CICA Newsletter

July 18, 1999


President’s Message



Dear Fellow Property Owners,


            Due to some recent comments made to me or other board members…and some things said in letters and notes directed to us…I feel this may be an appropriate time to point out several things about your Board of Directors, the regular monthly board meetings and the way business is conducted and things get done in Chesapeake Isle.

An incoming President usually has an agenda of things that are considered necessary or desirable to be accomplished during the new board year.  The other board members, Harbormaster, Beach Chairperson, and maintenance and other committee chairpersons have items to suggest, as well.  And, of course, the board receives ideas and requests for things that you, the members of the association, bring up regularly as the year progresses.

All of these issues are discussed, debated and argued during the course of our regular monthly meetings.  These meetings are open to every member of this association to attend in their entirety.

Within a week after each board meeting, the minutes of the meeting are posted on the bulletin boards at the harbor and at the pavilion.  Everyone, including property owners who are not members, is encouraged and invited to read these very detailed and informative reports and to keep current on what your board is doing, planning, and considering for your benefit and enrichment.

Input, suggestions and concerns are always welcome and the great majority of projects considered by the board span several meetings before they are brought to a conclusion.  The date, time and place of the next meeting is included at the end of each month’s minutes so each member can voice personal preferences and objections by attending at the appointed time of the next meeting.

Finally, by paying your dues and attending the Annual Meeting in August, you have the opportunity to vote for those who represent you on the board.  If you are willing to serve yourself, you have only to contact the chairman of the Nominating Committee to be a candidate in the next annual elections

It has been my pleasure to serve you as your president for the past year and an honor to work with the dedicated group of directors you have elected to represent you.  Thanks for the opportunity.….and your support.

Les Fritz



Membership Report

Paid memberships are at 213 families to date, running slightly behind this point a year ago.  An up-to-date membership list is included elsewhere in this newsletter as a reminder of your voting eligibility for the upcoming Annual Meeting, election of board members and any other business to come before the membership at that time.  If you’re not sure if you’ve paid, please take a minute to check the list.


Proposed Dues Increase

It has been many years since our last annual dues increase and prices for everything have gone up markedly in the interim.  The Finance Committee, which consists of the four officers of the Board, has recommended an increase of $15.00 to bring association membership dues to $65.00 annually starting in January 2000.  Our proposed annual budget for 1999/2000 was based on approval of this increase in dues, and the full Board of Directors concurred at the July 6th board meeting.  We will be seeking the approval of the full membership for the budget and the dues increase at the annual meeting in August.  We hope you will be in attendance.


Annual Meeting and Elections

In accordance with the by-laws of the association, the annual meeting and election of new directors will take place at the pavilion on Sunday, August 22nd at 3:00 P.M. followed by a potluck supper.  Please plan to attend to discuss and vote on issues important to our community and to vote for four of the following members who have agreed to run for a three-year term on the Board.

Barbara Barr        Ned Schoonover               Phil Tkacik

Ken Knapp           Mike Szep, Sr.                   Art Wood


An Important and Timely Reminder

The 15 MPH speed limit is still in effect in Chesapeake Isle despite the impression one might get from some of our driving habits.  Our roads are in the best shape they’ve been in for years but we all have to watch our driving habits to help keep them that way.  Speed in excess of our limit causes dust clouds which coat our cars and boats, makes our homes dirty, kills our flower beds, worsens allergies in our children and seniors and infuriates neighbors….all of which cannot in any way improve the quality of life in an otherwise beautiful community.  An increase in the number of trailers in use and the larger size of the boats we are using means more stopping distance required on our gravel roads.  We all get our fair share of “type A” personalities on Route #40…..we get more than enough “road rage” on I-95….let’s try to be friendly, considerate drivers around our friends and neighbors.


