Architecture Review List

TO: Builders, Realtors, and Lot Owners

FROM: The Chesapeake Isle Civic Association, Inc.

SUBJECT: Requirements Checklist -- Construction in Chesapeake Isle


1) Restrictive Covenants recorded in Land Records of Cecil County in Liber WAS No. 300, folio 582

2) Charter: Architectural Review Committee

All construction of dwellings, additions, garages, and permanent-foundation outbuildings must be approved b y the Architectural Review Committee before construction.

To facilitate approval, you should:

1) first read the Charter

2) then contact the Chairman of the Committee as early in the planning process as possible

3) provide a set of building plans identical to those which are submitted to Cecil County for a building permit

4) show foundation or pad foot print, floor plans, and elevation views of all sides of the new construction

5) provide a full sized copy of a plot plan showing the position of the house on the lot along with the measurements from all sides of the house to the property lines (Note: 12 ½ foot side setbacks in Chesapeake Isle)

6) ensure that all property lines are well marked before excavation is laid out

7) verify that the construction will conform to all the provisions of the Charter, in addition to the county and state building and sanitary codes

8) show the installation of a driveway drainage pipe adequate to not obstruct water flow within the road right of ways

9) commit to restore any damage to Association roads or other property resulting from the construction process.

The property owner will be notified of the decision and recommendations of the committee within 3 weeks of submission.

The Chairperson of the Chesapeake Isle Civic Association, Inc., Architectural Review Committee is:

Mimi Szep