C.I.C.A. Newsletter

July 21, 2001



President’s Message



Dear fellow-members and property owners,


What’s going on at the beach?  This has been the most asked question over the past several weeks.  I would like to take this opportunity to explain just what is going on.  As you know, we completed construction of two 100-foot groins last winter to restore and maintain sand on our beach.  Sand is accumulating between them and it appears that this project will be a success.  Over the years, one of the major sources of erosion has been overflow from the marsh at the north end of the beach during big rainstorms.  This overflow has often resulted in large trenches or washouts in our beach … some trenches have been four or five feet deep and six feet wide.  Due to these washouts the berm protecting the beach has been greatly reduced.  In an effort to prevent this kind of damage from happening again and again, the Board of Directors decided that the berm needed to be restored.  From several new home constructions in the community, the sand and earth became available at no cost to restore the berm and protect the beach.  At the same time, we used some of the material that became available to try to stop the erosion that was taking place on Jacob’s Nose.  We believe that we had the authority to perform these maintenance projects under the terms of an Operation and Maintenance Agreement between the C.I.C.A., the Cecil County Commissioners and The Cecil Soil Conservation District signed in January 1984


However, someone in our community believed differently.  Without as much as talking to myself or anyone else on the Board, they called the County to have the work stopped.  The county issued a stop work order and the project was halted immediately.  I do not quarrel with someone’s right to disagree … or even to call the proper authority when they believe something is wrong.  What bothers me is that it was done without even so much as a phone call to anyone on the Board to find out why this work was being done.  This is a self-help community and it can only be maintained properly with the cooperation and help of all of us.  Your C.I.C.A. Board does not operate secretly.  Our meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend and the minutes of those meetings are posted promptly on the community bulletin boards.  Please call anyone or me on the Board if you have a question about anything.


We are currently working with the state and county agencies to get this project approved.  We have verbal approval from the county for our Buffer Management Plan at Jacob’s Nose and we expect written approval shortly.  We will have to do some final seeding work in the fall.  Application for a permit for the beach berm project has been hand-delivered to The Maryland Department of Environment.  Preliminary discussions indicate that we may have to modify a portion of the berm near the non-tidal wetlands at the north end of the beach.  Our hope is to get approval to finish this project in the near future.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


Our Annual Meeting is coming up on August 26th at 3:00 P.M. at the pavilion.  Please mark your calendar to be there.  Remember, we need everybody’s participation to keep Chesapeake Isle the great place that it is.  By the way, the crabs are running!!


Yours truly,

Art Wood






Annual General Meeting



The Annual Meeting of the civic association will be held at 3:00 P.M. on Sunday afternoon, August 26, 2001 at the pavilion on our beachfront.  All members are urged to attend this meeting to hear the annual reports of all committees, find out about current problems and projects and approve the budget for the new fiscal year.  During the course of this meeting you will be asked to vote for four new directors to replace the four who finish their three-year term this year.  Please see the related story regarding the several nominees who have agreed to run for directorships this year.  A buffet dinner will follow immediately after the conclusion of the meeting.  Please see the Social Committee notes in this newsletter for details on the buffet dinner.


News and Views From The Harbormaster


We completed the new storage rack for kayaks and canoes on Spring Work Day and it is rapidly filling with paddling type craft.  The Harbor Committee was happy to be able to offer this added convenience for this growing segment of our Chesapeake Isle fleet.


Some Things to think about…

l        The State of Maryland requires that any person born on or after July 1, 1972 must have in their possession a Certificate of Boating Safety Education while operation a numbered or documented vessel on Maryland waters.  This includes Personal Watercraft and the minimum age to operate a PWC is 16 years.  Please note that the size of the motor does not change the requirement.  One exception would be a person 16 years of age or older from another state, visiting Maryland for 60 days, in a vessel numbered in another state.  Information on the courses through Maryland Natural Resources Police @ 410-974-2040 or U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the U.S. Power Squadron at 1-800-366-BOAT.

l        We are approaching the mid-point of our boating season and, as has been our custom in recent years, it is time for our friendly reminder that you check your mooring tackle, chains, pick-ups, etc. for wear and tear.  Replace any parts that are showing their age and may not make it through the end of this boating season.  A few dollars spent now for a new shackle, swivel or piece of line could save hundreds or even thousands by averting a September break-away.


