Explosion 2: Mark Your Calendar for Clean-Up Day!

May 13, 2000



April 25, 2000


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President’s Message



Dear Fellow Property Owners,


My first year as your association president was marked by some long over-due capital improvements (and no small expenditure of funds that had accumulated over time)  I know I mentioned frequently how proud I was of that Board’s accomplishments.  Since we did spend as much as we did last fiscal year, we turned our attention this year to clarifying and reviewing some of our policies and practices. (Something that wouldn’t cost as much as last year’s “wish list”)  I would like to compliment this year’s Board for the outstanding job they have done in this task I set for them.


In earlier newsletters, we reported having looked into the issue of balloting procedures and wording; we also reported on our review of nominating procedures and electing people to the Board.


At several earlier meetings this year we examined our relationship and practices with regard to Mason Lane where one section is part of the Chesapeake Isle road plat, a second is privately owned by several lot owners (but maintained to a degree by us under an agreement dating back several years) and still a third part, the middle portion, has nothing at all to do with Chesapeake Isle.  Still, we encourage those folks to be “social members” of our association entitling them to all rights and benefits except holding office and voting.  We do our best to remove snow in that portion of Mason Lane as it is a neighborly thing to do since those five owners don’t have any plowing equipment.


Also under discussion at several meetings, was the practice…followed for many years…of burning branches, logs and tree trimmings (and a lot of not-so-desirable stuff dropped off by residents) on our bathing beach several times a year.  With the county now willing to provide a free dumpster whenever we request one to haul away most of this type of material, the Board has unanimously voted to do away with this practice from now on. We have not, at present, taken a stand on burning at the harbor, nor have we included “recreational” type beach party fires in this decision…… but the huge, almost unmanageable bonfires we have become accustomed to on work days have just become too “politically incorrect” in this day of trying to Save the Bay and our ecology.  We hope that all will see this as a good thing and take what we used to burn for them to the landfill from now on, although, we will certainly offer them dumpster space from time to time.


Membership Report


A larger-than-usual number of calls have come in this year asking whether dues notices had gone out yet, etc.  It seems highly likely that some dues notices may have blown out of mailing tubes with the great number of gusty, windy days we experienced in January.  I would like to suggest that residents of the Isle put a piece of duct tape or package tape across the rear opening of their mailing tube to minimize the chances of this happening.  In addition, we are going to return to something we did for awhile just a few years back….all dues letters, invoices and boat registration forms will be mailed out in future years whether the recipient lives in or out of Chesapeake Isle.  In any case, please be aware that 2000 dues are now past due.  If you are amongst the missing, please make a note to yourself to send them in just as soon as possible.  As of April 15th, we had 188 paid families in the association.


Progressive Dinner


Our Y2K Progressive Dinner went off without a hitch on Saturday evening, March 24th.  Beginning at sunset, cocktails and hors d’ouvres were enjoyed by about forty attendees at the home of Karen and Bill Dryden.  During the cocktail hour, straws were drawn for the main course and we split up for sit-down dinners at the homes of Barbara & Neil Barr, Audrey & Jack Buck, Arline & Ira Dolich and Erika & Dick Ullman.  Following four very successful dinner parties, we all came together again at the home of Edie and Sal Tulumello for some exotic, erotic, eye-catching, stomach-stretching pastries and deserts. A well-earned “thank you” to the dedicated committee for this event…Karen Dryden, Barbara Barr, Elaine Weber and Dotty Fritz..  We can hardly wait until next year!!


September Fleet Week


In the next newsletter (July) we will have information for you about our annual Chesapeake Isle sailing and cruising adventure, including a date and location for our pre-cruise planning meeting.  If you have ever dreamed of going out for a whole week of sailing, sightseeing and gunkholing, please reserve the week of September 16 – 24 on your vacation schedule and watch for our next notice to navigators.


Deepening of the C & D Canal


We are bombarded lately with newspaper stories, editorials and letters to the editor on the current proposal to deepen the C & D Canal.  This is certainly an issue in which every one of us who live along it should be intensely interested and concerned.  Fred Keith of Cliffview Drive is a member of a group formed to try to stop the deepening and the negative effects they feel it would have on our waterway.  Contact him if you have questions or concerns on this issue….or check out a website that has very good current information…http://www.elkforest.com/.  The more you know and the better informed you remain, the better you can make your views known to your representatives.





