CICA Newsletter

October 20, 1999


President’s Message


Dear Fellow Property Owners,

It is my honor and privilege to be the president of the civic association for another term as we approach the new century.  It seems this would be an appropriate time to think back on how we got where we are as a community and to ask you where you think we should be going in the future.

It has now been ten years since the last survey was concluded in Chesapeake Isle.  Most of the items and issues identified as priorities in that survey have either been accomplished or addressed to some degree during the 1990’s.  That survey served as a chart for your Board of Directors during the last decade in their journey to make a better Chesapeake Isle.  Now it is time for a mid-course correction so that your board and your association can continue to go in the direction that you, the lot owners and residents of our community, want them to go.

Our survey will be found elsewhere in this newsletter.  It consists of a single two-sided page, but we encourage you to add as many additional pages as you wish to fully express your thoughts, concerns, dreams, ideas and gripes about our community.

The survey is being put in the hands of every property owner, whether they pay dues and take an active part in the association or not.  We would hope to receive a large response from a diverse and varied cross-section of the Isle.  Only in this way can we feel confident of the direction you want to go in the future.

Skip any items that have little interest or meaning for you and expand as much as you like on those that do interest you.  Surveys should be returned for tabulation by November 30th.  The results will be reported back to you in the next newsletter, which should go out in January, 2000.  Thanks for your input, interest and support.


                                                                                                            Les Fritz



Annual Dues Increase for 2000


The proposed increase in the annual dues of the association to $65.00 per year, which we outlined in the last newsletter, was passed unanimously by the general membership at the Annual Meeting.  The new annual dues amount will take effect January 1, 2000



Membership Report


There are presently 223 paid member families in your civic association.  We have 216 houses in the community and five more in the exempted section of Mason Lane.  The dues received from these good folks pay the lion’s share of the improvements and innovations you see around you in your neighborhood.  Won’t you please consider joining them for the betterment of our community?

C.I.C.A.  SURVEY  1999


Please feel free to add as many additional pages as you need.  Be sure to return the survey to CICA, PO Box 150, North East, MD 21901   Return by November 30, 1999


1.  In order of priority, the most pressing issues we must address.  (Use additional pages, if necessary)








2.  In order of priority, the improvements or additions you would most like to see to make Chesapeake Isle a better place to live, retire or raise a family.  (Use additional pages, if necessary)








3.  The current project to surface all of our gravel roads with asphalt millings is an excellent improvement to our community.      (Check one)


__Strongly agree     __Agree    __No opinion      __Disagree      __Strongly disagree





4.  We are presently considering a major project in the swim beach area in hopes of restoring our sandy beach and eliminating the river rocks that have gotten worse over the years.  The project could be expensive ( $10,000 or more ) and it will be somewhat of a gamble.  But, if successful, it could reverse an unsightly situation, make our beach fully useable again and increase our property values.  This would be an excellent project for the association to undertake.    (Check one)


__Strongly agree     __Agree    __No opinion      __Disagree      __Strongly disagree




Note::  The above is not a vote!!  If the Board should agree to go ahead with the above project, a detailed letter of explanation and an official ballot would have to be sent out to every property-owning member and a majority vote would be necessary to proceed

5.  Generally, I think the Association should spend a greater portion of its money on….





6.       Generally, I think the Association should spend less money on……..



7.       Given the amount of money available to the Board, I feel they do a fine job of allocating funds to the various areas of need.   (Check one)


__Strongly agree     __Agree    __No opinion      __Disagree      __Strongly disagree



8.      I have not been a regular paid member of the civic association in past years or am not currently a paid member, because……………...


9.       I would be willing to discuss the above with the President / Membership Chairman


                            _____  YES                                     _____  NO



10.  We are a self-help community and always in need of new volunteers with new ideas and ways of doing things.  What committees or projects would you be interested in joining or learning more about?





11.   The reason I am not an active volunteer at present is….




12.  I am usually in the community during the work day and would be available to assist for a short time if volunteer help was needed suddenly…..____YES          ____NO



13.  In the event of a major wind storm, snowfall or extended power outage, I have the following and would be willing to assist the board and my neighbors.


