C.I.C.A.  Newsletter

January 19, 2001


President’s Message


Dear fellow-members and property owners,


Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a very enjoyable holiday season.  It’s hard to believe that another year has passed.  As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.  I must be having a lot of fun!  Anyone know where 2000 went?  Before we know it, it will be time for Spring Clean-up and another boating season.


As I reported to you in November, the beach erosion control project was approved and is scheduled to begin in mid-January … weather permitting.  I recently talked with our contractor and he is still on schedule.  Hopefully, we will continue to dodge large snow-storms and stay on schedule.  The contributions that were pledged for the project have been coming in nicely.  As of January 5th, we have received $4,475.  If you have pledged a donation or would like to make one, please send your check as soon as you are able.  If all pledges are received before the end of January we should be able to avoid taking any of the bank loan.  Thank you for your support for this worthwhile project.


By the time this newsletter arrives you should have received your 2001 dues invoice.  Your timely response will be greatly appreciated.  To maintain Chesapeake Isle in the manner that we have come to expect, we need your continuing participation as a dues-paying member as well as your help on work- days and other community projects.  Chesapeake Isle will only be as good as we make it.  The year 2000 was a record year for family memberships.  Let’s make 2001 another record year.


I hope to see you all at the Progressive Dinner or at the Spring Awards Dinner.  Hang in there ... Spring is right around the corner.


                                                                                        Yours truly,

                                                                                                        Art Wood



Annual Invoices and Boating Registration Forms


You should have received your 2001 membership dues letter within the past week or so.  The boating form requesting information for the harbormaster was also included, as it traditionally is, in that mailing.  Please return the forms and your check as soon as possible.  Your timely response with regard to the boating form would be especially appreciated by your harbormaster and his committee as they have much planning to do in a few short weeks.



For Sale Notices


Lot L-5 on the south side of Racine Road is being offered for sale at $43,000 by the owner.  If you are interested in a nice building lot in Chesapeake Isle, contact Cindy Ward, 45 North East Isles Drive, North East, MD 21901 for details. You may contact her by phone at 410-287-7555 or on the internet at cward@ccps.org 


Telemarketer Up-Date


In the October newsletter, we informed you of an obnoxious, overly-aggressive telemarketer who had contacted several residents of the Isle and upset them with his harassing canvassing style.  It was a concern of some that he had a copy of our address and telephone directory from which he was working.  We are pleased to report that we have been able to identify him, his service and his source of information in Chesapeake Isle.  There should be no further calls of this nature from this business person.

The resident who supplied him with the directory has been confronted by one of the parties he harassed.  In the interest of community unity, no further action is being taken on the subject.  We would like to remind all property-owners and residents once again, however, that the address/telephone directory is intended for their personal use and convenience …  and that of their family.  It is not to be sold or given to persons or businesses outside of the Isle. Thanks for your cooperation in this regard.



Beach Revitalization and Erosion Control Project To Start Soon


The project to build two 100 foot long jetties on our bathing beach is either underway as you read this newsletter or is going to be within a few more days.  Truckloads of large stones which will be used in the jetties will be coming through Chesapeake Isle on their way to the construction site.  It is our understanding from the contractor that the one thing that will slow him down is snow so we are hoping for a little co-operation from Mother Nature.


Christmas Activities A Big Success


We are pleased to report our three big social activities of the holiday season were as successful as usual. The Wine and Cheese Party was held on the first Sunday of December at the home of Dick and Erika Ullman.  Their unbelievable collection of Santa Claus’ were right in the spirit of the coming Christmas season and were greatly admired and commented upon by the 65 or so folks who attended.  A bounteous selection of wines was complemented by a variety of cheeses, hors d’ouvres, snacks and the like. A great time was had by all.  Our thanks to our hosts and also to the co-chairs, Anne Bates and Karen Dryden.