A Fond Farewell To Some Folks Who Will Be Missed


We recently lost a few of our Chesapeake Isle neighbors and will miss exchanging a friendly wave with them as we walk or drive the roads of our little community.  Bill McElwee of Arden road was a summer and week-end visitor to the Isle for almost twenty years and enjoyed boating and the Bay.  There was never a year he didn’t belong to our civic association.  Bill passed away several months ago and our condolences are extended to Dorothy and her family.   Fannie Hocke, who lived just two houses from him also passed away just since our last newsletter.  You could often see her riding down to the harbor in the evening with her daughter and son-in-law, Joni and Gerry Burkhart, in their golf cart. We are sorry for their loss, as well.  Less than a month ago, we were saddened to learn of the death of Dot Bofinger, a long time resident of Chesapeake Isle.  Dot was a staunch supporter of the association and attended many of our social events.  We know how much Bill will miss his “shipmate” and boating companion of almost fifty years.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved-ones of these three good people, who chose to live a portion of their lives with us beside the Bay


Nominating Committee


At the April 11th meeting of the Board of Directors, a nominating committee was formed to begin a search for candidates to stand for election at the Annual Meeting in August. Four members must be elected for a three-year term to replace those who are about to complete their terms in office.  If you are interested in running for one of the seats being vacated….or, if you would like to suggest someone for the committee to approach,  please contact the president or one of the following committee members:  Art Wood, chairman (287-0128)…Ken Knapp (287-0162)… Mike Szep, Sr. (287-5618)…or Dave Byler (287-2106 – weekends)



Bath House Keys


If you are one of the several dozen folks who paid for bath house keys when sending in your 2000 dues invoices, you will find your key for this beach season attached here in the April newsletter.  Please keep in mind that your key will not work in the locks currently on the bath house doors. However, they will work on the locks we will put on those doors on Spring Work Day….after the bath houses are serviced and the water turned on.  Please be sure to close and re-lock the doors whenever using the bath house during the beach season.


Bathing Beach Project Developments


We have received the recommended plan of action from Mr.Dick Luttrell calling for two stone groins or jetties along with all of the necessary paperwork filled out for our permit applications.  These have been sent off to the proper agencies and we just received a letter that the “notice to interested parties” will be advertised shortly in the local newspaper.  If you should see that advertisement among the wills, tax sales, probate notices, etc…..you will now know what that is about. 

Please be aware that Elk Neck State Park will also be running a public advertisement shortly concerning some dredging of the Rogue’s Harbor boat launching area that they want to undertake.  That will probably take place in late summer or fall of this year.


Baby Sitting Committee


At a recent Social Committee meeting, the subject of babysitters…or lack thereof…was mentioned as one reason some of our younger couples (with young children) cannot attend any of our social activities.  We are going to look into this matter as best we can to see if we can find any workable solutions.  If any of the following situations or conditions describes you, please contact Jackie Lyons (287-0869) as she has volunteered to co-ordinate this activity.

1.        I would be interested in earning money as a baby-sitter in our community.

2.       I would seriously consider volunteering myself as an occasional sitter, so that some of our younger couples could attend civic association social/work events.

3.       As parents with young children ourselves, we would be interested in exploring the possibility of forming a baby-sitting “pool” or bank, where we could mutually share babysitting responsibilities and benefits with other young couples in the Isle.


Annual Spring Dinner


On Saturday evening, April 8th, the civic association held it’s Spring Dinner at the Bayou Restaurant in Havre d Grace.  There were 67 people in attendance for this biggest night of the year on our annual social calendar and an extremely good time was had by all of them.  As always, one of the evening’s highlights was the presentation of the awards for Woman of the Year and Man of the Year.


Barry Miller was honored as Man of the Year. A former board member, who served as president and treasurer during his term on the board, he is a long time member of the Town Watch committee and was instrumental in starting that activity in the early 90’s.  He has been chairman of the Architectural Review Committee for eight years and, most recently, was an early innovator of the e-mail/computer website committee by suggesting we start a data bank of e-mail addresses.  The present committee with John Reber and Andrea Gilde took off from that original idea.


Karen Dryden, a former Chairperson and 10-year member of the Social Committee, was named the Woman of the Year.  She has chaired the Annual Spring Dinner, the Progressive Dinner and the December Wine and Cheese Party and has volunteered her home for these kinds of social events on several occasions.  Karen is a long-time member of the Town Watch patrol and the primary source of coffee and donuts for any kind of work activity going on at the harbor.


Our thanks to the Dinner Committee chairperson, Gwen Smith, along with Sue Seeley and Donna Hinkle for an outstanding job and fun evening. Some great door prizes were donated by The Howling Coyote, The 5 & 10 Antique Market, Conservancy Framers and Where Butterflies Bloom:  all North East businesses that we should keep in mind when shopping in town.  Of particular note was a lighthouse wallhanging donated in memory of Betty Zielke by her daughter and son-in-law.  In all, a great evening!!