_____ Pick-up Truck                                          _____ 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

_____ Gasoline Generator                                   _____ Chain Saw

_____ Portable Pump                                          _____ Cellular Phone

_____ First-Aid Skills                                         _____ Specialized Equipment (list)


Any other comments you might care to make?      Thanks for participating!!



Fall Clean-Up Day A Huge Success


The scenario going into Fall Work Day was a rather bleak and daunting one.  Over 150 trees had been brought down in the Isle during the last storm and to make matters worse, a lot of our “old stand-bys” had other commitments and would be unavailable for this crucial volunteer effort.  To offset the loss of our old veterans we went to the phones and made a plea to all of the new, younger families…and they responded in splendid fashion!!  The county landfill allowed us the use of a dumpster and four major work crews were formed with about 18 chain saws and a dozen pick-up trucks and flatbed trailers.  By the time we ceased work for the potluck dinner at 1:00 pm, the great majority of the trees had been cut up into pieces small enough to handle, the dumpster was filled and all of the traditional season-ending jobs had been done, as well.  The county will continue to place the dumpster down here on as many week-ends as it takes to finish disposing of all the branches and brush.  We are suggesting that larger limbs and trunks be cut up and stacked by the side of the road so that people seeking firewood will take them.  Thanks to all that came out and helped on work day or one of the several other periods that were necessary.


Chesapeake Isle Cruise Week


1.      Our 1999 Cruise Week was a great success even though it was slightly delayed in getting started due to the visit of Hurricane Floyd.  Shatzi II (Bill and Karen Dryden), Imp (Barry Miller) and Little Kidd II (Les and Dotty Fritz) all departed Chesapeake Isle on Saturday, Sept. 18th. and met up again on Sunday night at the home of Steve and Barbara Sharkey on the Corsica River.  John and Ann Bates and Ed and Nancy Turner came by land routes to join us for a gracious evening and a delicious dinner.  On Monday, the Sharkeys, who were longtime residents of the Isle, joined our flotilla on Chimera, their sailboat.  We dropped anchor that night in the Rhode River where we were joined for one night by On Eagles Wings (Ward and Sue Keever) who hosted dinner and cocktails on their boat.  Then it was off to Solomon’s Island, the Tred Avon and Choptank Rivers and visits to ports of call like Oxford, Cambridge, and St. Michael’s.  The last night out was spent in Sillary Bay behind Dobbins Island in the Magothy River.  On Sunday, the 26th, it was back to our own little harbor on the Elk.  A lot of water had gone under our keels..a lot of sights had been seen…and though it’s always nice to get back home, we’ll be dreaming and planning for Cruise Week 2000 all through the winter lay-up.  Why not dream about it, too?


Welcome New Board Members


2.      At the Annual Meeting, the following residents of your community were elected to serve a three-year term as your representatives:  Barbara Barr, Ken Knapp, Mike Szep, Sr. and Art Wood.  We welcome them to the Board of Directors and wish them every success.




The New and Improved Chesapeake Isle Roads




Dry some sand & mix it with some water conditioning salt in a cardboard milk container.  Staple it shut and put it in your car for those slippery winter days!
The new road material we told you about last newsletter has been spread on most of our roads.  If your street didn’t get it yet, please be patient…it won’t take any longer than Spring to finish all roads.  The problem is mainly one of supply.  Our source did not want to sell anymore than we already received to any one customer this year.  We agree it’s a little bumpy in places (holds down the speed though, which continues to be 15MPH) but it has unquestionably answered the year’s of complaints about the dust.  If you are one of the folks who picked out the larger chunks in front of your house and made a pile of them, we would like to suggest you spread them out somewhere where they will do some good as they will eventually pack down.  More importantly, we don’t want our snowplowing people to hit a pile of these larger chunks hiding under a blanket of snow.







Building Boom Hits The Isle


By the time you read this newsletter, there will be several new homes under construction in our community.  We recently approved plans submitted for five more homes in Chesapeake Isle, three on Caldwell Road and two on Turkey Point Road.  This new construction at the very start of our new board year comes on top of five new homes and two major renovations last year.  We must still have that certain something that most of us saw here on our first journey to the Elk Neck peninsula!!


