C.I.C.A.  Newsletter

January 21, 2003


President’s Message


The Chesapeake Isle Civic Association Inc. wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.   We hope that you will be a familiar face at our meetings, workdays, and social events in 2003.  Chesapeake Isle is a great community.  Make a New Year’s resolution to enjoy it more and help make it even better.  Mimi and I just marked our 33rd New Year living in Chesapeake Isle.   How could so many years pass so quickly!  The Pennsylvania Dutch say that we grow too soon old and too late smart, which is my lead-in to sharing a few things you may not know but should about CICA.


THE ASSOCIATION YEAR: actually, the CICA has three different years working at all times.

·        BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board serves from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting.  Twelve directors serve three-year terms; 4 are elected each August at the Annual Meeting.  The directors elect the four officers (Pres., V. P., Treas., and Sec.) from within the Board to serve one year.

·        MEMBERSHIP: The Association membership year runs from January through December.  There is more information inside this newsletter on 2003 Membership.   

·        FISCAL: The Association’s budget and finances are kept on a fiscal year basis: July 1 to June 30.  The Treasurer’s annual report for the past fiscal year and proposed budget for the new fiscal year are presented to the membership at the August Annual Meeting.     



·        First, let’s talk about income.  In round numbers, the Association’s income was about $35,000.  Membership dues contributed about $15,500.  Income from grass mowing and driveway plowing brought in about $8,500.  Boat storage and moorings produced about $4,500.  All other sources totaled about $6,500.  

·        Our normal annual expenses run around $26,000.  Included in “normal expenses” are facilities maintenance and operations around $15,000, secretarial expenses, taxes, legal, and insurance totaling around $7,000, and membership activities and related expenses run around $4,000.  

·        At current income and normal expense levels, about $9,000 is left to apply to major purchases, improvement projects, or savings.   Currently, these monies are being used to retire loans on our tractor and the beach erosion project.  Our roads and boat area are likely areas for future improvement projects and/or major purchases.


MORE ABOUT CURRENT LOANS: The groins at the swim beach have stopped the erosion and are restoring our sandy beach.  They cost $26,000 to construct, of which

$17,500 was borrowed, $6,500 was donated, and $2,000 was from savings.  They will be paid for in full during this fiscal year that ends June 30, 2003.   Our tractor was purchased in 1999.  Payments have totaled $6,100/year, and the final payment will be made in July 2004. 



·        Diminishing mowing income: every time a house goes up, the Association mowing income goes down.  Income from mowing 10 lots is roughly equivalent to $5 in dues increase.

·        Fairness or equity: about 80% of property owners are members who carry the 20% who are not.   We are moving down a path to make membership mandatory.  Stay in touch with developments by reading minutes of Board meeting posted on our bulletin boards and on our web page.

·        Prioritizing future improvement projects: the Board welcomes your input.  Past membership surveys suggest that road and boat ramp improvements are where future money and effort should be directed. 


LAST WORDS: Write or e-mail me if you would like to request a copy of the treasurer’s report for fiscal 2002 and budget for fiscal 2003 that were distributed at the August annual meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns, include them and I will try to answer in a timely way.  Hope to see you at the Progressive Dinner, Annual Spring Dinner, and Easter Egg hunt or just walking the dog.  Start planning your yard work and boat projects; it will be Spring before you know it…    Until the April newsletter…


                                                            Mike Szep



Were You Dreaming Of A White Christmas ?


Chesapeake Isle celebrated the Christmas season with its three traditional events in December starting with the annual favorite… the Wine and Cheese Party.  Our hosts this year were Marj and Mike Laporta and we had 70 CICA neighbors in attendance for this year’s edition.  A special thanks to the Laporta’s for sharing their new home and it’s  breathtaking views with us and for such a warm welcome. Thanks also to Karen Dryden and her committee of Susan Clare and Elaine Weber as well as those who helped freshen up as the evening came to an end. Mark your calendars for December 6, 2003.


