grown by 10 new homes this year.  This does not include the 5 homes on the exempted portion of Mason Lane.

We put four newsletters out again this year with just around 300 people receiving each of the 4 editions.  Thanks to the collating and delivery crew of Barbara Barr, Dotty Fritz, Peggy Graef, Anna Greed, Sue Seeley, and Joan Sharp for their continued efforts to get our quarterly newsletters out efficiently and promptly.


New residents receive an up-to-date directory, which are only printed a few at a time.  Those members with email can receive an up-to-date directory via email, by send a request to  (Les Fritz)


Pavilion:  There has been lots of activity on beach and pavilion use is way up.  Thanks to Robin Perry for keeping the bathhouses clean and supplied.  Remember to reserve early for next year as good dates go quickly.  We are seeking a new chairperson for the pavilion rentals. (Barbara Brueckner)


Roads:  The Roads Committee has had a fair year.  The $4,500 budget was used to buy 8 truckloads of good ground-up millings, of which about half have been put down on the roads.  We have a new (used) road roller, so we can roll down the new material and hope it stays down.


Two times this year we have gotten road crews out to work and it has been the same people both times.  There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction about the condition of the roads, but there has also been a great deal of difficulty getting many volunteers together to do the work.  A small crew can only get so much done. 


      Due to family obligations and professional demands, Glenn Culler needs to resign as the Roads chair so we are seeking a new roads chairperson.  Time permitting, he is willing and able to help with the roads, be it maintenance, snow plowing, or other projects.


A question was raised as to why we don’t pay members to work on the roads, much as in the way we pay people to cut the CICA grass …this topic will be discussed at a future board meeting.


Another question was raised as to the plans to cover all the community roads with millings.  Assuming availability of materials and enough volunteer power, all community roads will be covered with the millings.  Progress has been stalled while we consider how to get the material to stay on the road for the long term, and the roller should be very helpful with that, along with the better quality millings. 


A comment was made, offering thanks for progress made in clearing and cleaning the area behind the maintenance shed.  Over the years, that area has been used as an overflow storage area and has gotten out of hand.  Recently, loads of millings and piles of sand have been added.  The sand will be removed once the state allows us to continue working on the beach.  The millings will be removed once we have enough volunteers to spread and roll it.  Many of the other items are to be removed, stored in the shed, or arranged more neatly.  A reminder was made that several property owners overlook that area, and it is unsightly and may be lowering property values.  The area behind the maintenance shed should not be used for long-term storage of roads materials.  (Glenn Culler)


Social:  This year’s events included a Fall Clean-Up and Hayride, and a Spring Clean-Up with covered dish socials that followed all the hard work.  We also held a Halloween Party and  Easter Egg Hunt for the children and grandchildren of CICA members.  The Christmas holidays included a Wine & Cheese social hosted by Dick and Erika Ullman of Cliffview Dr.  There was Christmas Caroling at the pavilion, and Tom Cobley played Santa again this year.  We held the Progressive Dinner in March of this year; it was another successful event, which will be repeated in March of 2002.  Our Annual Dinner was held in April at the Wellwood Yacht Club.  Man and Woman of the Year honors were presented to Cheryl Hite and Marty Smith in recognition of their many years of service to the community.


We welcomed 7 new neighbors to our 17th Annual Ladies Brunch in June.  We sent a total of 28 invitations this year, a new record for us.   Our community is growing and thriving and we hope to see many new faces at our events in the coming year.  This season we planned for 4 Harbor Socials.  These get-togethers have continued to be popular with attendance ranging between 40-45.  The first one in June was attended by 62 people.  In case of inclement weather for future Harbor Socials, they will be moved to the pavilion.  We resurrected an old activity this year, which was BINGO.  We had a very good turnout for the first one and by popular demand we repeated it the following week.  We will be adding more BINGO nights next year. 


A new refrigerator is needed at the pavilion.  (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  There are currently 36 individuals or couples on the volunteer list.  This group was able to complete approximately one-hundred patrol nights, mostly on weekend nights.  We have been able to keep the frequency of patrolling down to about 1 watch every other month, or about 6 tours per volunteer per year.  Thanks to each volunteer for their contribution.  The presence of Town Watch is a benefit to Chesapeake Isle. Still in use are the hand-held Motorola Radios, which were purchased almost 2 ½ years ago.  This equipment has been well cared for by all and continues to render convenient and efficient communication.  All equipment and signage remains in good condition. 