New C.I.C.A. Clothing Arrives


A new order of CICA shirts has arrived.  We currently have two styles of shirts for sale…

the regular white tee-shirt with the CICA logo on it and the new navy blue, collared shirts with CHESAPEAKE ISLE embroidered on them in white….very classy looking!!  These would make great Christmas gifts.  If interested, call Dotty Fritz ( 287-9010 ) for details.


Winter Boat Storage


It’s sad to say that the boating season is coming to a close.  We would like to remind you that boats should be stored for the winter at the back of your property.  Boats stored at the front of properties or on CICA right-of-ways are dangerous impediments to our snow removal operations and can present a problem for any neighbor driving by in icy conditions.  We will ask that they be moved to the rear of the lot even if they are already blocked or covered, so please store them in the right place at the outset.


Mooring Pull And Other Harbor Stuff


The date for mooring pull is Saturday, October 30th.  All boats should be off their moorings by that date so that the Harbor Committee can retrieve the moorings and get them ashore.  If you know you will be finished with your mooring earlier than that, please notify the harbormaster in the event they may want to pull some ahead of the regular date.  If you paid for delivery back to your lot and it hasn’t been done shortly after the above date, please visit the harbor area to see if the “Lot Tag” is missing off your rig and we haven’t been able to identify it.  All Hobie Cats, Sunfish, and moorings that owners were picking up themselves should be out of the harbor area for the winter no later than December 1st.


Good Neighbor Citations


·        A huge thank you to Frank Strimel for his many hours of grading and spreading the asphalt “millings” that were delivered during the hottest part of a drought-plagued summer.

·        A hearty “well done” to those who worked so hard to remove trees blocking our roads following the passing of Tropical Storm Floyd and for removing one from on top of a neighbor’s house.  Neil Barr, John Bates Fred Berkeihiser and Dick Ullman are not professional lumber-jacks, but they did a “Paul Bunyon-like” job for our community.

·        And, finally, a very personal thanks to Neil Barr, Ralph Scotney and Ken & Rosie Knapp for alert, thoughtful and exhaustive efforts to get my boat off the harbor beach on a falling tide after it broke loose due to a mooring failure.


Chesapeake Isle Emergency Preparedness


There are a lot of new people in the Isle these days who may not be aware of the special problems that can come up when you live out on the end of a peninsula over ten miles from the nearest town.  We don’t say this to scare you.  We are sure you probably gave more than a passing thought to living this far away from “civilization” when you considered purchasing or building here.  We are probably subject to more power outages and phone service interruptions than you may have been used to in past communities you’ve lived in.  And there will be times ( not too frequently ) when we are cut off briefly from town due to fallen trees or unplowed roads.  This due to there being only one road in and out.  Here are a few helpful hints to being prepared for these type of things in Chesapeake Isle so you can weather these minor inconveniences like a seasoned “pro”.

1.      Keep at least 10 or 12 gallons of water in the basement or garage in plastic milk or bleach containers for washing and flushing toilets.  [This would be just for a family of 2 or 3]

2.      If a major storm is approaching, put additional water in a bathtub and water for cooking and drinking in covered pots or picnic-style water containers

3.      Have a proper supply of good batteries and rotate them frequently so you will always have good ones in reserve.

4.      In addition to good flashlights, keep candles on hand and preferably something like a Coleman lantern, available from camping supply stores.

5.      A good alternative cooking source is nice to have….a two-burner Coleman camping stove or a gas or charcoal outdoor grill will prove useful.  [Make sure you keep reserve bottles of propane or a reserve propane tank for the grill on hand]

6.      Portable, battery operated radios or TV’s are nice, but remember they will use batteries up faster than flashlights will.

7.      If you don’t have a cellular phone yet, you may want to consider how helpful it could be in this situation.

8.      If you have enough advance warning of a sizeable storm, you may want to lower the settings on your food freezer even farther to make it last longer in a power outage.

9.      You might want to re-think your food buying habits to stay just a little bit farther ahead on basics like milk, bread, cereal, canned fish, peanut butter, pet food, etc.


If the recent remains of Hurricane Floyd caused you some inconvenience, learn from it and utilize these ideas and any others you can come up with so you will be ready for anything the coming winter may have in store for us.





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