Property Assesment Letter

February 9, 2006

RE: Recent Assessment of our Chesapeake Isle Properties\

Dear Chesapeake Isle Residents;

I, like many others was not happy with my most recent property assessment, which rose 70%.

I asked for and received an interview with an appraiser employed by the Dept. of Assessments. The appraiser was friendly but unyielding. I was appealing my land value which I feel is excessive for a water view, but is the same value as attached to many of us.

In all probability I will receive a notice of no change and I will ask for a hearing before the Assessment Appeal Board which is the second step. If I had not taken the first step, it is my understanding that I could not take the second step.

If any of you want to fight your assessment, you must take the first step within 45 days of your notice (my date cutoff was February 13, 2006). The request can be in writing (option #1) by signing and returning the notice with your appeal by the cut off date. Should you get a turndown on your appeal, you are then free to ask to be heard by the Appeal Board.

There is no cost for either hearing but your time and who knows, what effect a mass of appeals may have. Just a thought, sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the most attention.

Bill Dryden