Cloud Callout: Don’t Forget the Annual Meeting

August 27, 2000
3:00 p.m.





July 18, 2000



President’s Message



Dear Fellow Property Owners,


As we begin the final month of my three-year term as a Director, I can’t help looking back with some pride at what has been accomplished during this three-year period in the history of your civic association.  Each successive board has risen to the challenge of planning and carrying out projects and programs that were enhancements to life here in Chesapeake Isle.  Maintenance and renovations have been high on each board’s agenda, as have exciting new and ambitious undertakings on behalf of our membership…as well as those who continue to choose not to be members.  They, too, are benefactors of all the plans, projects and improvements paid for by the membership.


I was very proud to have been the President of your association for the last two years of my term and want each of you to know how much I truly enjoyed it.  Every property owner and resident should seriously consider serving his or her neighbors at some time during their habitation here…particularly the “younger” folks.  It’s an experience you will not soon forget….and you will get to know a lot more about “the Isle” than you would have ever imagined.  Please think about serving your community, as have the nominees named elsewhere in this newsletter, who will run for the board at the Annual Meeting on August 27th.


We have seen a dozen new homes built in the Isle in the past year with twenty new families arriving…that should be proof to all that Chesapeake Isle still sends out it’s siren’s call to those looking for a unique and different place to live and raise a family. Although I look forward to a period of being “off the board” for a while… with more time for Dot and family, gardening and boating…I will continue as Membership Chairman and will help out in any way I can with these quarterly newsletters.  I don’t believe anybody should ever fully retire from service to this magnificent community. I thank you all for your past kindness, support and encouragement, and your efforts on behalf of our community.                            

                                                                     Best Regards,

                                                                                                Les Fritz




Lost And Found Department

Two watches were turned in to the President in the past two or three weeks after both of them were found in the harbor area on separate occasions.  If you lost or have misplaced a watch…and think it may have been at our harbor… please contact Les Fritz with a brief description of your item (410-287-9010)


Annual Meeting and Election of Directors


The by-laws of the civic association mandate that the annual meeting shall be held on the 4th Sunday of August each year.  This year’s Annual Meeting will be called to order at our beach pavilion at 3:00 P.M. on August 27th.  A covered dish social will follow the meeting as usual.  Please see the Social Committee section of this newsletter for more details regarding the covered dish event.  Also note a related article on the Nominating Committee’s proposed candidates for the Board of Directors, which we will vote on during the meeting.


Harbor News


Many of our regular boaters got a late start this season for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was some bad early season weather.  But, believe it or not, your mooring and tackle will have been out there for half of the season by the time you are reading this article.  A little preventive maintenance and inspection of lines, splices, shackles, wires, etc. on your mooring rig could allow you to breathe a little easier for the second half of the boating season.  It’s the kind of thing a prudent skipper does!!


We have observed too many instances this season of people launching boats that wouldn’t start or were missing equipment or where just inept seamanship tied up the ramp and pier for other boaters waiting to launch or recover.  Please be prepared to get away smartly when you come to the pier whether returning from an outing or launching to go out for a cruise.  A skipper who shows no courtesy at a busy pier or ramp either doesn’t know much about boating or is just plain ignorant of the rules of boating courtesy.  Have some concern for your neighbor, please….and offer him your assistance if he seems to have his hands full.


One sure way of showing courtesy is to observe the 5MPH speed restriction throughout the entire harbor area.  This limit applies to every type of watercraft, including jet skis.  We would appreciate everyone observing this NO WAKE speed limit.


Thanks to All Our Neighbors

From Peter & Jonah Goodwin


Nominating Committee Report


The Nominating Committee has reported the following slate of candidates to run for election to the Board of Directors at the August 27th Annual Meeting.  The four highest vote-getters will be elected to a three-year term on the board.


               Dave Byler                                Andrea Gilde                         Verne Orndorff

               Tom Cobley                               Harry Hite                             John Reber


Your dues for 2000 must be paid by the time of the meeting if you intend to cast a ballot for any of these candidates.  Elsewhere in this newsletter is an up-to-date list of all property-owners who we have on record as “paid” at the time this newsletter went to the printer.  If you disagree with our listing…… or, if you would like to pay your dues and be eligible to vote… please contact the Membership Chairman as soon as possible.