Thank You! Department:

l        Bob Hartman for helping to attach the Load & Unload sign on both docks and helping to repair the old dock.

l        John Bates and Gordon Osborne for helping to seal the crack on the boat ramp.

l        Jim Weber, Art Wood, and Fred Keith for installing the No-Wake signs in the harbor.

l        Wally Bullwinkle for repairing the broken ladder at the boat ramp.

l        Ira Dolich for conducting the Boat Inspections as a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary on June 16th. If anyone would like an inspection please contact the Harbormaster and I will try to find time in Ira’s schedule.

Please continue to watch your speed in the harbor (5MPH), be mindful of launch ramp courtesy, and have a great summer on the Bay.

Bingo On The Bay


The Social Committee is going to revive an old summertime activity in Chesapeake Isle.  For many years we held weekly family bingo nights during the summer months. We will do so again on Wednesday, August 15th, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the pavilion on the beachfront.  Here’s an alternative to watching summer re-runs and it’s fun for every age.


Refreshments and interesting prizes will be available and it’s all for just ten cents a card.  Call Joan Ferrick  (287-8595) or Dotty Fritz (287-9010) for more details or questions.



Membership Report


As we go to press with this quarterly newsletter, our paid member families number 231.  I am attaching “late dues” reminders to these newsletters for all those who have paid their dues in past years and have not yet paid this year.  In addition, we are once again publishing the Membership List in this edition in preparation for next month’s Annual Meeting.  Please check the list now to avoid any voting eligibility problems at the meeting.


Nominations for the Board of Directors


The Nominating Committee has presented the following candidates for election to three- year terms of office on the Board of Directors.


                        Jim Abel                                 Ward Keever                         John Reber

                        Robert Green                         Verne Orndorff                      Susan Schooley


You may vote for up to four of these candidates at the election that will be held during the Annual Meeting.  One ballot will be given out for each paid member family. You may obtain absentee ballots from Andrea Gilde or Lester Fritz if you will be unable to attend the meeting. Nominees will be asked to introduce themselves and speak briefly before the voting takes place.



Red Cross CPR Training and First Aid Course


We have tentatively settled on Saturday, October 13th, as the date for our CPR training session and first aid course.  It will be held at our pavilion and may require two sessions to finish all the course matter.  The training will include adult, child and infant CPR and the Red Cross first aid course for $35.00 (after the 30% discount we have secured for our community).  There will be a cut-off date of September 6th. for those interested in enrolling for this professionally taught course.  To sign up or have any questions answered, please call Harry Hite at 410-287-1246 before September 6th.



Fourth of July Celebration a Huge Success

Under the canopy of a beautiful sunny and warm Chesapeake sky, over 175 residents and friends attended and enjoyed our annual 4th of July Celebration.  The day began with the very colorful Decorated Bike/Scooter/Wagon Parade down Beachfront Road to the pavilion and playground.  A variety of games and contests followed along with the opportunity to get free face-paintings, buy arts and crafts, bid in our Silent Auction and eat the homemade goodies at our refreshment stand.


Parade entrants included Dillon and Maurissa Roslan, Nicholas and Joshua Szep, Eric and Gregory Newsom, Zach and Molly Jewell, Bryce and Devon, Luke Gilde, Keely Schooley, and Kyla Garvey.


Our newest event, the Cardboard Armada Race, was great fun for both the participants and the observers.  Six “boats” were entered…four made it to the finish line.  The winners were Linsey and Brook Gamble, Leslie Rossario and Ethan Killian.


A great Tug-O-War Contest was held and a Basketball competition as well.  Dick Ullman and Rick Grover won the Horseshoes Tournament, an event that goes back many years here.  A Deck Shuffleboard Tournament inaugurated our newest recreational addition and the winners were Don and Jessica Schooley.  Another old favorite, the Volleyball Tournament, was won by a team composed of Rick and Amy Grover, Kim, Roy and Ryan Sullivan and Dick Ullman.  The always popular Pie Eating Contest was won by Gian Romett and Isa Monsul.  The 50/50 winner was Ken Knapp.


Our thanks to all who helped to make this wonderful day possible.  If you missed the festivities for any reason, we hope you will be looking forward to joining in next year.




Cruise Week 2001 Almost Here!


Cruise Week 2001 Almost Here

We have tentatively planned to embark on our annual cruise a little earlier than in past years.  This year’s cruise will depart Chesapeake Isle on Saturday – September 8th and end on Sunday – September 16th .  The adventure, camaraderie and enjoyment of the Bay will remain the same as always.  As usual, a few boaters will not be able to contain themselves and will slip away sometime on Friday to gain an extra night at anchorage.