Some GOOD Gasoline News


Amidst all the bad stories about gasoline these days…higher pump prices, expected lower supply by summer, etc…I was pleasantly surprised with some good news for Chesapeake Isle power boaters that I learned just the other day.  Rogue’s Harbor now has fuel at the pier for powerboats; in fact, this will be their second season.  (In the past, you could get a few gallons in a can for outboard motor use, but that was it)  Gary Burnett, our ranger/manager of Elk Neck State Park, informs me that big power boats now have the ability to fuel up there.  The gas pump has been moved from the storage yard down to the shoreline at the very start of their pier and a 50-foot long retractable fuel line has been added.  No more having to run up the Bohemia River and back to prepare for a weekend cruise…unless that’s where you were cruising anyway.


Fourth of July Preparations To Start Soon


It is now time to begin planning for our annual Fourth of July celebration.  Volunteers are needed, as always, to begin the early planning phase of this year’s activities.  Please call Tom Cobley (410-287-6358 ) at your earliest opportunity if you will be able to help.  Tom informs us that an initial planning meeting will be held at his home on May 23rd at 7:30 P.M.


For Sale               For Sale               ForSale


As a favor to our paid members, we will advertise their services and items for sale in our newsletters free of charge.


·         For Sale:  20’ Lowes Pontoon Boat…..40 hp Evinrude outboard motor, depthfinder,     canopy….trailer.  Good Condition.  $6,500 obo.  1-703-369-3322   ……. To see, call Tom Cobley at 410-287-6358

·         For Sale:   1991 Craftsman II  Riding Mower....12.5 hp engine….6-speed… headlights… 38 inch cut…..w/bagger……garage kept.    $800 obo 

·         Tillman Mason…143 Bennett Avenue

·         Chesapeake Isle Fax Service:  Use our fax as your own.  Fully dedicated fax line all the time.…410-287-5059…..Call Les or Dotty Fritz at 410-287-9010….Our recent problems have been solved – We have a brand new machine!!  
Incoming rate:  $1.00 / page ….Outgoing rate:  $3.00 / first page;  $1.00 / each additional page….coast to coast  USA

·         The civic association may shortly be in need of a replacement refrigerator for the pavilion kitchen.  What we have seems to be on its last legs.  If you have one with some useful life on it, and are considering buying a new one, please think about a donation to us.  The refrigerator needs to be no more than 31” wide.


Chesapeake Isle Logo Clothing


It’s change of season time.  Time to replace that old Chesapeake Isle T-shirt you wore when you painted your boat bottom.  Time to buy a logo polo shirt for Harbor Nights or the Annual Meeting or a new ball cap for crabbing or fishing.  Call Dotty Fritz for current available items and sizes in stock. (410-287-9010)




$11 (XXL)

Polo Shirts (w/collars)


$20 (XXL)



$17 (XXL)

Jackets (Lined)



Baseball Caps





Jacob’s Nose Erosion Problem


We are experiencing some very bad problem areas on the Jacob’s Nose cliff face.  We intend to address them as best we can in the very near future, but we find it necessary to immediately seek the co-operation of our residents, and particularly, those who are fisherman.  We MUST keep foot traffic off of that cliff-face!!  It kills the grass and vegetation and worsens erosion, especially when heavy rains come after the foot paths have been worn to bare earth.  We know that fishermen going down to the rip-rap at the base are the primary offenders and we ask for their co-operation in parking at the bathing beach parking lot and walking out the top of the rip-rap from there instead of going up and down the cliff.  We are also asking all interested residents to report trespassers parked at that spot without CICA stickers to the authorities. We intend to attack the problem with transplanted sod and vegetation seed netting very shortly.


Who’s Dumping On His Neighbor?


An e-mail was received this month to inform us that someone was dumping clippings and trash on a property-owner’s undeveloped lot on Arden Road.  I realized that we have had this type of complaint before just within the year on two other roads and we had never said anything about it.  We are doing so now.  If you observe somebody disposing of trash, tree trimmings or grass clippings on a lot other than their own, please report the particulars to a board member of your choice.  Please do the same if you see somebody leaving household or “week-end” trash at the harbor or bathing beach trash receptacles.

That is not their function or reason for being there.


Lawn Mowers . . . . Are They An Endangered Species?


Do you have a mower that doesn’t work?  I don’t mean the piece of equipment that can be so temperamental to get started or keep running.  I’m referring to the person who pushes it or rides on it, who is often found these days with a finger stuck to a Nintendo game button or browsing the web or watching TV.

We have had a growing number of requests from people wanting to know if any of our community youngsters mow lawns?  The only name we ever have to provide them with is Allan Embon (287- 8909)  If there are any others in the Isle who would like to be listed as potential lawn mowers  ( See related article on Baby-Sitting ) please notify the Membership Chairman, Les Fritz  (287-9010) and we will be happy to list your name.