A Tremendous Fourth of July Success


Once again a huge, hard-working committee, spearheaded by Tom and Ginny Cobley, did a bang-up job on Chesapeake Isle’s Independence Day celebration.  We had the largest attendance ever…..over 200 people.  The beach was buzzing with sun worshipers and swimmers all day long.  From the decorated bicycle parade to the final volleyball match, with horseshoes, tug-of-war, pie eating contests and silent auctions in between, there was something for everyone along with music from a DJ and plenty of good food (which sold out right at the end)  We look forward to next year’s event and hope all of our crafter friends did well and will be back again.



Membership Report


As of the July 10th board meeting, we had 228 paid member families in the association.  That number puts us about 6 weeks ahead of last year, when we reported a total of 225 members for the year at the Annual Meeting, the fourth week of August.  I think we may still have another five to ten members by this year’s Annual Meeting.



September’s Fleet Week Cruise Set To Cast Off   


The annual Chesapeake Isle cruise to famous and exotic Chesapeake Bay ports of call is almost upon us once again.  This very popular, week-long event will take place this year from September 16th to September 24th and all sailors and power boaters are invited to join us for camaraderie and adventure for all or part of that week.  If you would like to know more about this much-anticipated annual voyage, please mark your calendar for August 24th  when a pre-cruise planning meeting will be held at the home of Bill and Karen Dryden at 7:30 P.M.



Jacob’s Nose Erosion Control Project


Our thanks to all who co-operated…. especially the fisherman… by staying off the Jacob’s Nose cliff face as we requested in our last newsletter.  A hand –picked crew of “mountain farmers” successfully placed vegetation netting on the worst of the erosion spots on the cliff.  So far the vegetation mats seem to be working and new growth has been observed.  Please continue to stay off this fragile piece of real estate so that we can get bigger and better plants and shrubs established there.




Basketball Court Dilemma


The basketball court has been in use now for just about a year and all indications are that it is being used for a variety of activities by our children and young adults on almost a daily basis.  We have not received any complaints about the things that most concerned people when we were voting on the project…attracting unsavory outsiders, loud noise or music blasting, vandalism or bad language.  For that we are most happy and continue to keep our fingers crossed.


Unfortunately, one of the things we promised to do…paint or coat the court with a green finish to minimize its impact on the area… has not looked feasible based on our investigations to date.  The cost has proven to be higher than we expected and the folks we have contacted for “expert” advice  ( Park and Education officials ) have not been very enthusiastic about our chances for success with a coated surface if we are going to allow multiple uses such as roller-blading, hockey, etc. as well as basketball.  At our July meeting of the Board, we had a ‘lively’ discussion about going back on our promise to the community followed by a motion not to paint or coat the court.  This motion passed by a margin of 6 to 3 and that is where the project stands right now.  Undoubtedly, we will hear more on this at the Annual Meeting.



Bathing Beach Erosion Control Project

It’s hard to believe we have been investigating this project designed to stop the loss of sand on our bathing beach and prevent the proliferation of river rocks for slightly over a year now, but that is how long it’s been.  A large and energetic committee has been doing everything possible to keep this project “moving along” but the progress has been slow and methodical despite their best intentions.


The design plan engineered for us by Mr. Dick Luttrell has recently been approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment and a wetlands permit has been issued to us.  By the time you are reading this, letters will have been sent out to several recommended companies who do this kind of shoreline work, requesting their competitive bids on such a project.


Hopefully, at the Annual Meeting, we will be in a position to give the membership the bidding information and some thoughts on possible ways of financing the cost of the project.  Until such time as the costs involved might “dash all of our hopes and plans”, the Board continues to be in favor of this proposal and continues to feel that if we don’t do something positive to address the problem, it will only continue to get worse!! 



Community Advertisements


As a favor to our paid members, we will advertise their services and items for sale in our newsletters free of charge.