As far as incidents, vandalism in general has declined during the year.  There were several serious incidents of deer poaching last winter, at least one of which included firing a rifle on a residential lot.  There was a break-in at the pavilion, which resulted in damage to the facility and included other random acts of vandalism.  The vehicle burglaries which occurred several times last year seem to have abated. 


The most sensitive security area is the beach/pavilion complex.  There were several incidents in addition to the break-in during the last year.  Town Watch has made recommendations that additional, motion sensor activated lighting be installed and that the road to the beach be closed off after hours. 


After three years as the Town Watch Coordination, Jim Weber will be “retiring” and Harry and Joeann Hite will be taking over in mid-September.  During the past several weeks the program has lost 5 valuable members, in addition to the temporary loss of those who “go south” for the winter.  New volunteers are needed, and it only takes about 6 nights a year for a few hours at a time.   (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  After a long struggle with the dealer fixing our tractor, we finally got it back at the end of September.  The repairs were not done correctly and the tractor had to be taken back to S. G. Lewis & Co. to be fixed.  That dealer has since gone out of business.  Our tractor has been running well all year.  The only major repairs have been on the big mower deck, where some reinforcing was needed.  Our roller and other equipment are in good shape. 


Thanks are due to  Glenn Culler, Jim Abel, & John Bates for all their help this year, as well as Jim Abel & Diane Orndorff for the care they have taken of our equipment.  (Marty Smith)


There is still pending action regarding the bills from the tractor repairs from last summer.  In brief, S.G. Lewis Co., the dealer from who we purchased the tractor and brought it in for repair, claims that some of the repairs made were not covered under warranty and need to be paid by us.  New Holland Ford states that any disputed bills should be discussed with them, not with CICA.  We believe that some of the damage and “uncovered repairs” were caused by the service department.  We examined the bills sent and determined which of the costs we felt were reasonable to be paid by CICA.  A check was sent, but then returned uncashed.  The franchise of S.G. Lewis has since been shut down.  We have probably not heard the last of this situation, but are not sure where things currently stand.


4th of July:  The Annual 4th of July Celebration was again a real success story for the CICA.  The decision to hold it on Wednesday, the 4th turned out well.  The attendance was excellent and the weather could not have been better.  After the bills had been paid, we reported a net profit of $1,107.34.  Activities included:

·        The Decorated Bike/Scooter/Wagon Parade:  Under the supervision of Andrea Gilde and Chris Ann Szep, the ‘parade’ proceeded down the hill to the pavilion where the 12 children had their colorfully decorated vehicles judged and prized distributed.

·        The Cardboard Armada Race:  Our newest event organized by Chris Ann Szep was a real fun activity.  Chris Ann had gathered a large quantity of cardboard, polyboard, and tape, which was made available to those persons wishing to build a “boat” in the two-hour time allotted.  Once constructed they were moved to the swimming area and entered into the race.  This was a hilarious event for both the audience and the “captains”.

·        The Tug-O-War:  As usual, this was a popular event for most of the young people attending.

·        The Arts and Crafts Show and Sale:  Organized by Anne Bates, six residents displayed the results of their creativity in the very colorful setting of 4th of July decorations.

·        The Silent Auction:  Organized by Barbara Barr, forty local merchants and friends of CICA made donations that were auctioned off to the highest bidders.  This activity required a lot of time by Barbara and her seven helpers.  The financial report shows the excellent result of their efforts to our treasury.

·        The 50-50 Raffle/Gold Peanut Sale:  Two other ‘traditional’ financial successes both for the CICA and the winners.  Thanks to Neil Barr for organizing the 50-50 and to the Ullman family for the Peanut Sale.

·        Games of Skill:  Thanks to Sue Schooley the new shuffleboard pad was put to good use; Elliot Otelsberg, one of our visiting guests, did a nice job of organizing the basketball competition; Dave Byler, the horseshoes; and Dick Ullman, the volleyball.

·        Pie Eating Contest:  A very ‘colorful’ event as usual!  Thanks to Jim Weber for his excellent judging of the winners (and to Genuardi’s for providing the pies).

·        Refreshment Stand:  Elaine Weber was the “chef in charge” of the CICA restaurant where the Blue Plate Special was the order of the day.  She got an excellent crew of volunteers to assist her with shopping, cooking, and serving the food and drinks.  This service is one that requires a lot of effort and time.

