CICA Board of Director's Meeting—Minutes

May 23, 2001


The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT: Barbara Barr, Dave Byler, Tom Cobley, Andrea Gilde, Rob Green, Harry Hite, Mike Szep, Sr., Jim Weber, Art Wood.


ABSENT: Verne Orndorff, Dick Ullman, Ken Knapp,


Committee Members & Guests Present: Fred Berkeihiser, Barry Miller, Les Fritz, John Bates, Bill Dryden, and Jim Abel



            Correspondence Report: The following correspondence was received:

·        We received a second letter from S.G. Lewis in reply to our letter and check for $420 as a settlement.  They refused our terms of settlement and sent the check back.  They are still demanding full payment of all the charges.  We feel that most of the charges are not legitimate (some should have been covered under warranty and we believe that the others were caused by faulty repairs by S.G. Lewis).

·        Email message from Smith family on Mason Lane…15 concrete blocks were stolen from property.


The following correspondence was sent

·        No correspondence was sent.



SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The minutes from the April 25th  meeting were accepted as submitted.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The monthly report was approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (Contributor’s name and/or committee chairperson’s name shown in parentheses following report.)


Architectural Review: House on T-6 (Peter & Trish Olds-Clark) has been approved.  I-2 will be replaced with a new house, H-12 (Motter) is approved, I-9 (McGettigan) approved, 2nd floor addition to garage on E-13 (Long).  Still pending is V-11 (Kresge) (Barry Miller)


Beach:  spring cleanup was successful with a good crew…26 scheduled work items were completed.  Robin Perry has offered to clean the bathhouses this summer.

There is too much time spent trying to figure out which keys fit which locks on the beach picnic tables (all are keyed differently).  The beach committee has already ordered new locks all keyed alike. 


There is a general consensus that the beach looks good with all the additional sand.  However, we still have to be concerned about official sanctions, silt fence, and possible washouts. 


During an attempt to build a protective berm on the beach to stop breakthroughs and beach flooding, county officials were notified of the work.  We did not acquire necessary permits for the work, and there may be some legal and financial consequences to CICA.  Ken Knapp submitted a report on the meeting with county and state officials regarding protective berm at beach area and dumping of fill. 


·        We need to go through Joe Johnson & the county for permits for any future maintenance and improvements


·        Dick Luttrell has been hired as an advisor to help guide us through what are our requirements as far as general maintenance of the beach area and embankment, as well as what type of work will require a special permit.  He suggested that the beach/berm area should be considered a maintenance item that we have maintained for many years and may only require a county grading permit.  He also believes that our work performed on the Jacob’s Nose embankment should be permitted under our maintenance agreement with the state.


·        There are a variety of scenarios that might play out…Ken Knapp is still working with the Cecil County Soil Conservation District…they may or may not have to be involved. 


·        Our Maintenance agreement with the Cecil Soil Conservation District for the Jacob’s Nose area may help us with the situation…we may have justification for all the work that was done.  The maintenance agreement will be posted on the web with the original placed in the safe deposit box.  (Jim Abel)


Summary of meeting minutes involving CICA and County Resource Inspectors/State DOE Compliance Specialist:  John Bates explained that we had brought in earth for the berm (to guard against blow out from the marsh) and to stabilize the slope at Jacob’s Nose – we had rushed into the work based on the availability of first earth and later sand.  The authorities agreed with our good intentions, but took strong exception to our lack of effort to obtain permits for the work.  There was a long discussion of water accumulating behind the berm.  We assured them that the water generally disappears overnight.  We may be subject to an administrative fine of $1000 per day for 7 days (this is the worst-case scenario).  As a follow up, we need to file permit applications, submit a drawing for the work involved, provide photos of the present site, and what it looked like before the work was performed.  Permits must be obtained for all future work.  We cannot perform any work on this site (except normal maintenance like cleaning the beach) until the county officials notify us to proceed.


