CICA Rules

Section 1 - Guests

  1. A property owner or member of the family must be present on Chesapeake Isle premises for any guests of said owner to use community land or facilities unless said guests are, at the time, occupying the dwelling of the owner as residents.

Section 2 - Use of Roads

  1. Maximum speed on all roads in the community shall be limited to fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  2. All motorized vehicles in use on roads within Chesapeake Isle shall be operated only by properly licensed persons.
  3. Each owner's automobile is required to show a Chesapeake Isle decal. Guests shall comply with current regulations regarding identification.

Section 3 - Motor Vehicles other than Automobiles

  1. Maryland State Laws covering motor vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds and dirt bikes shall apply within the bounds of Chesapeake Isle. Dirt bikes shall only be ridden on the bike owner’s property or with specific permission on other property owner’s land. Dirt bike riding on community property is not permitted. All motor vehicles must be suitably mufflered so as not to cause disturbance of the peace.

Section 4 - Parking

  1. Cars and other vehicles shall be parked only in designated areas at the boat ramp and at the community beach.
  2. No cars or other vehicles shall be parked on the grass in the recreational and picnic areas.

Section 5 - Property Maintenance

  1. Each property owner shall maintain his lawn so that the grass does not, at any time, exceed six (6) inches in height.
  2. No property owner shall leave, dump or bury garbage or trash on or near the lands of Chesapeake Isle.
  3. No garbage or trash shall be brought from an owner's home or lot to the trash containers at the boat ramp and the community beach.

Section 6 - Pavilion - Beach Areas

  1. The Pavilion/Beach areas and facilities are restricted to property owners and their guests.
  2. Property owners are responsible and liable for the conduct of their guests.
  3. Children must be supervised by an adult while bathing. Bathe and use beach facilities at your own risk.
  4. Those using the areas must respect the rights of others.
  5. Use of areas are limited to 9 a.m. until midnight.
  6. Noise level must be kept low.
  7. A Beach Permit is required for beach use by groups of more than twelve (12) persons.
  8. A donation is requested for reserved use of the Pavilion. Contact the current Pavilion Committee Head for reservation and donation information. No rain date can be provided. Cancellation of reservations must be made no less than two weeks prior to the event in order to obtain a refund. Current Rules and Regulations for the use and reservation can be found in this handbook.
  9. Park cars and other vehicles only in designated areas.
  10. Charcoal or wood fires may be built only in designated areas. User will completely extinguish fires before leaving.
  11. Trash shall be placed in containers provided. All excess trsh shall be removed from the area.
  12. Pets, unleased or leashed are forbidden in the pavilion/beach areas.
  13. Bath houses must be kept locked at all times when not in use.
  14. Fireworks are prohibited by law.
  15. Areas you use shuld be cleaned before leaving.
  16. The Association reserves the right to close the areas at any time.

Section 7 - Woodlands

  1. Mode of transportation through our woodlands shall be limited to walking. Vehicles of any type are prohibited.
  2. Making of new paths or trails must be sanctioned and supervised by the Use and Preservation Committee.
  3. Cutting and/or removing trees (alive or dead), shrubs or plants requires the permission of the Use and Preservation Committee.
  4. No trash or refuse shall be dumped or buried within our woodlands.

Section 8 - Boating

  1. No more than two (2) boats registered under one name shall be moored in the waters adjacent to Chesapeake Isle and only in a mutually agreed upon mooring area.
  2. Boats are not allowed at any time, within the marked off swimming area.
  3. Chesapeake Isle identification decals are required on all boats moored in the waters of the community mooring area.
  4. Individual mooring spaces will be spots assigned to the owner by the Harbormaster of the Civic Association.
  5. Boats and boat trailers shall not be stored or left on the roads, community parking areas, launching area, beach or recreational areas. If stored on a lot, they shall be placed at the back of the property.
  6. Canoes, rowboats, skiffs and other small powered boats under fourteen (14) feet in length may be left in a designated area near the boat ramp during the boating season.
  7. Mooring equipment such as buoys, concrete blocks, anchors and chains shall not be left in the vicinity of the mooring area after mooring pull day.

Section 9 - Community Pier

  1. Recreational swimming is prohibited at the pier and in the community mooring area south of the boat launching ramp.
  2. Boats may be tied up and left at the pier for short periods of time only.
  3. Boats and boaters are privileged over fishermen at the pier.

Section 10 - Hunting

  1. Hunting, by any means, is strictly prohibited within the lands of Chesapeake Isle.

Section 11

  1. Cecil County laws governing control and license requirements shall be adhered to in Chesapeake Isle.