Architecture Review

Charter - Architectural Review Committee


Deed Restrictions and Covenants recorded in the Land Records of Cecil County in Liber WAS No. 300, folio 582, grant right of approval of building plans to the Chesapeake Isle Civic Association. In accordance with the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, protecting the interests of property owners and preserving property values in Chesapeake Isle are the primary concerns of the Association.

The Board of Directors of the Association established the Architectural Review Committee to approve all proposed construction in Chesapeake Isle. The Committee grants approval of building plans based on the guidelines given below. These guidelines were approved by the Board of Directors at its regular meeting May 17, 2006.

Submissin of Plans

All construction of dwellings, additions, garages, and permanent-foundation outbuildings must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee before construction begins.

One copy of final architectural drawings including plans and elevations must be submitted in order for approval to be made. A plot plan detailing where the structure is to be located on the lot and indicating setbacks from front, rear and side boundaries is also required. {Refer to Restrictive Covenants, plats on file as referred to in Deed, and County Zoning Office for setback requirements. The Architectural Review Committee can offer assistance in this regard.} It is the responsibility of the lot owner to confirm that the property lines from which the setbacks are measured are accurate. Once approved, plans will be retained by the Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee will notify submitter in writing of approval or rejection within three weeks of receipt of the plans.

House Plans

No structure in excess of 35 feet in height (county code) will be approved.

The principal living space for a one-story home must contain at least 1400 sq. feet exclusive of garages, porches, etc.

The principal living space for a multiple-story home must contain at least 2000 sq. feet on a foundation enclosing a minimum of 1000 sq. feet exclusive of any garages, porches, etc.

The principal living space of a one and a half-story home must contain at least 1800 sq. feet on a foundation of at least 1200 sq. feet exclusive of any garages, porches, etc.

Only a single-family dwelling will be approved per numbered lot.


  1. All constructon must conform to county and state building and sanitary codes.
  2. Buildings shall not be so constructed as to pose a hazard nor be of such flimsy construction or poor construction as to be a deteriorating influence on property values.
  3. Once construction of a building has commenced, the exterior of the same must be completed within six months from the date said work began. Any alterations and/or changes in design or construction of both completed building and those under construction shall require written approval of CICA, Inc.
  4. No tents, camping trailers, or temporary buildings shall be placed on the lot. By exception temporary sheds or wheeled construction trailers will be permitted for the 6 month construction period noted above.
  5. No structures or residences defined as single or double-wide trailers, also know as manufactured homes, will be approved. Manufactured homes are different from Modular homes in that manufactured homes:
    • conform to a Federal building code, called the HUD code, rather than to building codes at their destination
    • are built on a non-removable chassis, usually steel
    • are transported to the building site in sections on their own wheels
    • are not required to have structure approved by building inspectors, however, local work like electric hookup, etc., may be inspected by local inspectors.
  6. All refuse and wastes must be removed from the subdivision on a daily basis. Building and Owner are responsible for controlling debris.
  7. All excess exterior grading materials resulting from excavation for building and septic systems must be removed from the subdivision.
  8. Name and address and telephone number of the general contractor must be submitted to the Committee prior to construction.
  9. No store, commercial structure, commercial enterprise, or public business will be approved.
  10. Construction signs must be removed after completing construction.
  11. If in the sole determination of the CICA, Inc., a driveway pipe for drainage is needed, then it will be mandatory for the property owner to install one.
  12. Contractors and/or property owners must commit to restore any damage to Association roads or other property resulting from the construction process.


  1. All outbuildings that require a building permit must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
  2. A sketch indicating placement of outbuilding on the lot must be submitted. CICA, Inc., will enforce setbacks including the 12.5 foot setbacks from side and rear property lines specified in the restrictive covenants.

Reject and Appeal

The Architectural Review Committee will act for the Civic Association to reject plans and/or prevent construction of any structure for which the above conditions are not met. Appeals on rejected plans can be made to the full Board of Directors by written request within 30 days of rejection. Within 60 days of rejection, the Board of Directors will notify the Owner of the results of the appeal.