On the Saturday night before Christmas, a spirited and fun-filled group of Chesapeake Islers of all ages gathered at the pavilion to join in caroling-in the Yule season.  It was a cold, dark and storm-threatened night, but we raised our songs of good tidings, sleigh bells and red-nosed reindeers with gusto and good fellowship … if a bit short on musical accomplishment.  As usual, we were led in the endeavor by Tom Cobley, our neighborly choirmaster.  Then we warmed up on four kinds of homemade soups, hot cocoa, cookies, brownies and other good stuff. We have Joan Ferrick and Jackie Lyons to thank for chairing this heart-warming bit of pre-Christmas good cheer.

Before we knew it, Christmas Eve was upon us and Santa made some special pre-bedtime visits to some Chesapeake Isle homes that requested them.  Santa brought candy canes , gifts and season’s greetings to about 30 boys and girls in fourteen of our neighborhood homes and patiently provided “photo ops” for good little parents and grand-parents who had their cameras ready.



Harbor News

Please keep in mind that mooring pick-up and inspection will be on March 24th this year.  If you need new chain, shackles, swivels or mooring lines, now is the time to get them and make sure your entire mooring “rig” is in tip-top shape before the waterfront crew comes for your mooring.  There is nothing more disappointing to the harbor roustabouts than to find your mooring in exactly the same place they placed it last fall with stiff, dried out pick-up lines, rusted out chains and shackles and marginal looking swivels and snap hooks.  Their primary concern in the spring is your safety and the protection of the investment you have in your boat.  Shouldn’t you be as concerned about it as they are? 


While on the subject of maintenance and the investment you have in your boat, we can’t help mentioning how many boats in the Isle seem to be stored on trailers without any sort of winter covers and in many cases with summer “canvas” and aluminum bimini-type frames in place.  Not only will the sun’s UV rays do a job on your uncovered canvas, fiberglass finish and trailer tires, but a heavy, wet snowfall of any considerable depth may collapse that aluminum framework like it was made out of coat hangers.  Good storage practices can add years of serviceable life to your yacht.  January may be awfully late to be talking about winterizing or boat storage, but there is still a lot of weeks of potential snow or ice left before we re-commission these wonderful toys.  Why take a gamble??


Sunshine Club


Chesapeake Isle doesn’t have a “Sunshine Club” per se, but word has reached the membership chairman of two of our neighbors who are currently in assisted-living situations.  I would like to furnish their names and addresses here and invite any Chesapeake Isler who could, to drop these neighbors a card or note of cheer.


                                                                        Francis Donnelly        F-2                                 Woodrow Starks

                                                                        Alterra Wynwood of Newark                           Laurelwood Center

                                                                        501 So. Harmony Road                                    100 Laurel Drive

                                                                        Newark, DE  19713                                         Elkton, MD  21921


I’m sure Fran or Woody would appreciate a note or card from a neighbor or two.




Some Sad News To Report


Following a lengthy illness, Frank Embon passed away since our last newsletter.  He was a very long-time resident of Chesapeake Isle who could often be seen chipping golf balls around in the beach and picnic area of the community or driving along Route 272 while Allen was “harvesting” aluminum cans from the roadside.  Our good thoughts and prayers go out to all of Frank’s family and especially to Allen, who will continue to live here and be a part of the Chesapeake Isle community.


Spring Social Events and Happenings


Just a reminder about the coming events in Chesapeake Isle...Social Committee flyers found elsewhere in this newsletter will give you much more detailed information on each of these events.  Click on the event to find the information.


PROGRESSIVE DINNER............................................................................ March 17, 2001

EASTER EGG HUNT...................................................................................... April 14, 2001

ANNUAL SPRING DINNER  &  AWARDS.................................................. April 21, 2001

All of the above are for paid civic association members only and their visiting families and guests.


A Caution About Snow Plowing


There is something that every resident and property owner ought to know about our tractor and snow-plowing.  The tractor does not handle any better under snow and ice conditions than your ordinary automobile or pick-up truck.  Now that you are aware of this fact, please think twice about leaving your vehicle parked on a Chesapeake Isle road when we are expecting a snow storm large enough to require plowing.  The same holds true for parking a vehicle (or storing a boat) too close to the roadway at the front of your driveway or property.  Our drivers do a great job of opening things up pretty quickly after most snowfalls.  They shouldn’t have to be burdened with the additional worry of whether or not they are going to make it around your vehicle without damaging it.