Email & Website: Nothing to report  (John Reber)


Erosion:  See beach report. (John Bates)


Grass Mowing:  About half have paid.  (Dick Ullman)


Harbor:  Good turnout on clean up day.  New kayak rack was built.  Some repair needs to be done on the old floating dock.  There was some discussion to make the dock wheelchair accessible.  We need to make arrangements for removal of community trash on clean up days and not have individuals running trash to the dump.  (Bill Dryden)


Historical:  Nothing to report (Audrey Buck)


Legal: Nothing to report (Dave Byler)


Maintenance:  Shuffleboard area has been completed.  Bathhouse is operational.  Repairs have been done to pavilion.  The York Rake donated by Bud Easler works well on the beach.  Suggestion was made to put an alarm on the pavilion door along with a motion sensor light.  Tabled to new business.(John Bates)


Membership:  As of 5/23 membership stands at 216 paid, about the same amount as this time last year.  We have received payment for and delivered 94 bathhouse keys (approx. 20 more than last year’s total).  The shuffleboard court has been completed and the first match already played.  5 keys have been paid for, with 2 more owing payment for their keys.  A complementary key was given to the Keever’s.  Nine or ten pavilion reservations have been made to date.  All are paid members, so they are “legal” to reserve.  Some have already paid their $25  to Barbara Brueckner in advance, with others still owing in order to confirm their reservation.    Approximately 60-70 members attended workday.  10 new directory/guidebooks are almost ready to be distributed.



A committee of about 1-3 people is needed to put up CICA mail tubes.  Les will supply needed materials, names & addresses.  (Les Fritz)


Newsletter:  next one in July (Andrea Gilde)


Roads:  8 loads of millings have been received.  It will be spread soon.  Crusher run has been spread on the damaged area of Caldwell. The contractor who caused the damage brought in new material.  Some may also be needed on Mowbray.  (Glenn Culler)


Social:  Ladies brunch will be held on 6/9.  1st Harbor Social will be held on 6/15.  New program “Meet the Neighbors”, with different dates for different streets.  Everyone should have gotten a flyer.  (Sue Seeley)


Town Watch:  Any scheduling requests (good weekends or bad) should be sent to Jim, who will try to accommodate all requests.  (Jim Weber)


Tractor:  We need to decide how to approach S.G. Lewis to pay for the “non-warranty” items (approx. $900).  They did not accept partial payment offered.  The warranty items need to go through New Holland, although S.G. Lewis refuses to contact them and believes we should pay S.G. Lewis and have New Holland reimburse us.  This is not how New Holland wants us to proceed.  It was decided that a final letter will be sent by Art Wood,  stating our position, offer for $420, and their need to take the non-covered labor costs that were for warranty repairs up with New Holland, as per their representative.  (Marty Smith)


4th of July: Will be held on the 4th. (Wednesday)  3 new activities are planned for this year.  Details to follow.



      Tractor Policy: Still tabled

      CPR Class:  Tabled till next meeting



      There is a trailer-storage bin stored on blocks on a property…neighbor complained because it is unsightly.  The property owner plans to put wheels on it to take to job sites.


      Mike Szep, Sr. moved that we establish an ad hoc committee to discuss pavilion security and make a recommendation to the board.  All approved.  Jim Weber, Harry Hite, and Mike Szep, Sr. will serve on the committee.


2001 BUDGET PLANNING:  After all committees submitted their proposed Income/Expense sheets, there is a projected budget deficit of $2,243 for the 2001-2002 Fiscal Year.  How should the deficit be resolved?

·        Income can be raised in a variety of ways:  Increased dues, increased mowing and other fees, or increased income from special events (like the 4th of July Fundraiser). 

o       Dues were just increased less than 2 years ago, after no increases for 10 years.  It was decided that an increase will not be requested this year, but we should not let such a large amount of time pass until the next increase.  Perhaps we will start maintaining a regular schedule of small increases (every 2-3 years).

o       The total received under Mowing fees will continue to go down as new homes are being built, as we only mow empty lots.  We can raise mowing fees to try to maintain the current level of income.

o       Harbor Committee plans to raise fees for mooring set/pull as well as dinghy racks.  Terminology to be changed to “Boat Storage Fee” to include dinghies, kayaks, inflatables, etc. 

o       All new ideas for fundraisers will be considered.

·        All committee chairs will reevaluate budget requests and try to trim wherever possible to eliminate the possibility of a budget deficit.




CLOSE OF BUSINESS:  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday June 19th at 7:30 p.m. at the pavilion.


Having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,






Andrea Gilde, Secretary


CC:         Committee Chairpersons

               Elk Neck State Park Rangers