New Road Surfacing Material Coming

Over the last decade, the road surfaces in Chesapeake Isle have been restored by grading and applying more than 600,000 pounds of stone per year.  A change is planned to begin using chipped asphalt, sometimes called “millings”, instead of crushed stone.  This material will suppress dusting and will not migrate to the roadsides.  This spring, test areas on Darrel Road and at the intersection of Rolling and Bennett Ave. had millings spread on them.  The chipped asphalt worked will in both locations, suppressed dust remarkably well, and stayed where it was  placed, even in a high-sheer, sloping location.  Based on the successful tests and positive comments from the community, the Board of Directors has adopted a plan to cover all gravel roads owned by the CICA with millings in the following order:

            1) Darrel , 2) Arden, 3) Cliffview Dr. and Gull Circle, 4) Rolling Ave. – Bennett to Rollins, 5) Racine, 6) Rollins, 7) Mowbray, 8) Bennett, 9) S. Mason Lane to the gates and Caldwell, 10) Rolling Ave. – all remaining sections, 11) Pine, Diana, and Basin, and 12) Beach Road.  Sufficient funding has been budgeted to begin the work immediately, do the majority of the community this summer, and complete the job by the summer of 2000. 


Chesapeake Isle Cruise Week

Some of us wait in anticipation all year for this serendipitous event, and this will be the last community cruise of the 1900’s, making it even more memorable and enjoyable.  Several “pollywogs” have vowed to ship out with the fleet this year and earn their sea legs….we hope they will!!  The cruise will run from September 18th to September 26th and while some stay the course for the whole week, others just join us for a part of the week.  Flexibility and informality are our watchwords.  If you are interested in a week of adventure, relaxation and camaraderie, plan on joining us at the home of Karen and Bill Dryden, 210 Rolling Avenue, on Thursday evening, August 19th at 7:30 P.M.  Sailors and power boaters are equally welcome to this pre-Cruise planning and get-acquainted session.



Harbormaster’s Report

This boating season is fast shaping up as the busiest ever in our bustling little anchorage.  The new floating section of dock on the launch ramp pier is working like a charm and was put into service not a season too soon.  Parking protocol is better than ever….everyone seems to have finally understood where to park with a trailer attached to their vehicle and where to park if it’s just the vehicle by itself.

Although it’s hard to admit it, we have arrived at mid-season.  Every skipper worthy of the title should shortly be doing a mid-season check on his mooring tackle, bridal and pennants to avoid later embarrassments and heartaches.  This is also a good time to check engine and bilge compartments for stress on thru-hull fittings, hose connections, oil and coolant levels, not to mention cleats, stays, anchor and dock lines.  Hurricane season is almost upon us…..need more be said?

It was necessary to send letters recently to parents of some children who were observed climbing and jumping on dinghies, catamarans and other private property in the harbor area.  Please be sure your youngsters are aware of the value of this kind of equipment and the dangers that are present in playing in a waterfront setting.



CICA Stickers

We are not at 100% yet, but there seems to be a measurable improvement in the use of resident’s stickers in “the Isle” as I write this.  For the very few who still insist they have valid reasons not to have stickers on their vehicles, (and I will admit that some of the reasons have merit for those individuals ) may I pass along this suggestion from one of our neighbors.  Break off the hook portion of a child’s plastic clothes hanger….stick one of our decals to the base of the hook and back it with a piece of paper or cardboard on the other side of the hanger.  Now you can display your resident’s decal by hanging it from the rearview mirror when on community


Other Committee Reports/Articles


New Chesapeake Isle Tractor

The Ford tractor that we described to you in great detail in the April newsletter has been purchased and was delivered to us on July 1st, just in time to be displayed at the Isle’s Fourth of July celebration.  It will be on display again during the Annual Meeting.  Although we were in a strong enough financial position to take a one-year no interest loan, the majority of the board voted for a five-year payment plan at a 7.9% interest rate, which includes a “no-penalty” pre-payment option.  This allows us greater financial flexibility for other projects that are deemed necessary or worthwhile…and there are always some on the horizon. (Please see related article on  Co-Operation Requested on Community-Mowed Properties)


A Heartfelt Thank You And Well Done To Some Good Neighbors

Several generous and community minded actions have been observed in the Isle lately, which we feel are more than worthy of our recognition.

We would like to congratulate Ron and Mary Holmes of Turkey Point Road for enduring several months of disruption and muddy conditions on their property by allowing the Howell Company access to the beach on that side of our community.  A dozen or so neighbors now have realized the benefits of a rip-rap breakwater to control shoreline erosion along the back of their properties.  With this privately-funded project now completed, we hope the memories of the inconvenience caused by truckload after truckload of material going right down the side of their home will quickly fade away.