2001 Pavilion Reservations


It is not too soon to be thinking about reserving the pavilion for your family re-unions. birthday parties, anniversaries and graduations.  There will probably be a greater demand than usual this year with our newly renovated bathing beach, basketball court and deck shuffleboard all waiting to be enjoyed by your family and friends, so be sure to reserve early to get your first choice of dates.  Call Barbara Brueckner (287-3929) to check on availability of dates and get your $25.00 donation to her promptly to get on the reservation schedule.  You must be a paid member of the association for 2001 and you must give her the donation before your date is “official” on her schedule.  The schedule, which will be up-dated weekly, will be posted on the pavilion bulletin board only, so members can check on available dates before calling Barb.


For our newer folks, the $25.00 donation covers one half of the pavilion and it’s tables , an electric outlet, one side of the brick fireplace, two roll-around ice chests and some assorted items like horseshoes and a volleyball.  You do not have access to the inside of the building … the kitchen, meeting room, etc.  You do get a key to the bath houses for your group.  Your use of any sports areas (volleyball, basketball, etc.) is not exclusive and the other half of the tables and the fireplace are still available for the individual use of CICA members.  That other half can not be reserved by another party during the day of your event.  For more information than is covered here, please contact Barb.


Our New Deck Shuffle Board Court


The concrete surface of the court has had all winter to cure and as soon as the weather starts to warm up we will be getting the lines painted on it and polishing the surface.  A storage closet for the playing gear has yet to be built and a location for it to be decided upon.  Because of the costs involved in the playing equipment, we want to maintain some level of confidence that the equipment will be cared for properly and stored when not in use.  For that reason, we are probably going to provide keys to the storage cabinet for a fee... similar to what we have always done with the bath house.  Although it would seem that a lot is still undecided at this time, we are working on it … and we should be able to tell you all of the necessary details in the Spring newsletter.



Bath House Keys


If you send in money for a bath house key when remitting your 2001 dues, please be patient about receiving and using it.  If your dues and bathhouse key fee have been received by the time of the Spring newsletter, the key will be sent to you in that newsletter.  That should be about the last week in April.  Now comes another tricky part. The key you receive will not work on the locks that are on the bath house at that time.  Once the bath houses are cleaned-up, freshly stocked and the water turned on … (this will happen in May on Spring Clean-Up Day) .. then we will put on the locks that will match the key you will receive and a new beach season can begin.


Progressive Dinner

March 17th is the date for our Annual Community Progressive Dinner.  Please come and enjoy an evening of good food and fellowship.  The evening will begin with appetizers at the home of Ken and Rosie Knapp (116 Cliffview Dr.)  The night will conclude at the home of Neil and Barbara Barr for dessert. 

            We have received gracious offers to host some of the entrée courses, however, we are still in need of some additional dinner sites.  Please contact either Karen Dryden (287-9598) or Barbara Barr (287-3867) before February 12th if you are able to be a host for an entrée course.

            Reservations for the event should be received by March 5th.  Contact either Karen or Barbara at the above numbers, indicating your donation of an appetizer, salad, or a dessert. 

            We look forward to welcoming everyone and especially our new neighbors.


Easter Egg Hunt


The Easter Bunny will hop into town for the annual CICA Easter Egg Hunt on April 14th, 2001 at 1 p.m.  Contact Chris Ann Szep at 287-2504.







CICA 2001 Annual Spring Dinner

Saturday, April 21st at


Wellwood Yacht Club

523 Water St.

Cash Bar

Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres at 6:00 p.m.

Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

$30 per person



Buffet Dinner

Beef and Seafood

Assorted Salads, Vegetables, and Side Dishes

Desserts, Coffee, and Tea


Charlestown, MD 









Return reservation form with check or money order by April 13, 2001 to:  Gwen Smith

5056 Turkey Point Rd.


Please respond promptly…no reservations will be accepted

after 4/13/01


2001 CICA Annual Spring Dinner

Detach and Return


Yes, I/we plan to attend on April 21st. 

#__________will attend at $30 each






Check enclosed in the amount of  $__________


Make checks payable to CICA