And, as usual, some folks will only meet up with the flotilla for a part of the week or will return a little earlier than the 16th


A cruise briefing and social get-together will be held at the home of Bill and Karen Dryden on Thursday evening, August 9th. at 7:30 P.M.  Please join us to hear the tentative cruise itinerary and how you can be a participant in all or just part of this adventure.




Chesapeake Isle “Logo” Clothing


New shirts are in stock now in a variety of sizes.  Call Dotty Fritz at 287-9010 for details on availability and current prices.

New Hours at Library

The library will be open on Wednesday evenings during August from 7-8 p.m., as well as on Saturday from 10-11:30.  Lots of new books are available.  (For those of you who don’t know….the library is at the pavilion!)

Get your ChesapeakeIsle.org E-Mail address

Sign up for your own Chesapeake Isle E-Mail alias. These are not E-Mail accounts, the difference being that an E-Mail alias automatically forwards to users E-Mail account. For example, I have an E-Mail account at work, John.P.Reber@mail.tju.edu. I have an E-Mail alias JohnReber@ChesapeakeIsle.org. Any E-Mail sent to JohnReber@ChesapeakeIsle.org automatically goes to John.P.Reber@mail.tju.edu. An advantage of an E-Mail alias is that if you change your E-Mail address, such as you change jobs or Internet Provider, people can still send you E-Mail at “YourName@ChesapeakeIsle.org” but you can have that automatically forwarded to your new E-Mail address. 

Some aliases already set up are: 

cica-board@ChesapeakeIsle.org used to send messages to the cica board

cica-secretary@ChesapeakeIsle.org used to request E-mail directories or general information, or to request yourname@Chesapeakeisle.org

 Also, the E-Mail list used for sending out electronic versions of the board minutes and newsletter has changed from cica@hendrix.jci.tju.edu to cica-list@ChesapeakeIsle.org. If you would like to be added/removed from that list, please send e-mail to cica-list-request@ChesapeakeIsle.org.      



Members Bulletin Board


Bzzzy Bee Quality House Cleaning:  Why spend your free time cleaning?  Let me help!  Customized cleaning services available weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.  Call today for your free consultation and receive 10% off your first cleaning.  410-287-3266


Licensed Day Care:  Licensed in-home day care coming in September.  Call now to
reserve your spot.   Gay Turner … 54 Rollins Road … 410-287-8258


For Sale:  Achilles Inflatable dinghy, like new condition.  9’6” long by 4’8” wide, inflatable keels, full length wooden floor board, wooden transom, oars & pump.  Includes dolly wheels.  New - $850.  Asking $500.  Call Neil Barr, 287-3867


2 pairs water skis, 67” and 63”.  Asking $150 for both pairs.  Call Neil Barr, 287-3867


Red Cross Trained Babysitters:  Erika McKenna & Kelly Lyons have completed their course and are available.  Please call Erika (410-287-1277) or Kelly (410-287-0869)


Boats:  1963 25’ Pearson fiberglass sailboat.  Needs some work.  Available FREE for hauling.  Has mast and sails, sleeps 4 with galley & head.

1995 Wellcraft Excel 21’ Bowrider 112 SPL Evinrude.  Galvanized EZLoader Trailer.  Full mooring canvas w/snaps.  Navy canvas top w/additional covers.  Ski eye.  Excellent for fishing, skiing…good family boat.  $9000/make offer.  Please call John Bates (410-287-6244)


Notary Public:  Don’t forget – there is a notary public in Chesapeake Isle.  No need to run to town, just call Tom Cobley, 287-6358.





