Tractor Policy

The tractor and its associated equipment are the responsibility of the Chairman of the Maintenance Committee. Its maintenance, repair, drivers, usage and budget are his responsibility. No one may use the tractor or its associated equipment without permission of the Chairman. If the Maintenance Committee Chairman is unavailable, any member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors may assume these responsibilities.

Maintenance Committee Chairman's Responsibilities

(A) Maintenance - He shall provide routine maintenance such as oil changes, greasing, tires, etc. and any records or posting to the log books necessary to maintain this equipment and the supplies necessary to carry out these duties.

(B) Repairs - He shall make minor repair as well as obtain estimates and bids for larger repairs. He shall obtain necessary approval from the Board for expenditures in excess of $200.00 and provide the necessary information to the Treasurer to pay all bills and have an audit trail.

(C) Drivers - He shall maintain and update a program for teaching, testing and approving drivers. Candidates must be CICA members (or children of) and have a valid motor vehicle operators drivers license. Drivers shall be scheduled by him, verify time worked by drivers and provide this information to the Treasurer for payment. All drivers of the tractor must be included in the Association’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Drivers will be paid based on the then current rates as approved by the Board. Two rates shall be approved - an hourly rate and a daily rate. The Maintenance Chairman will determine which is applicable. A list of authorized drivers shall be provided to the Board annually and updated an needed.

(D) Usage

  • Assist anyone with an emergency first
  • Snow plowing community roads
  • CICA activities such as Clean-Up Days, hayrides, caroling, etc.
  • Mowing community property
  • Mowing contracted vacant lots as directed by the Board member responsible for grass mowing.

The Maintenance Chairman shall provide the tractor and a qualified driver to the appropriate Committee Chairman upon their request for the following tasks:

  • Roadwork
  • Beach projects
  • Mooring area projects
  • Other community projects
  • Hauling boats for private members of the community will no longer be conducted
  • Snow plowing driveways for a fee will no longer be conducted. (Revised, 2000)

It shall be the responsibility of the Maintenance Committee Chairman to determine if the requested task can and should be conducted with the tractor. Safety, availability and liability will be the determining factors.


The Maintenance Committee Chairman will be required to submit to the Budget Committee a budget in May of each year for the anticipated maintenance and repair of the tractor for the next year. Expenses should be kept to the extent of that approved budget.

The Board of Directors should be informed of anticipated replacement or additional equipment requirements to enable them to plan for future major expenses.