April 24, 2000


President’s  Message


Dear Friends,


Spring at last!  It’s time to start that yard work, uncover the boat, get that mooring in shape, oil up those fishing reels and do all the other things that need to be done every spring.  Like all those other years I seem to have new body parts hurting.  Every year as I rake that yard, I swear it gets bigger.  I just got myself stuck under my boat trailer while trying to paint the boat bottom.  Thank goodness, my grandson showed up to rescue me.  My body used to fit under there.


I am pleased to report that C.I.C.A. membership dues are coming in at a good pace.  If you have not yet taken care of this, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Your support is needed to maintain and improve our community.


The Board of Directors has formed a committee to formulate short and long range plans for maintaining our community roads.  One of the things being investigated is how to do a better job of spreading and rolling asphalt millings.  We are also investigating the cost of asphalt paving on some of the high maintenance areas such as what was done on the hills on Bennett Avenue and Caldwell Road.  This has proven to be a good method of maintaining such problem areas, however this may require a dues increase to finance it.  Any input or suggestions on this matter should be directed to myself, or any board member.


The Board has entered into an agreement with the North East Fire Company for the construction of a dry hydrant in the harbor area.  This would give the firefighters quick and easy access to additional water supply in the event of a fire in the Isle.  There is no cost to us for this project, which will be done under the direction of the D.N.R. and the Forest Service.  It should be completed sometime this spring.


It has been called to my attention by a resident that some of the neighborhood children have been seen on the roof of the school bus shelter and that shingles have been removed and thrown into his yard.  I am asking the cooperation of all parents concerned to see that this is stopped at once.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Please mark May 18th on your calendar and come out to Spring Clean-Up.  This is a great way to meet your neighbors, get a little exercise and have some fun.  See you there.


                                                                                                      Yours truly,

                                                                                                Art Wood



Beach Loans Half Paid


Showing the kind of fiscal responsibility that some large and famous corporations and institutions sometimes fail to exhibit, our C.I.C.A. Board voted at the March 11th meeting to pay off another 25 % of the loans given to them by lot owners for the construction of the beach jetties.  This means that one half of the original $17,500 debt has now been re-paid…a very nice achievement by our hard-working Board.  Keep up the good work !


Chain Wanted


Anyone having any pieces of chain that they don’t need are asked to drop it off at any time at the maintenance building, for use on Clean-Up Day (May 18th) when the swim floats and barrels are being installed.  Thanks in advance!

Bath House Keys and Shuffleboard Cabinet Keys


If you sent in money for either of these items when you mailed your dues to the membership chairman, you will find them enclosed with this newsletter.  This will be the only mail-out of keys that we will do.  Anybody needing either of these keys after this newsletter goes out will have to see Les Fritz at 71 Racine Road to get them.  Please remember to lock the bath house or the shuffleboard cabinet after each time you use them.  Remember, also, that the keys you may still have from last season will not work in this year’s locks.  The new shuffleboard locker keys may be used at once.  Your new bath house key will not work until Spring Work Day when the water is turned on in the bath houses.  The Ilco key (larger of the two ) is the bath house key. 



Guest  Passes


In this newsletter you will find two Guest Passes for use on vehicles of your visiting friends and family when they will have such vehicle in the harbor or bathing beach area.  Please cut the page in half, paste each pass on a cardboard or similar backing if you like, and have them displayed on the top of the dashboard of the car or truck.  Please be sure to fill in the “Guest of….” line with your name.



Membership Report


We are pleased to report 195 paid member families as we “ go to press “ with this Spring newsletter.  2002 dues were payable by March 1st so let this notice serve as a reminder to you if you are still among the missing.  Your dues must be current before you can attend any CICA social event, reserve the pavilion, rent the tent or vote on any matter of CICA business including voting for candidates running for the Board of Directors.  We also would remind you that paid members may advertise free in any newsletter whether to sell property, boats, furniture, appliances, crafts or services.


On a sad note, one of our long-time residents, Francis Donnelly, passed away since our last quarterly newsletter.  We send our condolences to any of his friends and family who may have access to this communication.



Easter Egg Hunt A Big Hit

Chris Ann Szep and her committee did an outstanding job on this year’s Easter bunny festivities.  The weather on Easter Saturday was sunny side up and dozens of our little ones from Chesapeake Isle and grandchildren from all over were ready to go when the event got underway.  Hard boiled veterans of past years and raw recruits alike hunted high and low, while the Easter Bunny looked on with approval.  Prizes, cookies, cup cakes, juice drinks and pretzels were enjoyed by all.  A whole basketful of thanks goes out to our Easter Bunny, Erika Tregear.




