C.I.C.A. Newsletter

October 15, 2001


President’s  Message



Dear fellow-members and property owners, 


As I begin my second term as President of the C.I.C.A., my first thought is where did the first year go?  It is hard to believe that we just had our Fall clean-up and we are thinking about pulling moorings, our annual Halloween party for the kids, what we will be having for Thanksgiving dinner, where this year’s Wine and Cheese party will be and, last but not least, what will I buy that special person for Christmas this year?


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and help during the past year.  Many of you have helped at clean-up days, mooring set and pull days, on road repair crews, weekly beach clean-ups, social activities and so many other projects during the year.  Chesapeake Isle is a great place to live because of your willingness to give of your time to make it so.  Thank you … and keep up the good work.  I would also offer a special thanks to all the committee chairpersons and board members who make it all come together.


With the beach project almost complete, the major emphasis for this year’s Board will be to continue to improve our roads with the use of the fine asphalt millings.  Please remember that the minutes of all board meetings are posted on the bulletin boards in the harbor and beach areas.  Also remember that our meetings are open to anyone who might want to attend.  Your suggestions and ideas to improve our community are always welcome.


Please stop in to see us at 302 Rolling Avenue anytime.  Carol has her usual tall tales to tell about this year’s crabbing season…. And it’s always nice to get to know you better.


                                                                                                 Yours truly,

                                                                                                              Art Wood



Membership Approaches New Record


As reported at the annual meeting, membership in the civic association is once again closing in on a new annual record.  Last year, we set a new record of 244 paid member families supporting  our neighborhood organization.   As we “went to press” with this newsletter, we had just signed up our 241st member for this year with ten weeks left to go.  If you would like to help surpass the current record and have not yet paid your dues for this year, please send your check made out to C.I.C.A. to the attention of Les Fritz, Membership Chairman.




Annual Meeting Well Attended


The 2001 Annual Meeting was called to order at the pavilion on August 26th. at 3:00 pm.  There were over 90 members in attendance for the business meeting, election of new board members and the buffet supper that followed.  If you could not attend the meeting, but are interested in the proceedings, please look on the bulletin board at either the harbor or the pavilion for the minutes of this meeting or go to the C.I.C.A. website to view them.


New Board Members and Officers Elected


Elected to serve for three years on the Board of Directors were Jim Abel, Rob Green, Ward Keever and Verne Orndorff.  Jim and Ward are first-time members of the board, while Rob and Verne were running as incumbents.  We wish all of them well in this very worthwhile endeavor.


At a brief session following the annual meeting, the board members re-elected Art Wood as the president for the 2001-2002 board year.  Also elected were Mike Szep, Sr. as Vice-President………Andrea Gilde as Secretary……..and Rob Green as Treasurer.


News From The Beach and Pavilion


A full report on the beach “situation” was given at the annual meeting.  We have been tied up with various state and local agencies for several months now concerning our work in the beach area.  Having satisfied just about every question and request they have made of us, we have almost come out into daylight again at the end of the tunnel.  In effect, they pretty much agreed that almost everything we did was the right thing to do, but we didn’t go about doing it with the proper documentation and permits.


In other news from the area, a new refrigerator was recently purchased for the kitchen in the pavilion. The former refrigerator would no longer respond to our extraordinary measures to keep it running so we had to make the decision to “pull the plug”.


Board Makes First Loan Re-Payments


To finance construction of two stone jetties at our swim beach, the Board of Directors solicited donations and loans from community residents about this time last year.  The hope was that the association, by involving the members, could reduce the necessary loan total to some degree.  The response was so outstanding that $6,815.00 was received in donations and $17,500.00 was received in loans and the association did not have to take out a bank loan in any amount.


At the September 17, 2001 monthly board meeting, the decision was made to begin the re-payment process.  One quarter ( ¼ ) of each loan made to us by members plus the accrued interest on that sum as of September 30, 2001 will be re-paid at once.  That action has now been completed and our remaining debt on that project has been reduced to $13,125.00


Some Changes In Committee Chairpersons


The new board year brings several changes to civic association committees.  Dick Ullman has stepped down as Grass Mowing chairman and has been replaced by Mike Szep, Sr. In addition, Jim Weber has retired as the Town Watch chairman.  This neighborhood watch program will now be co-chaired by Harry and Joeann Hite.  Following the recent resignation of Glenn Culler as Roads chairman, Don and Susan Schooley have agreed to co-ordinate our community efforts in this regard.  Gaye Turner has taken over the scheduling of Pavilion Reservations following the long service of Barbara Breuckner in this capacity.  After many years of lettering the signs for our community billboard on Turkey Point Road, Ken and Renee Smith are turning this activity over to Ned Schoonover.  We wish all of these new volunteers success in their endeavors and thank them for stepping up and accepting these challenges on behalf of our community.  As for those who vacated these positions, many thanks for all the time and effort you have given over time in these jobs.  Your neighbors truly appreciate your dedication and service.

Cruise Week As Challenging As Ever


Cruise Week 2001 got underway on Friday, September 7th, with five Chesapeake Isle boats anchored for the night in Tim’s Creek just off the entrance to Worton Creek.  All boats and crews had experienced a rough passage from our harbor to the first night’s anchorage with wind and wave both against them so they enjoyed Tim’s Creek and the camaraderie of their fellow boaters all the more.