On the Saturday before Christmas, about 80 friends and neighbors gathered at the pavilion for almost an hour of Christmas caroling to put us in the mood for the week to come.  Of course, we also kept warm with coffee, hot cocoa, cider and various desserts and sweets.  And, as always, a soup buffet table was available featuring the home-made masterpieces of four different Chesapeake Isle soup chefs.  Our voices are raised in a chorus of “thank you’s” to Joan Ferrick and her committee.


Christmas Eve brought more than just falling snow and quiet to the Isle.  If you listened really hard, you could hear the sound of sleigh bells. Snow flurries greeted Santa as he made his rounds to good little boys and girls, visiting six homes, which included four local children, six grandchildren and one 87 year old grandmother.  Camera flashes and smiles lit up several fireside photo opportunities and Santa promised to return again next year so you better watch out and you better be good.  Our thanks to Ruth and Carl Killian for chairing this happy and fun-filled event.


News From The Harbormaster


With Spring on the way, it’s time to check your mooring tackle.  Any worn chain or fittings should be replaced.  All lines should be replaced every year.  Remember to place your name on all boats stored in the harbor area.  Without this, it is usually impossible to identify the correct owner in the case of an emergency.


Please remember that any and all boats stored in the harbor area, which includes ground storage as well as boat racks, are required to pay a charge of $15.00 per vessel regardless of type.  As always, if you have any questions about the Harbor area or about mooring set-up and repairs, please call me at 410-287-9598.  The earlier the better !!  Bill Dryden

P.S.  Hobie-cats and Sunfish were to have been removed from the area by December 1st.


Mailing Tube Project


A short while ago, we mentioned that the U.S. Postal Service had gotten even more vigilant and upset about any of us using the mail boxes for distribution of newsletters, bulletins, etc.  We stepped up our efforts to identify every house that did not have a Chesapeake Isle mailing tube and correct the situation by getting one installed out front. We are pleased to inform you that Jack Ferrick volunteered to survey the community for the number of tubes needed and to install them for us.


As of the beginning of December, Jack had put up 20 new mailing tubes.  A new supply was received shortly before Christmas and he is probably well on his way to finishing the last 25 or 30 he still had to go by the time you are reading this.  Thank you, Jack, for a job well done!!


C.I.C.A. Logo Items


It’s beginning to look like one of the wettest, coldest winters of recent memory.  The Logo Clothing chairperson reminds us that we have a good supply of Chesapeake Isle sweatshirts on hand to keep you and your loved ones warm until spring breaks through.  We also have 2 or 3 burgees still on hand from the original 25 we ordered.  We expect to have another two dozen shipped to us around mid or late February, so if you miss out on these few that are left, you will have another chance to be ready for the new boating season in almost no time at all.  You may direct your size and availability questions on our clothing items to Dotty Fritz at 410-287-9010.


Directory Changes

The additions, deletions and changes listed below are provided so that you can keep your personal copy of the C.I.C.A directory current.  If you don’t note the changes or keep a copy of same, your directory will not be up-to-date.  Any time that you want a complete current revision of the directory, you can request one via e-mail, if you are on-line, by contacting secretary@chesapeakeisle.org    Please allow a few working days to receive your on-line copy, which you can then print out.


Deletions:          Clark, Donald & C.D. Lord             Dracha, Kirk

                           Groome, Don                                   Mason, Tillman

                           Paschall, Joseph                               Pippin, Adam & Dee

                           Searing, John & Dee                        Tiffin, Daniel


Changes:           Kyle, Mike & Dawn B-09 (H)  Change phone number to 410-287-8469

               Gillis, Joseph & Mary  P-31 (Correct spelling of surname reported in

                                                                              the October newsletter. )      

                           Tanner, Robert  D-22 (H)  (Remove Terence & Christopher McCann

                                                                              from the ownership listing. )



Welcome:       Bollen, Maarten & Mary  F-13 (H) ( Current address is still unknown. )

§         Burawski, Adam & Sandra  Q-10 (H)  5353 Turkey Point Road, North
                           East, MD 21901      410-287-8503

§         Moran, Phillip & Amanda  I-01 (H)  7 Duncan Lane, Lincoln University,
                           PA 19352

§         Murphy, Joe & Ellen  C-04 (H), C-05A 50 Darrel Road, North East, MD      21901  443-967-0329