Harbormaster’s Report


As all of you can see, our harbor is once again full of moorings thanks to a large group of your neighbors who volunteered hours of their time to see it completed.


Before we start the new boating season, it might be a good time to think not just of Summer Fun but also of waterfront courtesy.


If we all showed a little courtesy when using the harbor all of our friends and neighbors would have a better time … a better boating experience!!  We can show courtesy by having our boats loaded and ready to get underway when they are launched and not having to tie up the ramp or dock any longer than necessary.  This most definitely means not arriving with a dead battery that should have been checked before coming to the harbor.


We should not have to be reminded that recreational swimming is not permitted in the harbor and that the speed limit is still 6 knots throughout the harbor.  We should also not have to remind you that fishing and crabbing are not permitted on the launch ramp pier and that boaters take precedence over fishermen and crabbers on the long pier.  Fishing lines and crab lines and traps should be retrieved until the boat has come and gone.


We post the following two Maryland marine laws for your observation.


1.          Boaters born after July 1, 1972 must carry a certificate of completion of a safe boating course when operating a boat in Maryland waterways.

2.          Personal watercraft (PWC) operators in Maryland must be at least 16 years of age and must possess a valid certificate of boating education.  A PWC must not be operated at more than 6 knots when within 100 feet of a vessel, another PWC, shore, pier, wharf, piling, bridge structure, abutment or people in the water. (I would think that this should cover our entire harbor )


Let’s show a little courtesy and have a safe boating year.


News  from the Bathing Beach


After a lot of hard work and meetings with the various agencies involved, we are set to kick off the 2002 beach season in style.  The silt fencing that has been in place for many months has been removed.  The grass-seeded area on the inland side of the “dune” has grown in very nicely while some much-needed sand has been added to the beach side of the dune.  The jetties seem to be doing a good job of accumulating sand over the river rock band and that terrible “yucky stuff” that floated in at the end of last season and stayed through the entire winter has now been removed.  Thank you, John Bates !!


That stuff was, by the way, identified as ceranium, a marine plant that grows in and on kelp beds.  After being the only area plagued all winter long, we have just recently heard of some sightings of it on other parts of the Elk River leading some of us to wonder if it was pumped out of the ballast tanks of a passing vessel.


Just a reminder to those who may be thinking about reserving the pavilion.  Most of the Saturdays are about gone at this point, but all but one Sunday are still available.  A $25.00 donation brings you half of the pavilion, half the brick barbecue fireplace and use of recreational equipment, bath house and a large roll-around insulated cooler.  Sorry, available to paid CICA members only !!  Call Gay Turner at 410-287-8258 to check dates.



Annual Spring Dinner and Man and Woman Of The Year Awards


The Spring Dinner, held April 20th at the Chesapeake Club in North East, was attended by 85 CICA members and guests who enjoyed a wonderful evening of cocktails, food and good company with their neighbors. It was one of the best-attended Spring Dinners anyone could remember.


As part of the festivities, the Man of the Year Award was presented to Jim Weber.  Jim is a past member of the Board of Directors and has served for several years on the harbor committee.  A few years ago, when the Neighborhood Watch program had practically ceased to exist, Jim took on the chairmanship of that activity, rebuilt the volunteer group to man our community patrols and spearheaded the purchase of new and more reliable radios for the watch patrols.  He is always active on Spring and Fall clean-ups, mooring placement and recovery operations and other similar work activities.  Jim and his wife, Elaine, have volunteered their home on several occasions for Wine and Cheese events and Progressive Dinner courses.


The Woman of the Year Award went to Anna Green, who has been a prolific worker for the Social Committee for many years.  Anna and her husband, Rob, have opened their home to community activities such as the Wine and Cheese party on several occasions.  She has been a member of the Newsletter committee for several years, helping to fold, address and mail quarterly newsletters and assists in delivering them to CICA mailing tubes.  Anna frequently works on the 4th of July Celebration committee, Christmas caroling committee and Spring and Fall clean-ups.



Neighborhood Watch Report


Neighborhood Watch is proud to report no major incidents during the winter of 2002. A special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who spend 2 hours every two months touring our streets making sure our community is safe.  We want to welcome our newest volunteers Ron Holmes, Ralph Riale and Sherry Marcone.