A second rough leg faced us on Saturday getting to Dobbins Island in the Magothy River.  One of the original flotilla had already headed home with some ‘mechanical’ problems, but new additions brought our fleet to nine vessels for Saturday night’s anchorage and festivities.  On Sunday, several week-ender boats and their crews had to head north to the Isle and another one laid over in Annapolis with some operating problems.


Sunday night found four vessels at anchor in the Rhode River after still another short but rough passage.  Fifteen to twenty mile winds coming off the Bay buffeted our little fleet all night long.  In the morning, another mechanical drop-out headed north to our home harbor, while another boat headed for Cambridge.  Two vessels opted to stay put because of continuing rough conditions and they spent a second night in the Rhode River.


On Tuesday morning, after another rough crossing of the Bay, we arrived at Knapp’s Narrows only to learn of the terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon.  All the fun taken out of our trip, one boat headed home, one stayed in Knapp’s Narrows in need of repairs, and two were off somewhere in the vicinity of Cambridge.  Eventually, all returned to Chesapeake Isle earlier than we had originally planned and with heavy hearts over our nation’s great loss.  We had lost more than half our cruise week.  Others had lost much, much more.  We won’t complain…. there will be other Cruise Weeks.


Fall Work Day A Big Success

We held our Fall Clean-Up Day on Saturday, September 29th and were quite happy with the turn-out and the amount of work we were able to get done. A potluck dinner followed the completion of the work and was enjoyed by quite a few families, including a good number of newer residents and property owners.  There were a few jobs that did not get completely finished within the time we had available to us so, if you were unable to be there with us and would like to “do your bit” for the Isle, call John Bates, Jim Abel or Don Schooley for an assignment you could do on your own or in a smaller group. To see more pictures of Fall Workday, check out the website, www.chesapeakeisle.org then go to Chesapeake Isle Life.


New Driveway Snow Plowing Program Approved


The Board of Directors has developed and approved a contract program to plow private driveways following appreciable snowstorms in Chesapeake Isle.  Any member who is interested in signing up for this service should fill out and return the contract included in this newsletter along with the required, non-refundable check by November 1st.  There will be no applications for this service accepted after that date…. except for new arrivals in the community.  See the contract attached for more detailed information than we have reported in this story.


News And Notes From The Harbormaster


Many thanks to all those who helped with Fall Clean-Up in the harbor area.  The harbor cannot exist as it does without your help.  Following are some important harbor dates to remember…….


11-3-01            Mooring Pull & Delivery    We need all who can spare a few hours.

12-1-01            All Sunfish and Hobie Cats should be removed from the harbor area.


It would be helpful and appreciated if anyone who is finished with their mooring for the season to give me a call at 410-287-9598, so that we can remove it from the harbor early while the weather is still warmer than it will be in November.


Beginning with the 2002 boating season, we would like all boats left ashore in the harbor area  (including on the storage racks) to be identified with the owner’s name on the stern of the vessel.  This should be an easy winter project.


Dates to look forward to next year……..


                    March 23, 2002........ Mooring pick-up and Inspection day.

                        April 6, 2001........ Mooring set.

               November 2, 2002........ Mooring pull.


                                                                                                    Bill Dryden, Harbormaster     


CICA Cookbook II


The Social Committee is in the planning stages of our 2nd cookbook, and we want your recipes!

1.      Use the form included in this newsletter – form can be photocopies for multiple recipes

2.      Submit up to 3 of your favorite recipes

3.      Make sure all ingredients are listed together – proofread your recipes

4.      Be sure to state pan size, oven temperatures, time to prepare and cook, serving size, etc.

5.      Include your name and phone number in case we have any questions

6.      If you don’t want your name published in the book, please indicate that on your form

7.      Please indicate how many cookbooks you want – supply will be limited

8.      We would like original recipes – not from boxes or cans

9.      Cookbooks will sell for $6.00 each


Those of you receiving this document through email will need to print the Recipe form sent as a separate document.






HOST:             Anna & Rob Green                                                        


PLACE:            118 Mason Lane                                               ADULTS ONLY PLEASE


TIME:                 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


CONTACT: Karen Dryden  410-287-9598

                                Jorja Osborne  610-274-1511


‘Twas the week after Thanksgiving and the neighbors gathered on time,

Bringing with them to Rob & Anna’s an hors d’oeuvre and their favorite wine.

For those of our friends who do not imbibe,

Drinks of the non-alcoholic will be available on the side.

Spreading joy for the season to one and to all,

Saying hello to old and new neighbors they met spring, summer and fall.

The fun and the laughter will make everything bright,

Until the time we must say Happy Holidays to all ---


And to all a Good Night!!!!



In the spirit of the Season, canned goods and non-perishables will be collected

for distribution to the less fortunate.



Community Advertisements

Folded Corner: Mark Your Calendar –
November 18th, 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Annual Home Craft Show
By Anne Bates, Tom & Ginny Cobley, & 
Ruth Killian

To be held on Sunday, at Bates House
2 Gull Circle
Chesapeake Isle, 410-287-6244

Always new items to be enjoyed – come see!