Home Occupation Guidelines

A home occupation is a business conducted entirely within an enclosed dwelling unit which is incidental and secondary to the residential occupancy.

It is the intention of the CICA to non-object to home occupations which meet the following conditions:

1. An advanced written description, including the long range plans for the occupation, is submitted to and approved by the CICA Directors.

2. The home occupation does not change the residential character and appearance of the dwelling. The occupation must be in the same building as the residents.

3. No articles for sale or rent or materials and supplies used in the conduct of the home occupation shall be stored on the property in a manner as to be seen from off the premises.

4. On-site employees are limited to those who reside at the dwelling.

5. The home occupation is of a nature, which does not significantly increase the volume and type of vehicles common to Chesapeake Isle.

6. Waste and garbage removal must be prompt, thorough and neat. Waste and garbage must not be allowed to collect in a manner which changes the residential character of Chesapeake Isle.

7. Blueprints of existing dwellings which are being modified for a home occupation and which would change the external appearance of the dwelling must be submitted to the CICA Architectural Committee for review and approval.

8. No type of advertisement shall be carried out on the property.

9. Parking shall not create a nuisance.

10. Noises detectable on an adjacent property are prohibited.

11. Unpleasant odors detectable on an adjacent property are prohibited.

12. Agree to publish by the CICA that a home occupation is being conducted at the dwelling.

13. Agrees to accept the CICA Directors’ interpretation of subjective descriptions and definitions.


* Change the restrictions and covenants of Chesapeake Isle.

* Change or pre-exempt individual deeds.

* Restrict or pre-exempt individuals with legal standing in Chesapeake Isle from taking individual legal action against owners conducting a home occupation.

* Protect those operating a home occupation from legal action by individual owners of property in Chesapeake Isle.

* Negate the responsibilities of the operator of a home occupation from county, state and/or federal restrictions, codes, applications and fees.

* Negate legal action by the CICA should these conditions, once agreed to, be subsequently violated.