Neighborhood Watch is an important asset to our community to help protect all property owners against vandalism, theft, etc.  If you would like to join our watch program, please contact Harry & Joeann Hite at 410-287-1246 or you may e-mail them at Harryfjojo@aol.com 


Please Don’t Trim the Trees


Trees on Chesapeake Isle common areas are the responsibility of the civic association, so if someone wants to plant a tree or encourage the growth of a wild sapling on community property, or to remove a tree from the common lands, the suggestion or request needs to come to the board and the board needs to make the decision and follow the proper procedure.



Golf Carts


There has been an increasing problem with children driving golf-carts on Chesapeake Isle roads.  Although our roads are private, we still need to follow the ordinary rules of safety that apply to public roads.  Children have been observed chasing each other while driving the carts, not paying attention, and darting out in front of vehicles.  Golf carts and ATV’s are not toys, and children under the age of 16 should not be operating them unsupervised on roads where there are pedestrians, cars, trucks, construction vehicles, etc., as it poses a real danger to everyone involved. 



C.I.C.A. Logo Clothing


Dotty Fritz  (410-287-9010) advises the following CICA ” logo” clothing items are available for sale.  White  T-shirts with red, white and blue logo for $10.00 

Blue staff shirts (with collar) with white logo for $20.00. Sweatshirts come in white with red, white and blue emblem or in dark blue with white emblem.  Either color is $15.00   Call Dotty if you’re interested in any of the above items.



Anyone For A Deck Shuffleboard Tournament ???


As this newsletter was being prepared, we had almost reached 40 member families requesting seasonal keys to the shuffleboard equipment locker.  This prompts the asking of the question …” Would there be any interest in a shuffleboard tournament (or two) during the summer months? “  If anybody out there would be interested in trying to get a family shuffleboard “league” started and willing to put together a season schedule for evenings and / or week-ends, call the Membership Chairman (Les Fritz … 410-287-9010 ) and he will provide a list of names of current key holders and their phone numbers to facilitate such a project.



Fourth of July Planning Meeting

It will soon be time to begin planning for CICA’s Annual 4th of July Celebration.

Tom and Ginny Cobley will host a planning meeting at their home ( 81 Bennett Avenue  ) on Tuesday, May 21st  at 7:30 P.M. to plan and schedule the games, food and other activities and , perhaps, come up with some “new” ideas for this year.  If you are willing to help in any way please note this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  Let’s make Thursday, July Fourth, 2002 the biggest and best Independence Day celebration we have ever had in Chesapeake Isle.


For those newcomers in the community who may be artists or craft people, we have a flea market / art sale as part of this event that you may be interested in learning about and possibly exhibiting your wares.



B   I   N   G   O


Having resurrected this activity last summer from Chesapeake Isle’s bygone  years, it proved to be very popular in the couple of experimental sessions we held at the pavilion.  So, B-I-N-G-O will be back again this summer by popular demand.  Come out and join us for a family night of light-hearted fun.  Nothing serious !!

Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm    June 12    July 10    July 24    Aug 7    Aug 21


Mark your calendar now and watch for reminder notices on the community notice board at the entrance to the Isle.  Direct any questions or suggestions to: Joan Ferrick  287-8595     Dotty Fritz  287-9010    Donna Gebhardt  287-6371



Progressive Dinner An Unqualified Success  ……  Again


Our annual Progressive Dinner (the 5th since we resumed this activity) was held on March 9th with 57 attendees.  Once again CICA members had the opportunity to enjoy an evening filled with good fellowship and excellent food.  We extend a special thanks to those who opened their homes to host various parts of the dinner and who prepared the items we enjoyed.  The appetizer course was held at Ken & Rosie Knapps residence.  The entrees were hosted by Tom & Ginny Cobley, Ira & Arline Dolich, Bill & Karen Dryden, Chet & Charlotte Hallett, Harry & Joeann Hite, Ward & Sue Keever and Art & Carol Wood.  The dessert course was held at the home of Jim & Elaine Weber.


In addition, we would like to thank all of the attendees for the delicious and creative dishes they prepared for our enjoyment at all courses.  We look forward to seeing you again next year for this annual event.  For those who may be interested in hosting next year, please contact Karen Dryden (410-287-9598) or Elaine Weber (410-287-8018 )


Volleyball To Resume Shortly

The volleyball season will start again on the first weekend of May.  We play at 6:30 pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you are interested in playing this year, please call Ray Perry at 410-287-6778.  We need to work out times when people are available to play and adjust our schedule accordingly.