The Board has accepted the generous contribution of Ward and Sue Keever to be used to build a deck shuffleboard court in the immediate area of the pavilion.  The man responsible for enforcement of the Bay Critical Area requirements has given this project his approval and the membership responded with an affirmative vote of 68 to 9.  Our thanks to the Keever’s for their community-mindedness.

Co-Operation Requested on Community-Mowed Properties

As we begin our next round of mowing on the undeveloped lots of Chesapeake Isle, all drivers who mow have been asked to keep a record of any spots they can no longer get to with the new tractor.  The new tractor cab requires a ten-foot clearance under branches in order to mow in a given location.  Although we have always requested this much clearance, we usually could get away with eight feet of clearance if the driver was careful not to hit his head.  If you should see an area on your lot that is not getting mowed, please bear with us as we will do the necessary overhead trimming just as soon as possible.  Should you decide to trim these areas yourself, we would appreciate it greatly, but ask that you store the trimmed branches on a corner of your lot until we can resume burning in the Fall. If you elect to take any trimmed branches to the landfill, that would really be appreciated.


Basketball Court Voting Results

We recently sent out letters and ballots to 201 eligible voters of the civic association asking for a concurrence or denial of the Board of Directors’ plan to put an asphalt basketball court in the beach recreation area directly between the volleyball court and the woods bordering the swamp near the playground equipment.  We received back 77 ballots (a 38% return ) with 58 in favor of the project and 18 opposed.  With a 75% approval rating of the ballots returned, the board will be moving ahead with this project as quickly as possible.  (Elsewhere in this newsletter, we reported that the deck shuffleboard court had an approval of 68-9 votes or 88% ).  As part of the July 6th board meeting, we toured the area to pin-point the exact proposed location, decided that it will probably be narrowed to 35 feet (or 40) instead of the originally planned 45 foot width and that green pigment will be included in the asphalt mix.


News From the Beach

The beach season is in full swing after a successful Fourth of July celebration.  Come on down and pitch some horseshoes, picnic and swim.  Regular beach volleyball will continue throughout the summer on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 6:30 PM

Some complaints from swimmers and sun-loving families have been received about watercraft encroaching too closely on the swim area and about jet skis being refueled and worked on mechanically in the swim beach vicinity.  No vessel should be moored to swim area marker barrels ever.  And if you’ve ever been in the water when there’s been a fuel spill, you know what an unpleasant sensation that is on your body.  Please do your mechanical work and refueling at the harbor beaches just north or south of the launch ramp pier.

Spring Cleanup Day was very successful, with a major “remodeling and refreshing” of the bath house interiors.  A concerted effort was made to clear as many medium-to-large size rocks off the bathing beach as possible, but they have since returned. 

Phil Tkacik has agreed to take over as “Beach Master”.


Chesapeake Isle’s Relay for Life A Huge Success!

Our very own “Chesapeake Islers Create Awareness” (CICA) led by Ed and Nancy Turner raised over $1,650 for the American Cancer society recently.  The team consisted of Neil & Barbara Barr, John & Anne Bates, Bud Easler, Les & Dotty Fritz, Rob & Anna Green, Jean Norona, Mike & Mimi Szep, the Turner’s, and Jim & Elaine Weber.  The entire county raised over $58,000 (against a goal of $40,000) most of which remains on the local level for education, testing, support groups, etc.

Our relay team did their community proud from the very first lap (the Cancer Survivor’s Lap), to the final lap on the following morning.  The lighting of the memorial luminaries at dusk was a very moving ceremony on the Elkton High School track.  The Turner’s had spent $100 of our collections on luminaries to honor the memory of Chesapeake Isler’s, their loved ones and friends who had lost their long, tough battles with cancer.  We hope they were there in spirit to see this magnificent effort.

Community Advertisements

For Sale—Lot T-8 located on Basin Drive and consisting of .458 acres, $40,000

Sale of this property is being handled for the owners by Mr. John Colton, The Colton Companies, 9001 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20903.  He can be contacted at (301)-434-7466