Pavilion Permit

The pavilion was constructed in 1980 for the benefit of all members of Chesapeake Isle Civic Association (CICA), their families and guests. Because of the popularity of this facility, the CICA Board of Directors has established a reservation system for equitable access to the pavilion which includes the regulations printed on the other side of this page.

1. A member may reserve one half of the pavilion, once per year. The other half will be for use of the general membership on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. The member making the reservation is asked to limit the number of guests to a maximum of 40.

3. Pavilion chairperson will provide pavilion and bathhouse keys.

4. The Civic Association requests that the member reserving the pavilion make a donation of $50.00 to help with pavilion maintenance expenses. CHECK SHOULD BE MADE TO CICA AND FORWARDED TO THE PAVILION CHAIRPERSON WITH THE RESERVATION SLIP BELOW!

5. The pavilion reservation includes use of picnic tables, grill, ice chests and shared use of playground equipment, beach and bathhouse. (Over, please)




Authorization is hereby granted to: Date:__________________

Property Owner: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

to use the Beach Area on (date) ___________________________ , from _________________ (a.m./p.m.) until ____________ (a.m./p.m.), for the following purpose: ____________________________________.

Number of persons expected to attend: ________

I herewith certify to CICA that I accept full responsibility for the safety and conduct of my guests. We will observe the regulations originally printed on this permit form which I have detached and retained for reference.

Signed___________________________ CICA Approval_______________________________

Property Owner Pavilion & Beach Chairperson

Rev 2/91

8-3 91

The member reserving the pavilion accepts full responsibility for compliance by his or her party with the regulations below:

1. Permit is required for a group of 12 or more.

2. Respect the rights of other property owners. They retain their right to use the parking lot, picnic tables and bathing beach. Your guests should park in the upper in the bathhouse area.

3. You are responsible for and liable for the behavior of your guests.

4. Swim at your own risk.

5. Maintain a reasonably low noise level and limit your use of the area to the hours between 9:00 a.m. and midnight.

6. Bathhouse must be kept locked when not in use.

7. Fireworks are prohibited by State law.

8. Fires are limited to designated areas.

9. Animals, either unleashed or leashed, are prohibited in both the pavilion and beach areas.

10. Clean up the pavilion facilities that you use. All trash not fitting in CICA trash barrels shall be taken home. ALL FIRES SHALL BE FULLY EXTINGUISHED. Lock the pavilion and bathhouse before leaving.

11. Return all loaned keys and equipment promptly to the Pavilion Chairperson in good condition. You must replace any lost or broken equipment.

12. CICA reserves the right to close the pavilion at any time.

13. No glass containers are allowed in the pavilion and beach areas.

14. All cost-sharing contributions for use of the pavilion must be made payable to CICA only. No activities may be conducted in the pavilion or beach areas for personal profit.

15. Failure to comply with the foregoing rules and regulations will result in loss of the pavilion reservation privilege for one year.