We desperately need more players.  Experience is not necessary.  We are willing to help you learn since we were all beginners once ourselves.  Age and gender present no problem to becoming part of the volleyball gang.  So, if you want to get some good exercise and develop the “puff power” to blow out a candle at ten paces, come on out and play volleyball.



Nominating Committee Formed For August Elections


At the April 11th. meeting of the Board of Directors, the president formed a committee to seek candidates for a three-year term as directors of our association.  Chairman of the committee will be Ken Knapp.  Assisting his efforts to present a slate of candidates will be Barbara Barr, Andrea Gilde and Ward Keever.


If you are interested in running for one of the four directorships being voted on at the August Annual Meeting …. or if you would like to recommend someone you think would make a good candidate, please contact Ken or one of the members of his committee.


Ken Knapp        410-287-0162                         Barbara Barr       410-287-3867

Andrea Gilde     410-287-6568                         Ward Keever      410-287-2077






Community Bulletin Board and Advertisements


Baby-Sitting:  Anne Gilbert is a Red Cross certified baby sitter (13 years old)  She recently moved into the Isle at 33 Rolling Avenue.  Call 410-287-3580 to check her availability with her or her parents.


For Sale: Formica Kitchen table, 3’x 5’, and 6 vinyl covered tan chairs.  Excellent condition, $30.00.  Call Judy or Dick Brinton, 410-287-3212.


Turner Carpentry :    Kitchens, bathrooms, interior trim and decks. 

                                       Call Joe Turner at 410-287-7811


Boat For Sale :     1976  23 foot Penn Yan ( tunnel drive ) with trailer. $3,500.00. Call Bill Dryden  ( 410-287-9598 )   


Sail Sale :       Put a little fun in your life.    16 foot Hobie Cat and galvanized trailer  for $1,500.00     Call John Bates at 410-287-6244 or Carl Killian at 410-287-6592


For Sale – Household :  

·        Stainless steel 25” kitchen sink        $20.00

·        GE Microwave oven                           $30.00

·        Jennair kitchen cooktop grill              $50.00

·        52” Ceiling Fan                                   $20.00

·        Whirlpool dishwasher                         $50.00

·        Brown 36” aluminum door                 $20.00 (removable screen and glass inserts)

                                                                          Call Carl Killian at 410-287-6592


Boat for Sale :     1995 Wellcraft Excel 21-foot Bowrider 112 SPL Evinrude galvinized EZ-Loaded trailer, Ski eye, Full mooring canvas with snaps, Navy canvas top with additional covers.  Excellent fishing, skiing, family boat $9,000.00

Call John Bates at 410-287-6244


Social Committee Spring and Summer Calendar


Spring Clean Up 2002

    Date:     Saturday, May 18, 2002

   Time:     8:30 a.m.

  Place:     Pavilion (for assignments)


Spring is here!  Come pitch in and help get our community ready for the summer season.  Bring your shovels, rakes, gloves, trash bags, etc., (marked with your name).  The CICA needs you!


                  Covered Dish Social

   Time:     1 p.m. (following the clean-up)


Come to our covered dish social and get a chance to meet some of your neighbors, new and not-so-new.  Please bring a covered dish, enough to feed 8-10 people.  The social committee will provide the meat for the main course, sodas, beer, and disposable place settings.  Don’t miss one of our biggest events.




                  18th Annual Ladies Brunch


       Date:  Saturday, June 8th, 2002

      Time:  10 a.m. to noon

     Place:  Pavilion

Contact:  Gay Turner (287-8258) or Sue Seeley (287-0025)


Come welcome our newest residents and property owners, and visit with some old friends, too.  Bring your favorite brunch dish, enough to feed 6-8 persons.  Coffee, tea, and orange juice will be served by the social committee.  If you have any questions, or wish to R.S.V.P., give Gay or Sue a call.




                  Harbor Nite Cocktail Socials


       Date:  Friday, June 21st, 2002

      Time:  7 p.m. ‘til dark

     Place:  on the dock at the harbor (in case of rain, social will be at the pavilion)

Contact:  Sue Seeley (287-0025)


Back by popular demand, we have a number of harbor socials planned this summer.  Bring your favorite dip, snack, or finger food, plus a bottle of wine to share.  Ice, paper goods, sodas, and beer will be provided.  This social is for ADULTS ONLY, and please, no dogs.  This is a great event, don’t miss it.


Next Harbor Nite:  Friday, July 12th, 2002



Next Social Committee Meeting:  May 8th, 2002, 7:30 p.m. at Sue Seeley’s

All CICA members are welcome, and bring some new ideas and input.