Y   For Sale:          14 Ft. Hobie Cat with Jib

         1987 Mercury Grand Marquis

                                    Contact.................................... Mike Szep at (410) 287-5618

P     For Sale:          1979 Bristol 27.7 Sail Boat……… 15 HP Diesel inboard

This boat is in good sailing condition……… Needs cabinetry work............... $9,500.00

                                    Contact............... Joan and Jack Ferrick    410-287-8595

Y   For Sale:          1996 Hyundai Accent……Mint condition, only 30,000 miles.

New tires, 5 speed, sunroof, am/fm cassette and spoiler......................... Only $4995

                        Contact............................................................ Karen Lewis  410-287-3398

c   Home Interiors – Do you want decorations for your home or love candles?  Do you want to shop without leaving your home?  Home Interiors has a way to help you with that and to get these things for free or at 55% off the regular price.  Clearance sale August 17th, 2000.  7-9 p.m.  10-40% off items.  Door prizes will be drawn.  Come and bring a friend.  RSVP by August 13, 2000.

                        Contact.................................................. Melissa Polonsky  410-287-0956

c   Pretty Posies—Keep your cherished memories. Specializing in antique silk flowers.  Casual to elegant…Victorian nosegays, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages

                        Contact............................................................ Gwen Smith  410-287-9002


Baby-Sitters and Lawn-Mowers


In response to our search for baby-sitters or lawn-mowers, we have the following names to offer at this time.  We will announce more, as we receive them, in future newsletters.            


 Lawn Mowers:              Roger LaLonde              Age 15                          410-287-4845

                                    Joshua Groves              Age 13                          410-287-7599


 Baby Sitters:               Katy LaLonde                Age 14                          410-287-4845


In addition, there are two families, so far, willing to form a babysitting “pool”.  If you want to add a person to the above list or need more information, please call Jackie Lyons at 410-287-0869



CPR Training

We are planning a CPR training class for the fall.  Contact Jackie Lyons at 410-287-0869 if you are interested or for more information.



Would You Like To Get Your Next Newsletter On-Line?


We have developed a system in which those of you who want to receive newsletters, notices, etc., via email can do so.  You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to the list at any time.  CICA cannot do this for you.


To subscribe to the CICA email list, send an email to the following address:


In the body of the message (not the SUBJECT area) type the following:


subscribe cica


Use all lowercase letters.  Then send the message.  You will get a message back that will tell you it is going to the list owner for approval.  Later, you will receive an approval.  That’s it!


To take yourself off the list, go to the same email address and type


unsubscribe cica


When the CICA list is used, the messages & documents sent will go out to every member on the list.  For individual emails, use the personal email list.  If you want to send an email to everyone on the CICA list, send it to







DATE:              SUNDAY, August 27, 2000

PLACE:             Pavilion

TIME:              Meeting - 3:00pm

                        Covered Dish Social at 5:00pm


As summer winds down, it's time for our annual meeting and elections.  The meeting is at 3:00pm and will be followed by a covered dish social at 5:00pm.  Main dish (meat), soda and beer will be provided by the social committee.

Please bring a covered dish, enough to feed 8-10 people.  See you there!




DATE:                 Saturday, September 30, 2000

TIME:                 9:00am for work assignments, 1:00pm for Covered dish social

PLACE:                Pavilion

CONTACT:            Sue Seeley 287-0025


Summer has come to an end and it's time to clean-up after all the sun & fun of the season.

Bring your tools, marked with your name, and help pitch in.


Chesapeake Isle is a self-help community and we need everyone to pitch in and do their fair share.  We will appreciate any time you can give, no matter how small.


A covered dish social will follow at 1:00pm.  Hot dogs, soda & beer will be provided by the CICA social committee.  Bring your favorite dish or dessert, enough to feed 8-10 people.



NEXT SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEETING: August 21, 2000 at the pavilion, 7:30pm. 

All CICA members welcome.



August 18, 2000 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

September 1, 2000 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Bring your favorite wine and an hors d' oeuvre, and join us for a lovely evening down at the harbor.  Beer, soda & paper goods provided by the social committee.  Don't miss one of our best events. (No dogs, please.)



The social committee is looking for a Halloween Party chairperson, and also a Host and/or Hostess for our Annual Wine & Cheese Social on December 3, 2000.  Please call Sue Seeley at 287-0025 if you have any questions or would like to volunteer.