§         Panus, Grant & Kathleen  E-12 (H)  5826 Vaughn Road, East Petersburg,
                           PA 17520                717-569-8933     ALSUCAPPY@aol.com

§         Pickard, Joe & Deborah  C-38 (H)  35 South Greenhill Road, Broomall,
                           PA 19008                610-325-0299 dpickard@dioriosereni.com

§         Trainor, John & Sharon  B-01 (H) 106 Bennett Avenue, North East, PA
                           21901                      410-287-8119  john.trainor@conectiv.com


A note from the secretary… Although you won’t receive your newsletters by email unless you request it, we are increasingly using email as a way of getting other types of information out to the community.  If you change your email address, please send an email to secretary@chesapeakeisle.org.  That keeps us up to date and gets information to everyone in a timely manner. 


Membership Report


We finished 2002 with 238 paid member families.  That number was six memberships less than we had in the previous two years and I have no explanation for the fall-off.  We had been increasing memberships, albeit slowly, for the past decade and it’s disappointing to fail to set a new record even when we only missed by so few. 


Your Board of Directors is presently in the early stages of once again investigating mandatory dues for every one of the property owners in Chesapeake Isle. Recent discoveries have come to light that similar communities in the Cecil County area have been able to change their by-laws in a fairly easy and straightforward manner to make dues mandatory for all.  In addition, the courts have unanimously upheld the several cases that have gone before them.  One case was even upheld upon appeal to a higher court.  We will keep you all posted on future developments, but as you might expect, your Board is feeling optimistic once again that this can be accomplished at long last and that everyone will share equally in the maintenance and improvements to the community.


The membership committee has just learned of the death of Ronald Sexton at the start of the month.  He had been a long-time member of the civic association since building a home here about ten years ago and our condolences go out to his wife Pat and their family.


Dues Letters, Invoices, and Boat Forms Mailed Out


The usual January mailing of dues and services invoices and boating forms went out just about two week ago.  Please respond as quickly as possible as we are trying to pay off, by mid or late Spring, the final quarter of the homeowner loans we received to construct the bathing beach jetties. If you are in need of harbor services such as mooring pick-up or placement, boat storage fees, etc. it is particularly important that you respond in a timely manor.  Please do not return a boating form and expect services if you do not also return your check and invoice form for membership and payment of those services. 


If you order any keys on your invoice they will be delivered to you as part of the April newsletter.  If dues invoice has not been returned before the April newsletter goes out, you may pick up any keys you order at my home….  71 Racine Road.


If you haven’t received that correspondence by the time you are reading this newsletter, we have a problem of some sort.  You may request another mailing from the Membership Chairman or download the necessary forms from our website.  That will handle the problem.  Your Membership Chairman is Les Fritz  (410-287-9010 )


Christmas House Decorating Contest


The first Chesapeake Isle Holiday House Decorating Contest is now history and our residents certainly seemed to respond with enthusiasm and artistic style to the flyer soliciting their cooperation in making the Isle a beautiful winter wonderland. The three categories in the judging were Most Traditional, Most Spectacular and Most Unusual.


A tie for the Traditional category was awarded to Susan & Tarry LaLonde of Rollins Road and Lauren & Richard Walsh of Caldwell Road.   Diane & Ken Harvey of Turkey Point Road won the top spot in the Most Spectacular judging.  Winners of the Most Unusual category were Marie & Norman Robinson.  These winning families were awarded Chesapeake Isle sweatshirts.

Honorable Mentions:  Allen Embon, Joni & Gerald Burkhart, Jennifer & Peter Ostasewski, Joan & John Ferrick and Christine & Regan Michaud.


Our thanks to the committee and the judges consisting of Mimi Szep, Anne Bates, Susan Clare, Vicky Garvey, Jorja Osborne, Kathy Pollard and Sue Seeley


Neighborhood Watch Update


We hope everyone has enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season.  A new year has arrived and we would like to thank all of the neighborhood watch volunteers who donated their valuable time last year to help make this a safe and secure community. We are working to make this year even better with your support.