·        Flea Market Sales:  A fair number of residents set up tables throughout the area to sell items they brought for that purpose.

·        Disc Jockey:    Bill Knaar, a former resident of the Isle, shared his excellent sound equipment enabling announcements to be made and a great background of popular music.

Finally, credit is due to the large group of people who assisted both with pre- and post-Celebration activity.  They were John Bates, Jim Abel, Alan Embon, Dick Ullman, Jim Weber, Carl Killian, Sue Schooley, and Ginny Cobley.  One hundred and seventy-five persons signed the attendance register, but I suspect there were at least another sixty or more who did not do so.  Over 35 people helped with the Celebration in the many ways mentioned above.  It has been my pleasure to serve as chairman of this wonderful activity.

Financial Report

50-50 Contest                           $183.00

Peanut Raffle                                 39.50

Food Stand                                 517.00

Silent Auction                              909.50

Donation                                     125.00

Total                                      $1774.00



Food Stand                               $202.00

Childrens Activites                         57.75

Games, Fliers, Food                    163.00

Music                                          150.00

Silent Auction                                96.91

Total                                        $666.66

Profit to CICA Treasury        $1107.34          (Tom Cobley)


Nominating Committee:  Candidates presented.  Those running for board election this year include:  Jim Abel, Rob Green, John Reber, Sue Schooley, Ward Keever, and Verne Orndorff.  Each candidate spoke briefly.


Voting Results:  Board members elected for the 2001-2004 session are – Jim Abel, Rob Green, Ward Keever, Verne Orndorff




Several years ago we were asked by the North East fire Co. to allow them to put in a hydrant standpipe in the harbor area.  This standpipe would allow firefighters to more easily draw water out of the river to assist in firefighting.  We agreed to let it happen, but the state funding went away.  There is new funding available, so the project should proceed.


Sign Contest:  no entries were received by the deadline, but one was received late.   How to proceed beyond this point will be discussed at the next meeting.




Snowplowing Driveways:   The Tractor/Maintenance and Grass Mowing  committee came up with a plan to offset the declining grass mowing  income, by setting up contracts for snow plowing Chesapeake Isle driveways.  This was discussed and approved at the June and August 2001 board meetings.  Contracts were made available at this meeting for those interested in obtaining the service or just for information. 


A question was raised as to why there was no line item on the proposed budget for Snow Plowing income.  Currently, we don’t know what estimate to put in, and any income it does generate in paid contracts will be shown in the budget.


Voting on budget for FY 2001-2002 – A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget as presented.  Motion was carried with no objections.


Potential Dues Increase for 2002-2003 – The Finance Committee will be considering a dues increase during the planning of next years budget.  A plan for regular dues increases in increments is also under consideration.  Comments were made as to the low nature of our dues, and an informal poll showed that many would be amenable to a dues increase for the next year. 


Annual Meeting Date – A suggestion was made to change the date of the Annual Meeting – Since the date of our meeting is determined by the by-laws, any changes would have to be decided upon during next year’s annual meeting.


Voting by Non-CICA Members – It has been our tradition that all property owners are allowed to vote on Chesapeake Isle issues at the Annual Meeting, regardless of whether they are CICA members.  However, this is not a rule determined by the by-laws.  It has been argued that since non-member property owners don’t pay their share, they should not have a say in how the money is spent.  This issue will be considered by the board in the coming year.


Stockade Fencing – A question was raised as to whether stockade fencing will be considered as a way of concealing the equipment stored outside the maintenance shed.  It is one option to be considered and discussed.


Committee Signups – There are sign up sheets available for all our committees…please sign up.  Roads & pavilion chairs are available. 


Even if you don’t join a committee, you can contribute any time/skill you have…just contact a committee chairperson and let them know what you can do and when you are available

Also sign up for CPR/First aid on 10/13.  Deadline to sign up is 9/6


Karen Dryden thanked all for the support during Bill’s recent illness. It was an infection caused by a deer tick (erlichiosis).



CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on  Monday, September 17th  at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


After the general meeting concluded, the Board of Directors met briefly to discuss and elect the officers for the coming year.  Next year’s officers are:  President – Art Wood, Vice-President – Mike Szep, Sr., Treasurer – Rob Green, Secretary – Andrea Gilde.  All were elected unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,




Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:                  Committee Chairpersons

                        Elk Neck State Park Rangers