2001 Property Owners & Renters

Paid Members as of 7/21/2001

*      Abel                  



*      Ammon             

*      Andersen         

*      Anderson         

*      Andrews           

*      Annese             



*      Arabejo             


*      Baker                 


*      Barr                    


*      Bates                 

        Baxter M           

*      Baxter R            

*      Bear/Morgan   

*      Beckert              

*      Beman               

*      Bensley             

*      Berkeihiser       


*      Bevan                


*      Bofinger            

*      Boice                 

*      Borromeo          


*      Boyer                

*      Brinton              


*      Brueckner         

*      Buck                  

*      Bullwinkle         

*      Burkhart            


*      Byler                  

*      Carey                 

*      Cassidy             

*      Cerami               

        CFF Partnership

*      Clark/Lord        

*      Claxton               ®

*      Cobley              


*      Cohen               

*      Conway            

*      Cook                  


*      Coyle                 

*      Creswell            

*      Culbertson       

*      Culler                 

        B Davis             

*      W Davis           

*      Dean                  

*      Dolich               




*      Dougherty        


*      Dryden              

*      Duckenfield      

*      Dumas               


*      Duvall               


*      Earle                  

*      Embon               

*      Epler                  

*      Evans                 ®

*      Fager                 

*      Fair                    



*      Ference             

*      Ferrell                

*      Ferrick               

*      Finley                

*      Fischbein          

*      Flegel                



*      Folk                   

*      L Fritz                

*      R Fritz                


*      Garvey              

*      Gassaway         

*      Gebhardt           

*      Gibson              

*      Giffing               


*      Gilde                  


*      Glacken             

*      Godby               



*      Goodman          

*      Goodwin           

*      Gordon              

*      Graef                  

*      R/A Green        

*      R/P Green         

*      Greenfield         

*      Greim                 



*      Groves              

*      Hakemian/Brawley

*      Hallett               


        Harbison            ®

*      R Hartman        

*      W Hartman       


*      Hayden             


*      Heron                

*      Hill                     

*      Hinkle                



*      H/J Hite             

*      H/C Hite            


*      Holmes              

*      Hotchkiss         

*      Howard             

*      Hunter               

*      Immel                 

*      Jewell                


*      Keever              

*      Keith                 


*      Kelly                  

*      Kelmartin          

*      Killian                

*      Kirk                    

*      Kling                 

*      Kluge                

*      Knapp               

*      Knarr                 

*      Kramer              



*      Kwiterovich     


*      Lalonde             

*      Lalonde             

*      Lam                    

*      LaPorta             

*      Lee                     

*      Leffew               

*      Lerro                  

*      Lew                    

*      B Lewis             

*      T Lewis             


*      Lingelbach       

*      C Long              

*      Long                  

*      Lorenz               

*      Los                    


*      Luoma               

*      Lyons                




*      Martyn              


*      McAdams        


*      McCurdy          

*      D McElwee       

*      H McElwee       


*      McKeever        

*      A McLaughlin 

*      J McLaughlin   

*      McMenamin    


*      Mendenhall      

*      Meyers             

*      Michaud           

*      Miller/Zarzycki

*      Moore               

*      M Moroski       

*      R Moroski        

*      Murphy            


*      Myers/Quinn/Roddis

*      Neeley               

*      Newsome

*      Norona E          

*      Norona M         


*      Olds-Clarke      

*      Olson                

*      O'Neill               

*      Opdenaker        

*      Oppenheimer   

*      Orndorff            

*      B Osborne        

*      G Osborne        

*      Ostasewski       

*      Pantalone         


*      Park                   

*      Parrott               


*      Patel                  

*      Perkis                

*      Perry                  

        Pippin                 ®

*      Piskai                 

*      Poppert             

*      Porcelli              

*      Pudlinsky/Proctor       

*      Quigley             

*      Rade/Mayo      

*      Reber/McKenna          


*      Ristau/Pusey   

*      Rizzo/Truitt      

*      Robinson          



*      Roslan               



*      Sanden              

*      Schooley          

*      Schoonover     

*      Scotney            



*      Seeley               

*      Seidel                

*      Seraphin           

*      Sexton               

*      Sharp                 

*      Shaw/Lawson  


*      Slupski/Mucklow        

*      D Smith             

*      K Smith             

*      M Smith            

*      D Snyder          

*      J Snyder            


*      Spall                  

*      Spence              

        St. Cyr/Karweit

*      Stammler           


*      Stinsman           

*      Stone                 

*      Strimel               

*      Summers           

*      Sung                  

*      A Szep              

*      B Szep               

*      M/C Szep          

*      M Szep              

        Szkalak               ®

*      Tepe                  


*      Tkacik               

*      Tully                  

*      Tulumello         

*      E Turner            

*      J Turner            

        R Turner            ®


*      Ullman               




*      Vodges             

        von Schlichten

*      Walker              

*      Walla/Munneke          

*      Wallace/Katrich          

*      Walsh               

*      Wample            

*      Ward                 

*      Washko            

*      Weber               


*      Whitpan           

*      Wilt                   

*      Witte                 

*      Wood                

*      P Worrall          

*      R Worrall          



*      Zadarozny