Last year we did have several incidents of theft and vandalism in our community. The Neighborhood Watch committee chairs and the CICA Board have been addressing those problems to the local authorities.  The cold weather has brought a decline of these incidents and hopefully the spring and summer will remain uneventful.  If anyone experiences or observes an act of vandalism or theft please call the sheriff’s office to report the incident and then notify neighborhood watch.  The sheriff’s office informed us that there is a 10 p.m. Cecil County curfew for unsupervised children under 18 years old. The telephone number for the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office is (410) 996-5500.


Without volunteers there would be no Neighborhood Watch.  Our volunteers donate several hours on a Friday or Saturday night once every other month.  As the number of volunteers increases, the number of times a volunteer serves decreases, which makes it much more convenient for everyone.  We are asking anyone who wishes to donate several hours of their time to please contact us at (410) 287-1246.  Thanks again and a Happy New Year, Harry and Joeann Hite.  Neighborhood Watch volunteers:  The Winter Schedule is posted on the website (www.chesapeakeisle.org).  Please check this schedule soon.


CPR Status


In 2001, and again in 2002, we had arranged for a specific day of CPR training for CICA members.  In 2001 the course was held at the CICA pavilion and was sponsored by the American Red Cross Association.  In 2002, the course was held at the North East Fire Hall and was sponsored by the American Heart Association.  There have been scheduling issues trying to accommodate everyone on one day every year. 


This year I have been working with Sue Ewing (EMS Training Coordinator NE Fire Dept.) to have the North East Fire Hall sponsor two classes during 2003 that would also be open to the local public.  We are presently looking at the May and November time frames.  We will announce the specific dates in the next CICA newsletter so that anyone who may be interested in attending has ample time to plan his or her attendance. Any questions or comments, please contact Harry Hite at 410-287-1246.


CICA Pavilion

Pavilion rentals were great this year. We had a total of 26 rentals from May to October. Please make your reservations as early as possible, as some dates have already been reserved.  For reservations please call Gay Turner at 410-287-8258.


A special thank you to the anonymous volunteer who cleaned the bathroom the last part of the season.



Santa’s Gone - - - Easter Bunny’s On His Way

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the pavilion and picnic area of the beach on Saturday, April 19th starting at 1:00 o’clock.  Please contact Chris Ann Szep at 410-287-2504 if you plan to attend, so we know how many children and grandchildren to plan for.




WinterSpring Event Reminder


Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find more information about each of the following events, but here are the dates of each activity that will be coming up before our April newsletter reaches you.


Upcoming Events…

Upcoming Events….

Progressive Dinner

March 8, 2003

Annual Dinner

April 12, 2003

Mooring Pick-up & Inspection

March 22, 2003

Easter Egg Hunt

April 29, 2003

Mooring Placement (Set),

April 5, 2003

Spring Work Day

May 17, 2003




What’s With The Newsletter ??


In addition to disseminating a large amount of information about your community every three months (some of it useful to you; some to somebody else) this modest endeavor has another purpose, as well.  The quarterly newsletter (along with the minutes of every meeting) serves as the written history of Chesapeake Isle.  If you are the chairperson of a committee or on-going activity in the Isle, please keep in mind that the activity date, number attending and names of the committee should be reported for inclusion in the newsletter so that it is not a forgotten part of our neighborhood’s history.


Community Bulletin Board


As a service to our members in good standing, the Chesapeake Isle newsletter includes this free site to advertise sale items, services, etc.  Please keep this in mind if you are new to the neighborhood (or an old-timer who may have forgotten )  Simply send your notice to Les Fritz or Andrea Gilde at any time to be listed in the next newsletter.



Text Box: Furniture for Sale
·	Vanity w/3 Piece Mirror, Bird's Eye Maple, $100 
·	Queen-sized Bed, Maple, $50
·	Full-sized Bed, Maple, $50
·	End Table, Maple, $50
·	Antique Full-sized Bed with Matching Dresser 
and Mirror, dark hardwood veneer, $100 for set
Call Rich or Wendy Gilbert   (410-287-3580)
Text Box: Lost and Found
Would the person who last
used my five-foot pry bar /
tamper please return it as
soon as possible.  Thanks !!
 Les Fritz   (410-287-9010)