Survey Results


The association received forty-six responses to the survey sent out in the Fall newsletter.  This represented a response rate of 15% of all lot owners.  The major concern of respondents was the swim beach and doing something to save it.  90% favored the restoration project currently under study by the board.

Over 90% favored the current use of asphalt millings on our roads, but there were also numerous complaints about the bumpy conditions.

Rather than take up a lot of space in this newsletter to present the full results and suggestions, we are going to post the full report on the Chesapeake Isle web-site for those with “on line” capability…and also put full text of the report on both bulletin boards in the community, one at the pavilion and one at the harbor.  If anyone still finds that a hardship to check out and are interested in the full results, contact the Membership chair, Les Fritz (287-9010) and it will be mailed to you on request.  The website for our community is www.chesapeakeisle.org


Relay For Life


Please save two very important dates!  On May 20th, the Chesapeake Isle Relay for Life team plans a flea market as our principal fund raiser toward our team’s $1000 contribution.  Items to be sold can be dropped off at Turner’s shed on 5/18 (evening) and all day 5/19.  Address is 175 Rolling Ave., the shed is in the side yard.  The sale will either be at North East VFW or at the auction on Rt. 40.  Watch the community entrance sign for location confirmation.  All unsold items will be donated to an outreach program.

The second date concerns the Relay for Life itself.  This year’s celebration of life will occur on Fri., June 2nd and Sat. June 3rd at the Elkton High School track.  Opening ceremonies begin at 6:00 p.m. followed by the Survivor’s Lap.  We have at least six neighbors participating in that lap and all cancer survivors are welcomed to join us.  The luminary ceremony I honor of those battling cancer and in memory of those who have passed away takes place at dusk.  Last year our team voted to buy 10 luminaries in memory of neighbors who have died.  We will do the same this year, but all of you are welcomed to buy individual candles for family & friends.  Members of the team and visitors will walk the track until closing ceremonies on Sat. at 11 a.m.  Last year’s event raised $59,000.  Chesapeake Isle’s team raised over $2400.  Can we do better this year?  All team members will be happy to accept contributions and they have forms for the luminaries.  Our neighborhood team invites the whole neighborhood to join us in our celebration of life.  Come and visit, walk a lap, enjoy the entertainment, obtain educational materials, dance with the kids, share some fellowship.




DATE:             FRIDAY, June 16, 2000

TIME:              7:00 pm til dark

PLACE:           On the dock at the harbor

CONTACT:     Sue Seeley 410-287-0025


We are planning an evening of socializing for adults only, down on the

dock, at the harbor.  Bring a light snack or a finger food and your favorite wine or other beverage to share.  This was one of our best events last year so don't miss it!  Ice, paper goods, and sodas will be provided.


NEXT HARBOR NITE: Friday, JULY 21, 2000.  Same drill as above.

Please NO DOGS




We are compiling a list of available babysitters in the Isle.  If you would like your name included on this list call Sue Seeley 410-287-0025.  If anyone has any experience in babysitting co-ops or clubs let me know.  When we have a list available, it will be distributed throughout the community in your CICA tubes.  Parents we need your input on this issue.


The Progressive Dinner was another success again this year.  Thanks to Karen Dryden and Barbara Barr for chairing this activity and to all who shared their homes for the different courses.



Thanks to Chris Ann Szep for organizing the

Easter Egg Hunt, and to all of her helpers.





DATE:         Saturday, May 13, 2000

TIME:         8:30 am

PLACE:       Pavilion (for assignments)


Spring is finally here, and it's time to spruce up our community for the summer season.  Bring your shovels, rakes, gloves, trash bags, etc., (marked with your name) and help pitch in.



TIME:       1:00 PM


Our covered dish social will follow the clean-up.  The social committee will provide the meat for the main course, sodas, and beer.  Disposable place settings will also be provided.

Please- bring a covered dish of your choice or a dessert, enough to feed

8-10 persons.

Come out and join us, it's a great way to meet new property owners and get reacquainted with old friends.  We need your help!




DATE:             Saturday, June 10, 2000     (Note New Date)

TIME:              10:00 am to Noon

PLACE:           Pavilion

CONTACT:     Anna Green       410-287-7436


Come welcome our newest residents and see some old familiar faces.  Bring your favorite brunch dish, enough to feed 6-8 people.

Coffee, tea, and orange juice will be served by the Social Committee.

If you have any questions or wish to RSVP, give Anna a call.



The next social committee meeting will be on May 8, 2000, at 7:30 pm at the pavilion.  All CICA members are welcome.  We welcome your input and ideas.  Call Sue Seeley 410-287-0025.